Billionaire Signs Palm Reading

Learn some billionaire signs through the hand shape, finger length, and palm lines. One of the most exciting things about palmistry is the various character types displayed by the hand. So, you probably want to know, is there a billionaire line in palmistry?

As will all the lines on the hands, one specific line does not guarantee any particular outcome. The lines on the palm do not actually depict any amount of financial success on their own. However, with a combination of certain features on the palm and the lines, it makes sense how someone might have better chances of being or becoming a billionaire. The skin texture, the firmness, and other finger and palm structure is the essential part of understanding hand analysis.

Is There a Billionaire Line in palmistry?

There is no one specific line that shows you will become a billionaire. You might have the ‘money line’ but if you don’t have the right determination, you have less chance of succeeding. The potential to be wealthy comes from many aspects and requires a certain personality type. Below I have described some of these important factors from an example reading.

Previously I wrote about the hands of a millionaire describing various features of famous, wealthy people. In this article, I delve into some details in the hands like the self-made billionaire, Richard Branson. But before you start looking at the palm lines, think about the shape and condition of the hand. First and foremost, the hand must not feel or look soft and flabby. Soft and flabby hands depict more of a lazy personality.

The shape and condition of the hand are important

Looking at the shape of Richards’s hand, he has a combination of many elements. His squarish looking palm and long fingers appear to match the air hand shape. However, he has features of fire and water as well. The combination of those shapes suggests he is intelligent and has much enthusiasm for life. The dense looking hand shows his energy and this is the most important aspect of all things.

The mount of Moon (Base of palm) and Venus (ball of thumb) are firm and relatively free of lines. These two areas with the lack of lines suggest that he does not allow other people’s energies to cause him to worry or get emotionally involved in things that do not concern him. They also show that he is caring, loving, and kind-hearted as well as being physically strong. The hand consistency is firm and the skin texture is slightly coarse, which is a sign of good health and robustness.

Billionaire signs from the whole hand

  1. The pinkie shows not only his intellect by its’ length but his ability to communicate effectively. The finger also juts out which depicts his somewhat eccentric but independent thinker. He’s not against being advised what to do, but he would not like being told what to think. The long top phalange shows his intuitive faculties are reliable.
  2. The well-etched lifeline does not have many diversions and displays robustness and direction in life. The few stress lines are standard considering the responsibilities of having a business.
  3. The fingertips are a little squarish which tells of a practical, reliable, and sensible nature. The fingertips should also show some firmness, which depicts a good amount of energy. They often also have slight redness, indicating the mind is active. The length of all the fingertips is longer than average which also depicts his dynamic, inspirational, and visceral aptitude.
  4. There is a well-proportioned thumb between the top and lower phalanges; neither is too short. The top phalange a little tucked in towards the hand. When the thumb is straight and slightly tucked in, it displays logic, persistence, discipline, and determination. He has substantial reasoning powers and likes to be in control. This type of thumb which is not set too low on the palm shows that he is cautious, assertive, inventive, serious and a specialist in his field.

What other lines that are potential billionaire signs?

5. An intuition line, which rises towards the Mercury mount, depicts the intelligence. The line strengthens the ‘mercurian’ perceptiveness.

6. A passion line (or business/money line) rises from the heart line to the base of the little finger of Mercury, shows his heart is in everything he wants to do. It is one of the billionaire signs because it depicts a businesslike mind.

7. Apollo line (success line) shows his continual progress and happiness in his achievements.

8. The double fate line shows his motivation and ability or skill for many things. It depicts his responsible attitude and fixed direction in life.

9. The central part of the heart line ends under the middle finger but tapers off to between the first and second fingers which are a sign of a passionate nature.

The fingerprints which can depict a potential billionaire

A billionaire is going to have a stubborn, headstrong, and determined nature. The fingerprint which depicts this type of character is the whorl. Whorls have a center which appears like a full circle, or a coiled spiral. The whorl always has two triradii, usually one either side of it. High powered business people are inclined to have this print.

Having many whorls exhibits someone who can be focused, decisive, and responsible; someone who prefers to be in charge. They often have a desire to help others, to be of service; they are individual, independent, and highly motivated folk. However, because the whorl is closed in a circle, it represents a less open and adaptable mindset and so, therefore, like to make their own mind up. They can also tend to be secretive as well as keeping their feelings to themselves. They may come across as selfish because of their need for space.

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