Angel Meditation


An Angel Meditation is an awesome way to begin and end your day. They are here to offer you guidance and understanding to assist your journey. The journey does not need to be difficult and angelic assistance is always there, you just need to take the time to ask and then LISTEN.

Learn to still your mind. Just let the thoughts that happen come and go and breathe. Don’t hang on to the thoughts, just let them go. Soon you will find the thoughts all disappear and you are have a feeling of peacefulness. It is from this still point that you are powerful. You are literally vibrating at a different rate and the potential in the energy is profound. Allow this feeling and remember it. Ask every cell in your body to awaken in this feeling.

Keep practicing and you will find you can stay in this state of stillness longer and longer. Once you master this, you find it so easy to achieve this state and use it to help you create in your world. This still point is where you can easily connect with your angels and discuss your options, ask for guidance, and feel love.

Your angels messages are meant to help to guide you. They are always given in the light of love. Help train your mind to connect more easily and you will find that you can achieve this state in your waking moments and be guided from moment to moment. Knowing that the path before is unfold clearly is empowering.

So, what is meditation?

Meditation is the conscious choice to suspend the conscious thoughts of your five sensory systems and focus our awareness of the 6th sense(s) – going beyond the 5 physical senses – the non physical senses. We enter into a space of NO-TIME or VOID TIME, where time does not exist. This is an amazing state of pure energy and much can happen in this state of awareness.

Three basic goals for a meditation are:

  • Learn to Quiet your Thoughts
  • Slowing your Breathing
  • Relaxing your Body
  • Releasing the need to be in control and Letting Go of the 3D world

Many people experience the ‘noise’ of their own thoughts, with regular meditation practice, even a few minutes each day, the noisy thoughts disappears. This place you reach is so beautifully peaceful and healing, you will wonder why it took you so long to find this space.

Be gentle with yourself. Do not set up expectations of how a mediation is going to feel or what the results are going to be. I have had the same guided meditation produce entirely different results, insights, and understandings, based solely on the intent of the request that day. The only limits there are to meditation are the limits we place on them or ourselves, or our expectations. Treat each meditation as an entirely new experience. Simply Let go and Allow.

Your Angel Guidance is to do a daily AnAZgel Meditation:

What better way to angelize your life day than with a meditation of connecting with your angels. Do this because it feels good, not just to help you create what you desire. When you spend time just feeling good, it sends out rockets of potential energy in which to play and create your day.

Check out Sharon’s book, Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing

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