Acupressure for Weight Loss

Acupressure is based on the concept of life energy flowing through different meridians in the body. So, just by pressing certain points in the body, you can clear any blockage in the meridians and treat different diseases. “Studies have suggested that acupressure is effective in treating nausea and vomiting, lower back pain, tension headaches, and stomach ache,” says Dr. Manoj Kutteri, wellness director at Atmantan Wellness Centre. Some points can also help with weight loss.

According to acupressure, vital energy or “qi” flows through the body. When the flow is smooth, you enjoy good health but if it is blocked, acupressure can restore the body’s balance. Some of the problems that acupressure can effectively resolve are arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, hypertension, digestive disorders, menstrual Irregularities, sexual disorders, and insomnia.

Dr. Kutteri says the objective of treatment varies based on the status of qi. “Weak qi requires toning, blocked qi needs to be dispersed, and overactive qi has to be calmed,” says Dr. Kutteri.

Dr Kutteri shares some of the most effective acupressure points for good health and weight loss:

* The fat-burning point is 1.5inches below the navel.

* To relieve constipation, the point is 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches on either side of the midline.

* To relieve swelling and promote detoxification, the point is approximately 1 inch above the naval along the midline.

* To enhance your metabolism, the point is 4 inches above the navel along the midline.

* For relief from sinus and frontal headaches, the point is located in the webbing between the thumb and index finger (fleshy part) between the thumb and forefinger.

*  If you suffer from a food allergy, vomiting, dysentery, fever, or tennis elbow, the point is located within your elbow. Flex your elbow and apply pressure in the depression at the outer end of the elbow fold.

* For people suffering from menopause symptoms or edema, infertility, and memory issues, the location is in the sole of your feet, in the depression that appears when the toes are curled. It is located between the second and third metatarsals. It can be massaged at bedtime in order to treat insomnia.

* For digestive and gynecological issues, the point is located on the inside of the lower leg, one hand up from the ankle bone.

* To get relief from hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, PMS, and painful breasts, the point lies on the top of your foot, above the toes, and between the first and second tendons in a depression.

Apart from healing, to lose weight, it is also considered a quite safe and effective method.

When we apply acupressure to lose weight, it involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body, which expels heat and moisture that provides circulation to lose weight.

Acupressure also helps in strengthening your digestive system, which in turn helps you to control your appetite, which makes it an effective mechanism to lose weight.  

10 Health Benefits of Acupressure 

  • It helps in losing weight.
  • Relieve you from stress and tension.
  • Relaxes your body and mind.
  • Increases the blood circulation in your body.
  • Helps in the removal of toxic wastes from your body.
  • It provides relief from almost all types of aches and pains.
  • It helps in the healing of injuries.
  • It rejuvenates your body and mind and increases energy levels.
  • Increases the feeling of wellness.
  • It greatly helps during delivery by decreasing labor pains.

What Makes Acupressure A Desired Way to Lose Weight?

Just imagine losing weight by applying pressure on your body! It is nothing less than magic I would say!

The entire world today is struggling with finding easy and less time taking ways to lose weight and acupressure comes as one of the most comfortable options that fit the bill.

The best part about acupressure is that it does not require you to involve in any crash diets or back-breaking exercises.

Backed with an active lifestyle, acupressure can surely help you achieve your weight goals. 

Another way in which acupressure helps to lose weight is by rejuvenating your mind and body.

Developing stress leads to eating disorders and binge eating is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to piling up the weight on your body.

Studies have demonstrated the positive impact of acupressure on releasing stress among the various class of subjects. Reducing stress levels through acupressure helps to stay away from eating disorders and maintain a healthy eating pattern.

How to Practice Acupressure to Lose Weight?

This article focuses on the particular points present in your body, which when applied acupressure at, help in aiding weight loss.

To lose weight, acupressure has to be applied to these points after massaging on that area.

Once you have massaged and applied acupressure, you need to end it with a light massage on the same area.

For best results, you have to find a similar point on the other side of your body and massage and apply acupressure on that area. This increases the effect of acupressure to lose weight

6 Meridian Points for Acupressure to Lose Weight

1. Abdomen Point

This pressure point is located 3 centimeters below the belly button.

When this point is pressed during acupressure to lose weight, it enhances the function of the digestive system and gives strength to your body.

It also helps in reducing constipation that aids the process of weight loss.

To apply acupressure on this point, you have to place two of your fingers on it and massage by moving your fingers up and down. Then press this point for at least 2 minutes twice a day.

2. Abdominal Sorrow Point

Found in line with the earlobe near the rib cage, you have the Abdomen Sorrow Point. This is usually located under the last rib and relieves you from all kinds of indigestion, ulcers, rib pain and appetite imbalances.

To practice this acupressure technique to lose weight, you have to curve your fingers and press this point for 5 minutes every day.

3. Ear Point

To lose weight, acupressure on this point located in your ear is extremely helpful as it helps in controlling your appetite.

Also, it helps in reducing pressure around jaws and ears that help in treating symptoms of earache, ear infection and migraine.

To do this, place your finger against the jaw and move your jaw up and down. You have to find the point that has most of the movement in your jaw and press it for a minute.

4. Knee Point

Applying acupressure for weight loss at this pressure point helps your stomach to function properly, by improving the digestion process and providing nourishment to the blood.

This acupressure point is located 2 inches below the kneecap on the outer side of the leg. To apply acupressure to lose weight, you have to apply pressure on this point for one minute with your forefinger.

On doing this, you will feel the muscle move under your finger when you flex your foot up and down. Press this point for 2 minutes every day.

5. Elbow Point

This is the large intestine point, which is found on the inner side of the elbow crease towards the end.

When the idea is to lose weight, acupressure on this point helps in stimulating the intestinal function by removing excess heat and unwanted moisture from the body.

You have to press this point with your thumb for 2 minutes every day for best results.

6. Ankle Point

This acupressure point helps in strengthening your digestive system and helps it function better and more effectively.

This acupressure point is found on the inner side of the leg 2 inches above your ankle, just off the bone. To lose weight by acupressure on the ankle point, you have to press this point regularly for the better functioning of your digestive system.

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