Blue Rhino Feng Shui

This will serve to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your career.

The Blue Rhinoceros, a double-horned work of art made from poly resin, is a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robbery, accidents, office drama or betrayal, especially against the vicious #7 Star in Period 8. The rhinoceros has attained these attributes due to its protective and resilient nature as an animal, and how it is aggressive towards any other threatening beasts. In Feng Shui, the Blue Rhinoceros is best utilized to protect against any negatives or dangers in life when a pair is placed on an elevated plane in the affected sector, or flanking any door in this vicinity.

1) The # 7 Flying Star is a very malicious one, and brings with it burglary, robbery, violence and bloodshed. To keep this star (in our Period 8 chart) from causing harm, display the Blue Rhinoceros in the sector affected by the star. The intrinsic element of the #7 violent star is metal. Water exhausts metal. This “Blue” Feng Shui cure represents water element that will weaken the #7 star metal energy. Use a pair for added strength.

2) Display a pair of Feng Shui Rhinoceros close to the main door of the living in your home, facing towards the outside of your home. This will prevent anyone will malicious intents from coming into your home, therefore protecting the members of your family. It will also prevent any accidents of burglaries.

3) For those involved in business, placing a Feng Shui Rhinoceros close to the main door of your office, also facing towards the outside of the premises. This will serve the same purpose as keeping this Feng Shui cure in your home, but it will also serve to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your career.

4) Keeping a Feng Shui Rhinoceros in your workplace will help you to resolve issues regarding backstabbing and harmful colleagues. It will keep quarreling and chaos and bay, and allow the office to be a calm and easy environment to work in.

This is supported by archaeological treasures and life-like art depictions that can only be possible with real life observation.

It’s a shame that when we discuss the huge majestic animal in the eastern world, we often end up talking about how huge the market is for rhino horns that are believed to “cure” certain health ailments.

While it is generally accepted that rhinos can’t be trained like elephants, they can certainly be tamed. Otherwise, there is no humane way zoos would be able to keep such animals that are bursting with strength in captivity.

They are really gentle giants that are graceful to see. Yet at the same time, the sheer size and power they naturally have make them one of the most feared mammals when provoked.

Legend of rhinoceros

It’s not surprising to learn that the rhino’s horn is believed to contain magical powers, especially in the realms of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) healing.

Some of the things that the rhinoceros horn was believed to be capable of includes the ability to cleanse a place of dust and water, an attribute of shining during the night, a body cooling remedy, capable of providing cold relief, counter to erectile dysfunction, etc.

The list goes on and on. But to avoid giving credibility to these beliefs, we should avoid discussing them in such detail.

It is also sometimes speculated that the qi lin, which is the Chinese unicorn, is a celestial creature conceptualized with the rhino in mind.

Rhinoceros in feng shui

The bulky size coupled by it’s defensive nature makes it a powerful symbol of protection.

With an oversized lethal horn as a weapon on it’s head, it is an intimidating animal to on anyone’s side for protection.

As such, the rhinoceros is mostly placed in feng shui practice for the purpose of protection against enemies and a deterrence of adversaries.

Some home owners with considerable land area actually have statures of the big animal in the garden as outdoors is probably the only reasonable place to locate them.

Indoors, they are usually miniature figurines that are often paired with elephants. They can sometimes be observed to be friendly to each other in nature.

As two gentle giants, they serve as both protection and bring harmony to the household.

As a metaphor, an elephant standing guard is like having your enemies see a police officer who is tasked to protect you. A rhinoceros would be like seeing a police officer with the gun drawn.

Because the rhinoceros is an animal with a considerable presence and a deadly weapon, the most common usage of rhino placement is for protection against those with bad intentions.

For this reason, feng shui masters often suggest a blue rhinoceros as a counter against the violence star 7 in flying star feng shui.

This assumes that the star is unfavorable to the house.

The presence of the mighty horn is deemed appropriate against the savage red star.

This is because the star 7 is of metal element base, which relates to swords and other metallic weapons. So weapon in the form of the horn would be able to fend off the attacks of blades.

Not only that.

An angry rhino can charge and hit enemies like a battering ram.

The color blue also represents the water element which acts to weaken the metal element base of the 7 star.

This is how the fame of the blue rhino came about.

It originate with a specific purpose for subduing the star 7. And due to the protective powers it has, people tend to use them for general protection.

They can also be placed in the workplace like an office to protect yourself from nasty colleagues and internal competition.

Many people carry blue rhinoceros amulets and pendants for personal protection.

However, what you must be mindful of is that while rhinos are staunch protectors, they will only protect when they are on your side.

This means that whether you are placing them at home or carrying them around on keychains, never put them under any stress where it might feel threatened.

Otherwise, it could actually turn against you or making you a victim of it’s stampede

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