Apollo Line Palms

The Apollo Line on the Palm Can Show Talent

The Apollo line is also known as the line of the Sun. It is traditionally believed to suggest success and public acclaim. On the palm, the Apollo line can start near the base of the wrist or anywhere on the plain of Mars. The line ends on the mount of Apollo, under the ring finger.

Sometimes it can be hard to locate the line of Apollo because it is easily mistaken for other lines such as the line of Mercury. If it starts near or on the base of the wrist and moves straight up the palm towards the ring finger, it shows someone who will enjoy plenty of success during their life.

  1. If a Saturn line runs alongside it up to the middle finger, it suggests that the person will work hard.
  2. A line which rises from the headline, it shows strong motivation to succeed in life.
  3. When it begins on or near the heart line, there is a lot of emotional energy that goes into achieving goals. The person has found their passion or that they are very creative.
  4. If it begins from the lifeline, it shows that the person will have the support of influential people (such as family) throughout his or her life.
  5. One that rises from the Saturn line, shows success through the career or a project.
  6. More than one Apollo line shows a gifted person with many talents and a happy-go-lucky disposition.
  7. A line rising to it from the heart line shows an influence (inspiration) or enterprise which helps the subject.

What if you do not have an Apollo line?

If you have a talent and are good at what you do in the arts, a lack of Apollo or fate line does not mean you cannot be successful and famous. It may be that you have no expectations of your work. In some cases, the person does not fully appreciate their gift. Of course, as with all indicators on the palms, you need to compare the factors before making a conclusion. To enhance the qualities of Apollo, you can wear a ring on the Ring finger. The more flamboyant, the better. Wearing the ring can remind you of how happy, creative, and successful you can be.

More than one Apollo line?

Having more than one Apollo line is not uncommon, especially when an individual has many interests, each line can represent a different area of activity. A secondary one rising from the success line would indicate that achievement branched from one endeavor to another, as an example, a successful artist who writes a book about his art and the writing also becomes a success.

Sometimes parallel lines along the success line can refer to another person, particularly family relationships, such as a supportive partner, or one or both parents. I have found this to be true when the two parallel lines are very high on the mount reaching the finger of Apollo or between the finger of Saturn and Apollo. In such a case, it can refer to living with a family member at old age. If joined lines, they represent a married couple.

Where the Apollo line might start and end

  1. Ending on the heart line with no continuing line afterward shows a lack of interest in continuing career or hobby beyond the age of around fifty.
  2. Starting between the head and heart line shows the beginnings of an idea, influence, or happiness around the age of 40-42.
  3. Double lines show a multi-talented person or one with many hobbies or successes from the age of around fifty.
  4. High double lines between the fingers suggest living with the family at retirement age.


If the success line rises from the fate line as a branch line, it points to a time that through the career, there is the achievement of fame or recognition of talent. The timing of the event can be worked out based on its origin on the fate line.

Markings on the Apollo line relate to obstacles or difficulties in achieving success.


A success line that wavers up the palm shows a potential workaholic. Signs of overdoing things, especially of work, are dry areas of skin, coarse or hard skin, and grille lines on the palms (criss-cross patterns of fine lines). If these marks appear on a wavy success line, I recommend the person to take a break or a not do so much.

How is Apollo line interpreted?

It ends in the middle of the palm : Fame in art after long efforts.

It ends after joining the life line : You can make benefit from your artistic talents.

It ends above or near the heart line : Success in old ages.

It ends on the top of the Moon : Success.

It is very clear and distinct : Happiness.

It is unclear and short : Your artistic works won’t give financial gain

It is long, curve and extending towards the palm : Bad tendencies.

It starts at the bottom of Apollo mount : Big success at the second half of your life.

It intercepts with any marriage lines: You won’t have wealth from your artistic works.

It isn’t straight, but curve: Use your artistic talents properly to earn money from it.

Lots of thin lines close to Apollo line: You won’t catch success as you will work in different areas.

It is non continuous : Unimportant failures.

Any branch originating from Apollo line is extending towards the Mount of Mercury: You can’t show your real talents, because of your ambition to make money.

The branch originating from the Apollo line is joining the intelligence line: You are talented in creative writing.

Any branch originating from the Apollo line ends on the Mount of Saturn: You won’t make money from your artistic works, because of your financial needs.

A trident at the beginning point : You will be famous.

An island appearing on the line: Temporary difficulties.

A star on the part of Apollo line corresponding to the Mount of Saturn:  Celebratedness.

A round on it : Financial problems.

Two Apollo lines: You are multilateral and well known. You have many other talents.

Three or more Apollo lines : You aren’t lucky about financial matters.

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