Chopra Center Meditation

In order to appreciate the benefits of chakra meditation, we first need to look at the significance of the chakra centers themselves.

What are chakras?

The entirety of the body is a perfect reflection of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions. It is the physical manifestation of our inner beliefs about who we are.

When we initially dreamed this present dream (our lives) we continued on the path of awakening into the truth of who we are, at whatever point in our spiritual workshop we left off in the last dream.

The body and everything we experience here is a pictorial representation of what we believe to be true about ourselves, although generally, most of these beliefs are in the unconscious mind.

The chakra centers are like energetic motors within the mental / emotional / physical energy field we usually identify as “me.” Each chakra center relates to a different area of our lives, as described below.

The health of a chakra is governed by our beliefs about ourselves in the particular area of life that the chakra is related to.

For instance, the root chakra relates to our sense of connection with our fellow human beings, as well as survival issues.

If a person believes they are unsafe and trust is difficult, this chakra will tend to be pulled in and not joined in harmony with the other chakras. This will affect the organs in the area of the root chakra, such as the sex organs.

What do chakras look like?

Often in sharing WellBeing Alignment Sessions, my attention is guided to a client’s chakra centers. When this happens, I experience them directly in a feeling / sensing / hearing / seeing way.

Usually if a chakra center is humming along happily my attention isn’t pulled to it specifically. On the other hand, if there is dis-ease in a chakra, it tends to catch my attention.

In chakra meditation, for different people, and at different times, chakras can appear in a variety of ways. Generally, what is highlighted in my awareness are places of constriction, density, cloudiness, numbness, separation or pulling back from the other chakras, and lack of movement.

In some cases there is a quality of folding in, as if the chakra is trying to protect itself.

When I sense a chakra center that is struggling, noticing what area of the body it is in helps me become aware of the underlying beliefs related to the chakra.

The colors of the chakras are the exact same colors and in the same order as the colors of a rainbow, from red at the base to violet / white light at the crown (see below).

Our bodies are walking rainbows! If you hold a crystal up to sunlight it displays beautiful vibrant rainbows that can give you an idea of what a healthy, happy chakra system looks like.

Although there is generally a predominant color associated with each chakra, I often see colors within a chakra that are different than the traditional color associated with it, as well as a variety of textures, feelings, voices, and layers.

Seven main chakra centers

Although there are many other chakra centers within the whole of our spiritual / mental / emotional / physical being, in regards to chakra meditation, we’ll talk about the seven main ones that are the most associated with this present dream, with each one related to a specific aspect of our lives.

There are many different perspectives on what each chakra relates to and many different variations within each individual. The information I offer below is what I perceive in working with clients (and myself).

The Crown Chakra, which is the 7th Chakra, is at the very top of the head. It appears with the color violet and pure white Light. It is linked to our awareness of Oneness with Source, integration of the Whole, living in the now, meaning, devotion, inspiration, and conscious alignment with Pure Awareness.

The Brow Chakra, or Third Eye, which is the 6th Chakra, is in the center of the forehead. It resonates with the color indigo and is linked to inner vision, unity perspective, divine understanding, discernment, wisdom, intuition, and intelligence.

The Throat Chakra is the 5th Chakra, at the base of the throat, and is blue in color. It is linked to expressing and being our truth, taking responsibility for our own needs, surrendering our will to the Divine, trusting Source, decision making, personal authority, and manifesting creative impulses.

The Heart Chakra, which is the 4th Chakra, is in the center of the chest. It displays the colors green and pink. It is linked to love (as a union of spiritual and human love), compassion, confidence, trust, expansion, acceptance, openness and inspiration.

The Solar Plexus, which is the 3rd Chakra, goes from just below the heart down to the navel. Yellow in color, it is linked to our internalized parent, “shoulds,” self-esteem, reaction to criticism, personal power, and ego – our self-concept of an individual, separate self.

