Acupressure for Diabetes


Pressure point massage has been an antiquated practice for a considerable length of time and has assisted with giving relief from discomfort and fix numerous illnesses in the body. This exceptionally viable treatment impacts explicit organs in one’s body. One of these procedures that are extremely powerful is pressure point massage focuses for diabetes and assists with controlling one’s glucose levels.

These include:

More beneficial kidney working

Improving blood stream

Makes the body loose and tranquil

An incredible help with discomfort treatment

Controls the glucose levels

One can control diabetes by utilizing distinctive pressure point massage strategies, as it is a hazardous ailment and one needs to deal with oneself. One can become diabetic when one’s starch (glucose) isn’t right, and controlling sugar admission is one method to control it. By utilizing pressure point massage on diabetics, it is an innocuous, powerful treatment.

In addition to the fact that reflexology is powerful for treating diabetes, however it likewise assists with treating different ailments simultaneously. These included headaches, sinus clog, eye strain, uneasiness, bladder, acid reflux and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. One needs to rehearse these pressure point massage medicines all the time to give phenomenal outcomes.

Various Types of Diabetes

On the other hand, one finds different sorts of diabetes and every one requires an alternate sort of treatment:


diabetes caused when the pancreas didn’t create enough insulin in your body and known as insulin-subordinate diabetes. Individuals determined to have type 1 diabetes need customary infusions to help control their sugar levels in their blood.


diabetes caused when one’s cells become impervious to insulin. At the point when this occurs, the body doesn’t assimilate the sugars found the blood.

One more, diabetes is Gestational Diabetes and regularly discovered during pregnancy, as the pancreas doesn’t deliver the additional insulin need while one is pregnant.

Utilizing pressure point massage treatment for diabetes has gotten more well known and proficient, and one can control it by utilizing pressure on the privilege acupoints. Not exclusively does this over a course of time help reestablishes the body yet in addition expels the poisons from the body helping the body to recuperate. When applying pressure in the right route on these acupoints, it will help diabetes.


Chest area Acupoints:

Thumb and Index Finger Acupressure

For any type of relief from discomfort, this point is powerful when utilized. One does this by holding the joint between your thumb and pointer and utilizing light weight for five minutes. This assists with easing torment in the internal organ and decreases the temperature of the body. This pressure point massage point for diabetes leaves you feeling peaceful and vigorous.

Hand Acupoint

One can discover this acupoint close to the region beneath the little finger on your wrist and useful for your heart when weights applied. By rubbing this point consistently, it assists with assuaging strain on one’s heart.

Lower Body Acupoints:

Knee pressure point massage

Utilize your fingers, place it 2 cm beneath your knee, and back rub the region with slight weight for five minutes consistently as it assists with adjusting one’s stomach related framework. As indicated by examines, it is realized that diabetes starts with acid reflux and with legitimate assimilation, it decreases the issue. This type of innovation is fantastic for forestalling joint inflammation, maturing, and different kinds of shortcomings.

Feet Acupoints

When utilizing pressure point massage on one’s feet, it assists with focusing on the liver and best for treating diabetes, hypertension, and sleep deprivation. By consistently kneading or squeezing, this weight point adds to decreasing diabetes as it controls the blood glucose levels.

Enormous Toe Acupoint

Here one needs to apply pressure underneath the enormous toe with your fingers, as this is hard to do alone, it is ideal to request that a companion help you. This Acupoint assists with long haul alleviation from diabetes, with consistently squeezing this point helps, and has worked for some diabetic patients.

Back of Knee Acupoint

This acupoint represents the urinary bladder and empties any type of polluting influences out of the bladder when kneaded. On the rear of your knee, in the bowed one can discover this weight point. One needs to apply pressure for at any rate five minutes consistently to help with abundance pee and related urinary plot issues.

Pressure point massage Points for Diabetes

While utilizing pressure point massage focuses for diabetes, it can’t fix it completely, however you can control it to a degree.

You despite everything need to take your meds your entire life, and you can even get abrupt assaults. The incredible news is that with pressure point massage, you can utilize it through your extreme assaults and helpful.

Contrasted with needle therapy, it doesn’t include needles pricked into the body and is better. By applying strain to the acupoints for diabetes, it can diminish the sugar level in the blood.

When applying pressure, you utilize your fingers to animate the spot and control the progression of vitality through the blood. To assist you with comprehension these acupoints, we will be taking a gander at various pressure point massage focuses for diabetes.

