Ardha Halasana and Their Benefits


Ardha Halasana or Half Plow Pose is a pose of yoga which is mainly for beginners. Ardha Halasana is made of three Sanskrit words. “Ardha” means “Half”, “Hala” means “Plow” and “Asana” means “Yoga Pose” in English. ‘Ardha Halasana’ is a preparatory step towards ‘Halasana’. Ardha Halasana or Half Plow Pose significantly important as it is considered a must to practice before the practice of ‘Plough Pose’ or ‘Halasana’. This yoga pose has been known for alleviating many issues in the body related to the digestive system, the reproductive system and in helping better blood circulation. Below I am giving an account on how to do this yoga and its benefits.

Ardha Halasana is one of the yoga poses that has many health benefits. Ardha Halasana makes the intestines stronger and also increases the digestive power and helps in fighting obesity. People who have problems with gas, practice this asana regularly, get relief. If the navel is blocked, then this asana should be done for two to three minutes, the navel sits in its place. 

Steps To Do Ardha Halasana Or Half Plow Pose:
Ardha Halasana Or Half Plow Pose is an easy yoga pose to do. Below I am giving a brief description of how to do this yoga pose. See the Ardha Halasana steps below…

Lie down on your back.
Join both of your legs and keep your hand with the thighs.
Slowly breathe in and raise the leg perpendicular to the ground keeping the knee straight.
Hold in the breathe and stay in this position as long as possible.
Breathe out and bring back your legs.
Come back to the normal position and relax for a while.
Repeat the same for 3 to 5 times.

Benefits Of Ardha Halasana Or Half Plow Pose:

Ardha Halasana Or Half Plow Pose has many health benefits. See those benefits below…

1. This yoga pose improves the digestive system, which makes this pose useful who are suffering from constipation and gastric problems.

2. This yoga pose is beneficial for diabetic people as it normalizes the blood-glucose level.

3. Muscles ligaments of thighs and calves get relaxed and stretched by practicing this yoga pose.

4. This yoga pose improves the tone and strength of the back muscles and spinal cord as the back is folded, as well as the leg and abdominal muscles.

5. Ardha Halasana helps to increases blood circulation.

6. This yoga pose improves the working of the spinal nerves by creating pressure on the nerves in the neck region which are normally sympathetic, thus enhancing the operation of the sympathetic nervous system.

7. Ardha Halasana Activates warms up and lightens the psychophysiological system.

8. This yoga pose improves the function of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. These main glands regulate all of the other endocrine glands and so the overall function of the endocrine system is improved.

9. Ardha Halasana strengthens the immune system.

10. Ardha Halasana is good for dyspepsia.

11. Ardha Halasana is therapeutic for backache, headache, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis.

12. This yoga pose increases flexibility and provides a feeling of relaxation during leg cramps.

13. This Yoga pose is useful for asthma, bronchitis.

14. Ardha Halasana makes spinal cord strong and flexible.

15. Ardha Halasana helps to stimulate the reproductive organs.

v16. This Yoga pose helps women during menopause.

Ardha Halasana yoga pose is not for everyone to practice. There are some precautions people should read before going for this yoga pose. So, the Ardha Halasana precautions are…

  • Pregnant women should not do this yoga.
  • People suffering high or low blood pressure should keep a distance from this yoga.
  • People suffering from severe heart problems and back pain should not do this yoga pose.

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