The Sacral Chakra, which is the 2nd Chakra, is located just below the navel. Resonating with the color orange, it is linked to our inner child, creativity, innocence, vulnerability, and spontaneity.

The Root Chakra, the 1st Chakra, is at the base of the spine and is red in color. It is linked to our connection and loyalty to our “tribe,” family, and fellow human beings, our connection with the manifestation of physical earth, physical groundedness, survival instincts, pleasure/pain, and sexuality.

How the chakras relate to our lives

We are conditioned to believe that when we are upset it is because something happened to us that caused the upset. However, this is exactly backwards.

When an upsetting event occurs, such as pain, disease or discomfort in the body, or an “outer” circumstance such as losing a job or a relationship, that occurrence is a reflection of an “upset” that was already within us, usually below our conscious awareness.

For example, let’s say your husband or wife wants a divorce and you feel upset. The event of your partner wanting a divorce is a manifestation of a part of you that is “divorced” from another part of you – a place where you have pulled away from yourself.

However we experience being treated by someone else is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, which is how we believe (usually unconsciously) we SHOULD be treated.

The chakras would reflect the beliefs as well, most likely in the solar plexus and heart in this example, as well as the throat and the first two chakras, to varying degrees. All the organs and cells in the areas of the body related to the chakras would also be affected.

Healing occurs spontaneously when we allow it to in chakra meditation

In the previous example, there would be a corresponding emotion and body sensation tied into the upset regarding the divorce.

In this case, a powerful chakra meditation would be to simply be with this body sensation and give it full permission to be here as it is.

This is a direct way to energetically connect all the way back to the inner beliefs (even if you’re not fully aware of what the beliefs are) that are the ACTUAL cause of the upset, without getting stuck in the recycling of the story about the divorce. You can learn about how to do that here.

By staying with the sensation itself, the emotions and related chakras that are compromised will begin to open and heal on their own, and chakra clearing occurs automatically.

Even after witnessing this many times in WellBeing Alignment Sessions, and also in working with myself, I am awestruck every single time I watch the process. These bodies really do know how to heal themselves. We just need to allow them to do it. 🙂

In this type of chakra meditation, by embracing whatever arises in awareness that we call “upset,” the trauma within a chakra is gradually released, allowing it to spin and work in synchronicity with the other chakras as a team.

This facilitates inner harmony and balance as your entire energy field shifts to a more unified whole. Once our energy field is aligned with wellbeing in this way, healing begins organically.

Our innate intelligence knows exactly how to take care of the mind, emotions, and body, once we turn toward our inner conflicts rather than away from them.

Chakra meditation: a two-way approach to chakra balancing, healing, and clearing

I highly recommend approaching chakra healing from two directions. Let’s start with the most important level first…

1. Chakra meditation focusing on the level of cause

Unless the level of cause is addressed, the effects – feeling upset or distressed in the body, mind, and / or emotions – persist.

So what is the underlying cause of any distress or suffering?

All suffering is the result of believing we are a separate part rather than the Whole that we are.

This is like a wave in an ocean looking for water, not realizing it IS water, one with the entire ocean it is appearing in. But if its identity is based on the self-concept of being a separate wave, it will suffer.

This basic identification about what we ARE creates our entire belief system. If we believe we are a separate part, our beliefs will be about being inadequate and incomplete. Accordingly, our beliefs create our thoughts, emotions, and bodies. They also create the entire movie of our experience.

On the other hand, when we begin to directly experience that we are Pure Awareness, One with all that is (the entire ocean, not just a seemingly wave appearing in it), our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, body experience and our lives begin to reflect the peace that we know ourselves to be.

Therefore, for a chakra meditation that will allow the chakras to heal and balance themselves, I recommend any meditation that brings your attention to yourSelf as Pure Awareness. As we focus on the Light that we already are, we spontaneously release what stands in the way of our experience of love and wellBeing.

Although in truth there is no outside or inside, there is only Pure Awareness, which doesn’t have a physical location, we can still work with the appearance of an inside / outside.

