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Meditation is truly the “wonder drug” of human history. Scientific research has demonstrated that the benefits of meditation are numerous. When examining experienced meditators, neuroscientists are finding high levels of gamma brainwave activity, which is associated with intelligence, self-control, compassion, memory, and sustained happiness.

There is also an amplification or increase in the immune system, physical strength, creativity, intuition, and maturation. It even reduces the biological age. There are absolutely zero negative side-effects.

Auras: Electromagnetic Fields That Nourish the Body

The human body is a vessel controlled and nourished by electromagnetic fields of energy known as auras.  This energy, invisible to the naked eye, carries, regulates, and balances multiple systems in the body. Dr. William Tiller, a former Stanford professor, and published researcher postulates that these energies hold a link between our physical body and individual health.

Specific channels (meridians) transport this energy to create a balanced flow of self-healing properties. When blockages disrupt these channels, the event can serve as a catalyst for lingering illness and toxins to flood the immune system. The regulation of this natural energy through the use of acupuncture points and conscious intention allows for the maintenance of positive flow, and functions as natural medicine in preventing sickness and healing the body.

The human body contains numerous canals that serve as channels for subtle energies to flow freely. The Chinese called this bioenergy “chi” and these energetic channels “meridians,” the existence of which scientists have confirmed using infrared thermal imaging.

Each of these meridians flows into the seven energy centers of the body known as chakras. Human health is contingent upon the need to continually balance, harmonize, and unblock the energy flow between the chakras and meridians. When the flow of energy is disrupted, cell metabolism becomes affected, and this will trigger the manifestation of the disease.

These are seven major chakras in the body, which correspond to the major endocrine glands. The chakras act as interfaces that can transform pure information into energy and matter. They are located at the base of the spine (root chakra), at the naval (sacral chakra), in the solar plexus (solar plexus chakra), in the heart (heart chakra), in the throat (throat chakra), at the center of the forehead (third eye chakra), and at the top of the head (crown chakra).

Each of these act as mediators between sensory awareness and emotional perception and processing. This is the activated energetic framework in which the aura meditation does its thing.

Tiller references acupuncture and another method, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as modalities to bio-regulate energy flow and free up blocked energy pathways. An acupuncturist, for example, inserts needles into specific points along the meridian lines to treat imbalance and restore the flow of chi.

EFT, however, utilizes acupuncture points in a different way. By tapping one’s fingers on meridian points, balance is restored to specific chakras, and this results in the harmonious flow of energy.

When performing EFT, the tapping is done in conjunction with affirmation statements as a way of cultivating positive intention. Dr. Tiller believes that conscious intention creates its own energy field capable of communicating with the universe. Positive intention and focused consciousness will also free up meridian blockages, and allow for the free-flowing of chi throughout the body.

The limitations and holes in the logic of Western medicine can be filled by Eastern philosophy. The human body is a complex system that sends waves of energy to the seven major chakras via meridian channels. Practices such as acupuncture, the emotional freedom technique, and cultivated conscious intention work to balance the flow of energy in the body and free up blockages.

Lack of pre-emptive attention to energy flow can lead to disruptions between the meridians and chakras, which can send the body into disarray and illness. For modern medicine to advance, a paradigm shift from the rigid view of Western medicine will need to recognize the value in bioenergy regulation and its quantifiable effects on human health.

Human Auras and Healing

Your bioenergy field, or aura, is a primary contributor to your physical and emotional well-being. When your aura is vibrant, chances are good that your health is equally vibrant. Because most physical problems appear first in the bioenergy field, and later in the physical body, one of the best ways you can take care of yourself is by keeping your aura “bright,”  “smooth,” and “clean.”

Those who don’t meditate regularly have chakras or energy centers that are not fully open.

Their auras are subsequently quite dimmer than those of people who meditate daily and realign and revive their energy fields on a regular basis. 

I put together this body scan guided meditation to help you become better aware of your bioenergy field.

By practicing aura meditations each day, you can dramatically improve your vibrancy and health.

Healing can take place when you provide yourself with the time and space to receive it. Make time for yourself to allow loving, healing energies to flow through your energy field and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Aura Guided Meditation

Here are the four steps to the aura meditation practice that fosters healing:

  • Breathe deeply and slowly at first, sensing the presence of the bioenergy “life force” within you.
  • Feel this energy flowing through you and imagine that it’s cleansing you.
  • Visualize this energy within your body radiating more and more. See if you can see/sense the color of the energy.
  • While visualizing the energy (and color if possible), direct this nourishing energy to the area of the body that needs healing (e.g. areas of the body where pain resides, or feel weak).

Gratitude Guided Meditation

Another version of this for every day practice uses the concept of gratitude for emotional well-being:

  • Since the presence of gratitude in your heart. Ask yourself what you’re grateful for at this very moment…and hold that in your awareness/mind.
  • Feel this gratitude flowing through you, cleansing and healing you.
  • Visualize radiating the gratitude you feel back out to the Universe.

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