Dressing table Vastu

When it comes to placing a dressing table or mirror in the bedroom, many people have confusion and misconceptions. They feel that their bed and their own reflection in the looking glass will cause misery in marital life and disturb sleep.

Documented research is done in the past two decades in the field of Vaastu, however, proves that the position of a dressing table reflecting the bed does not create any such negative effect by itself. In fact, it is the location of the mirror in an incompatible Vaastu zone that causes the problems and that too related to that zone only.

* Mirror is an object represents water element in Vaastu. It also serves as a medium for extension of space. If you place a dressing table in the southeast (SE) zone, it is like having water in the zone of fire. As water puts out fire, the mirror in the dressing table will cause negative effects in this zone and it will also extend the SE Vaastu zone, which may lead to accidents and injuries for the inhabitants. The inhabitants may also feel a lack of safety and security. There could also be unexpected hurdles in auspicious ceremonies in the house.

* Similarly placing a dressing table or mirror in the east-southeast zone along the eastern wall leads to excessive thinking and suspicious nature which may become the root cause of frequent quarrels and disagreements between the couple. If you have a bedroom in the southern part of your house, then avoid keeping your dressing table along the southern or eastern walls. You can align it with the northern or western walls in the bedroom.

* The southwest zone is responsible for relationship problems in the bedroom. If a dressing table is placed along the southwestern wall in this zone, then problems will arise due to the mirror’s extension effect. Symptoms of such problems are over-expectation from the partner.

* If the dressing table is placed along the southern wall in a manner that it appears in the south-southwest (SSW) zone, then the mirror gives extension to the Vaastu zone of disposal and creates increased wastage and loss of fertility for the people sleeping in that bedroom. There is one more problem in keeping the dressing table in the SSW Vaastu zone. You will experience that despite taking the utmost care in using cosmetics, these are not helping you look the way you want to. Newly wedded women should especially avoid this position must avoid this. So, if your bedroom is located in the southwest, then the best option is to keep your dressing table along the northeastern wall.

* If your bedroom is on the western side of your home, then you can keep your dressing table along the northern, southern or eastern walls. These will not create any bad effects. You can also place it along the western wall but care must be taken lest it should lead to an undesired extension of the west zone.

* In a bedroom located on the northern side of the house, the best location for the dressing table is in north-northwest (NNW). It is the zone of sex and attraction and helps you improve your attractiveness.

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