Deepak chopra meditation

During the corona virus pandemic, many people are searching for some peace and relaxation any way they can get it — but so many were searching for it on Sunday that their peace was cut short.It happened as people across the world logged in to a live meditation session with Deepak Chopra. As the event was streaming on Vireo, an online video platform, it abruptly stopped.”We had set up a site but the site crashed,” Chopra said as he re-emerged shortly afterward on Facebook live. “We were hoping for a million people and indeed we think we had them.”Chopra’s global event was set to begin at 12 p.m. ET and meant to connect people’s energy to heal the world at a time when we need it most, the event description says.But Vireo said user error was to blame. “What happened with this customer was not due to any technical issue with Vireo’s platform,” a Vireo spokesperson told CNN in a statement. “The customer had multiple admin users logged into the broadcast at once, which disrupted the stream.”The online platform powers hundreds of thousands of live events with millions tuning in, according to Vireo.”We’ve since addressed this directly with the customer to prevent this from happening in the future.”Chopra’s meditation continued via Facebook Live offering a moment of zen for people in a time of uncertainty. The stream of the event is still accessible and has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Facebook.”Let’s all breathe together, while it’s our responsibility to live apart,” reads the event’s website.Anyone wanting more virtual wellness sessions can take part in a free 21-day meditation program online offered by Chopra and Oprah Winfrey.

The past few weeks have seen an unprecedented increase in mental tension, anxiety, and fear spanning the globe. With the COVID-19 virus reaching pandemic proportions and new cases being reported each day, this is a crisis unlike anything most people have experienced in their lifetime. While government and local agencies are working tirelessly to contain the outbreak, you might find yourself being swept up in a pandemic of another kind—fear.

News stories and posts on social media may be flooding your awareness with the mind-polluting contagions of worry, anxiety, and panic about what the next few weeks will hold for cities, nations, and individuals. It’s nearly impossible not to get caught up in the rip current of uncertainty, negativity, and doubt that drags you into the sea of worst-case scenario thinking.

Times like this can indeed feel overwhelming. Fortunately, however, one classic mind-body practice is unparalleled in its value during crises such as these: meditation.

You may be thinking, “Well, meditation might be a good way to relax or discover your higher self, but what good is it when it feels like everything is about to fall apart?” As it turns out, meditation is far more than just a way to relax and has profound benefits that will help you navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and other similarly challenging times. Let’s explore each in some detai

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