Basic Vastu for House

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Our nature is abundant with powerhouses of energy sources like the sun, wind, moon, water, earth, and fire. The effect of sunrays, flow of winds, pull of earth’s magnetic fields and other such cosmic energies influence our lives in unfathomable ways.

Significance of Eight Directions

We have four cardinal (North, South, East, and West) and four intercardinal directions (North-west, North-east, South-west, and South-east). Each direction signifies an aspect of life and is governed by various gods.
While North is the direction for wealth, south is for dharma. West and East are for prosperity and overall success.

Few Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra


The rooms of your house should preferably be square or rectangular.

Room Basics:

Rooms should be airy, well lit, bright, and clean. This rule also extends to the corners of each room.

Home Centre:

The centre of the house should be an empty space.

Stairs and Furniture:

Heavy furniture (like almira etc.) should be kept in the South-west direction. If you are planning to build a duplex house, building stairs in this direction is a good idea.


Avoid keeping plants and water features like water fountain, aquarium, painting depicting water etc. in the bedroom.

Dining Table:

Ensure that your dining space is near the kitchen and not the main door.

Mirror Placement:

Placing a mirror in the bedroom that reflects the sleeping couple is a strict no-no. If at all you place a mirror in the bedroom, ensure that the bed cannot be seen in it.

Gateway (entrance) of the House:

Positive energy can be harnessed right at the entrance of your house with these tips:

  1. The main door should be stronger and bigger than other doors in the house; it should preferably be made of teak wood.
  2. Never keep the place outside your main door dark. Remember good energy is always associated with bright and cheery places.
  3. Garbage bags, unwanted things, and shoes should be kept away from the main door. We don’t want visitors to cringe before entering your home.
  4. Ensure that the main door opens inward. Also regularly oil its hinges to avoid creaky sounds.

Drawing Room:

For a place where the family spends most time together, drawing room should have:

  1. An aquarium on the North or East wall for prosperity
  2. A bright picture of sunrise in the southern wall
  3. Shades of yellow, green, beige or blue on walls to infuse liveliness and vibrancy


To improve the Vastu of your kitchen and ensure a healthy life for your family:

  1. Keep the water sink away from the gas stove.
  2. Place the fridge in the south-west corner of the kitchen.
  3. Never let your kitchen face the washroom or share a common wall with it.


Bedrooms are a place for rest and repose and should have soothing wall colors for a peaceful aura. Remember to:

  1. Place the master bedroom in the South-west.
  2. Never sleep with your head in the north.
  3. Avoid overhanging beams in the room to enjoy good health.
  4. Use solid wooden beds instead of hollow wrought-iron beds.

Study Room:

A place where your child needs his/her full concentration! Even if you do not have a separate study room, these basic dos need to be kept in mind:

  1. Select a square or rectangular shape for the study table.
  2. Place the table so that one need not face a blank wall or window.
  3. Keep the table in the North-east, East, or West direction.
  4. Hanging bookshelves are best avoided.
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