Pressure point massage Points for Diabetes on the Hand

In your grasp equivalent to your feet there are various pressure point massage focuses you can back rub to treat a wide choice of sicknesses. Be that as it may, with the accompanying explicit acupoints, you can help keep diabetes with your eating routine and medicine leveled out.

The Palm

The weight point isn’t just essential to treat diabetes, yet it is helpful to use for cerebral pains also. You discover the acupoint between the beefy pieces of your palm in the midst of the forefinger and thumb.

You can utilize your thumb from the contrary hand on top and the pointer at the base to squeeze this spot for a moment.

On the other hand, you can apply an Eva Health Strip on it too. The acupoint controls the warmth in your body and mitigates difficulties in the digestive organ too.

Wrist-Hand Pressure Point

The spot discovered rapidly and lies on the little finger close to the wrist. By rubbing the point, it soothes worry from your heart and controls diabetes naturally.

Regardless of which pressure point massage focuses for diabetes on the palm and hand you apply strain to try to rehash the procedure on two hands for successful outcomes.

Pressure point massage Points for Diabetes Mellitus

With diabetes mellitus, comes uneasiness and agony with heaps of different side effects aggravating the issue. As you most likely are aware, there are three sorts of diabetes mellitus comprised of Type1, Type2, and gestational diabetes discovered during pregnancies.

Fortunately, you can improve your wellbeing by applying strain to the accompanying pressure point massage focuses for diabetes type2 and the last with the accompanying acupoints.

Acupoint 1:

On the inward piece of the lower leg at the posterior of your shinbone and four fingers width over the anklebone, you get the pressure point massage point 1. Apply mellow weight by squeezing and kneading the spot for three minutes consistently on the two legs.

Acupoint 2:

You discover this weight point between the second and large toe along the line. Spot three finger widths from the edge to discover the spot. When finding the spot, tenderly press and back rub it with moderate enemy of clockwise roundabout developments. Do the two feet for three minutes consistently.

Moreover, you have to do this for as long as ten weeks as it helps cause the body to unwind and lessens worry simultaneously. In this way, you will be controlling your diabetes and tension. Be that as it may, don’t utilize this acupoint in the event that you are frail or tired.

Acupoint 3:

The weight point is on the inward side of the foot between the base of the anklebone and your Achilles ligament. Apply delicate weight with roundabout development a clockwise way. Kneading the spot fortifies the resistant framework and forestalls contaminations.

Acupoint 4:

You will discover the pressure point massage point on the forward portion of your lower leg by estimating eight fingers over the outer malleolus. Do a delicate clockwise back rub on the spot for three minutes on every lower leg. Applying strain to the point expels undesirable poisons from the body.


The Kidney Meridian isn’t just valuable to use for diabetes yet assists with an irritated throat, tipsiness, visit pee, and cerebral pains. You discover the acupoint between the tip of the average malleolus and Achilles ligament. Utilize your thumb to apply pressure for three minutes and do likewise to the contrary leg.


The Stomach 36 pressure point massage point is four fingers underneath your navel. You can apply pressure for as long as three minutes to adjust your stomach related framework. Besides, it additionally forestalls maturing. Be that as it may, we don’t suggest you do this in the wake of eating food as it can make you wiped out.

Pressure point massage Points for Diabetic Neuropathy

At the point when you have diabetes, a customary issue identified with it is the sensory system as you continue feeling as though you have a tingling sensation in the feet or hands.

Along these lines, your body needs customary incitement to ease the manifestations identified with fringe neuropathy.

Fringe Neuropathy Points for Feet

Neuropathy can influence territories in the lower legs and feet. There are diverse pressure point massage focuses to treat:

K6 is a thumb-width underneath your anklebone within crease of your leg. You will see a space and need to press consistently with the thumb for two minutes to help assuage lower leg and heel torment.

B62 you find in the empty between the external anklebone and the base of the heel. Press tenderly for ten seconds and delivery. Rehash this for up to multiple times.

Fringe Neuropathy Points for Hands

LU10 is in the thumb cushion on your palm side of the hand.

LI4 you can apply pressure by squeezing your thumb and pointer together over the lump in the webbing between your thumb and index finger.

Tips to Follow with Acupressure for Diabetes

While applying strain to the diverse pressure point massage focuses for diabetes is useful, you despite everything need to:

Follow a sound eating routine as suggested by your PCP. Be careful of sugar, oil, and salt. Eat food high in fiber, and you will see a major distinction w

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