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Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft smoothens the baby’s skin and helps to appease the irritated skin. This cream is often conveniently applied to the baby’s buttocks and cures irritation thanks to dry skin. The pH value of 5.5 of Sebamed Baby is clinically proven to market the event of skin’s acid mantle which protects the skin from the entry of harmful bacteria and prevents moisture loss. to stop chaffing of high-stress areas like knees, elbows, hands, and legs. Also ideal for winter. This cream is additionally ideal for babies susceptible to very dry or flaky skin. The water in oil emulsion with 42% lipids from a Moisturizing film without interfering with the skin’s breathing process. Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft is free from Paraffin/ Silicon oil/ Parabens/ propanediol

Brand Information:-

Sebamed may be a German skincare expert with over 50 years of experience in medicinal skincare. All Sebamed products are developed and tested in co-operation with European universities and dermatological clinics. Sebamed offers a high-quality, modern system of medicinal cleansing and care products – fine-tuned to the wants of your skin. Sebamed’s product philosophy has been confirmed and documented in over 120 scientific studies: cleansing and care products, which aim to take care of the pH value of 5.5 make sure that the skin remains healthy. Sebamed is suggested by dermatologists in over 85 countries and has 15 granted patents and 10 patent applications.

Sebamed Baby Cream for Dry Skin

Temperature change even from indoors to outdoors can affect the sensitive skin of your newborn. Hence Sebamed Baby Cream with a pH of 5.5 and 42 natural lipids maintain, repair, and protect the skin of your baby.

Sebamed Baby Cream further smoothens the baby’s skin and helps to assuage the irritated skin. This cream are often applied to the baby’s buttocks and cures irritation as a results of dry skin. to prevent chaffing of high-stress areas like knees, elbows, hands, and legs, this cream is right for the winter and babies with dry or flaky skin. The water in oil emulsion with 42 lipids forms a moisturizing film that doesn’t affect the skin’s respiratory method. Sebamed Baby Cream is free from Paraffin/ silicon oil/ Parabens/ propanediol. Standard creams have pH > seven which could any harm the skin barrier leading to tons of statuses. Sebamed Baby Cream is clinically evidenced to be effective in atopic babies and soothe baby’s sensitive skin. The baby cream is basically effective for your infant in winter.

Best Baby Cream for Winter Season

These are a number of the features which you ought to absorb mind while buying the simplest baby cream for winter season. After a shower with Sebamed Baby Wash / Bar, apply Sebamed Baby Cream extra soft to affected areas a minimum of double daily. Don’t spread cream too thick. Simply apply the amount the skin will absorb. Apply Sebamed Baby Cream if your baby crawls to heal the high-stress space of knees, legs, and elbows. For atopic skin as directed by your podiatrist or a minimum of three – fourfold. this may confirm your kid’s skin glows even within the winter season. Here are few more features that are essential to this Sebamed Baby Cream:

  1. pH 5.5 helps within the development of acid mantle
  2. Protective, nurturing emollient with 42% lipids.
  3. Chamomile extracts soothe and regenerate baby’s skin
  4. Perfect weather protection
  5. An optimal active complex of important substances protects from harmful environmental factors.
  6. Rich in moisturizing panthenol and allantoin

Benefits of Baby Moisturizing Cream

Here are a couple of key benefits of using a baby moisturizing cream. The Sebamed cream is often even simpler if you employ it together with your other products.

  1. Forms a non-occlusive protective film against dryness and irritation
  2. Water-in-oil emulsion
  3. Clinically proven – a big improvement of erythema and rough skin in just eight weeks shown in studies. 56% reduction in flaking & 2 times increase in lipid levels within 2
  4. 0% irritant reactions & almost 0% allergies
  5. Supports the natural lipid balance
  6. Pleasant botanical fragrance
  7. Rich in panthenol, allantoin, and chamomile extract, the moisturizing and protective complex soothes and regenerates irritated skin
  8. Easy to use and readily absorbed
  9. 42% lipid composition
  10. Ideal from six months onwards

Baby Moisturizing Cream Online in India

Sebamed India is that the best place to travel to buy baby products. With a good range of products, you’ll select the simplest that suits the requirements of your infant. buy baby cream, lotions on Sebamed India, and obtain obviate the skin winter issues for your kid. The products are available with various sellers online. With the wide options on the brands and products, experience easy and cozy online shopping.

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