The following exercises and meditations focus on the “inside” (cause) which causes the “outside” to shift:

These two assist you in resting in the space between thoughts, which is where we begin to experience ourselves as Pure Awareness:

  1. The Miracle of Forgiveness Healing
  2. Overcome Depression

If you found the previous exercises challenging, the following group of exercises and meditations might be easier:

  1. Basic Breathing Meditation
  2. Present Moment Focus Meditation
  3. Unifying Phrase Meditation
  4. Meditation For Finding God
  5. Forgiveness Meditation
  6. Centerpointe Meditation

2. Chakra meditation focusing on the level of effects

While getting to know ourselves as Pure Awareness, there are also other variations of chakra meditation we can use to ease the effects of identifying with being a separate, isolated part rather than the Whole we are.

The following exercises and meditations work more from the “outside” (effects) to the inside (cause):

  • Inner Vision Meditation
  1. White Light Chakra Meditation
  2. Violet Flame Meditation
  3. The WellBeing Boat

I also recommend this site for some beautiful visuals with music that will help calm and relax your nervous system.

Light variations for chakra meditations

In the chakra meditations listed above, for easing the effects of painful beliefs, there are many variations of Light you can incorporate, including the following:

  1. Diamond White Light – purifies and aligns your energy field.
  2. Emerald Green Flame – restores and transforms our physical bodies. 
  3. Violet Flame – is a combination of the sapphire blue ray of the Divine Masculine, the rose-pink ray of the Divine Feminine and the gold flame of Christ Consciousness. These three flames unify into a pure violet flame for releasing attachments to painful memories.
  4. Rose Pink Light – infuses your being with the unconditional Love of Divine Mother and creates a bubble of protection both within and around you. This is wonderful for inner child healing, as well as protection.
  5. Sunshine Yellow Ray – is associated with Christ Consciousness and arises within our awareness as our masculine and feminine polarities come into balance. This Light ray is infused with Divine Wisdom and Illumination. 
  6. Gold Light – is a deeper resonance of the Sunshine Yellow Ray. It draws true discrimination and peace into your being – energetic nectar that stabilizes and nurtures your energy field. This is a good Light to bring in after you do energy work, for balancing and completion.

You can experiment with these variations during your chakra meditation practice (as well as any others your intuition offers up) and see which one you resonate with. You may find yourself drawn to different Lights at different times.

Other helpful healing modalities to ease the effects of beliefs in separation

As you begin to rest in Pure Awareness and let go of old beliefs and traumas, I also support you in following your inner guidance in checking into any healing modality that you are drawn to.

There are many therapies that can help ease the effects of painful beliefs that manifest in the body, mind and emotions. Your inner guidance will guide you to the modalities that are best for you.

In particular, I have found yoga, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to be very helpful, as they approach healing from the perspective of Wholeness more so than western medicine, which tends to treat parts rather than the whole.

Healing Cycles

As you begin chakra meditation healing, it is important to know that opening your awareness to yourSelf as Pure Awareness can also increase your awareness of unconscious material that has been percolating beneath the surface for years, and perhaps lifetimes.

At first, you may even notice what seems to be an increase in uncomfortable feelings and sensations. However, it is actually your awareness OF the underlying energies that is increasing, not the energies themselves.

Healing is a gradual process.

There are residues of beliefs in separation that let go layer by layer. And we don’t need to go digging around inside to find out what they are.

Just notice what “bugs” you during your daily life and that will reveal to you what is currently directly accessible for you to heal. It is a window of opportunity.

As you continue with the two levels of chakra meditation offered on this page, your healing will unfold in its own time and in its own way.

As long as we’re dreaming this dream, on the level of the body, the healing process continues layer by layer, as we awaken fully into the realization of the Pure-Light of Awareness we truly are.

Here, Rupert Spira beautifully describes the residues of beliefs in separation that show up in the body and the gradual experience of letting them unwind:

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