Entrance as Per Vastu


Spaces, like people, have their own energies and personalities. And Vastu, the Indian science of architecture and design, is a great way to harness positive energy present in the environment. Almost all the energy that enters your house comes in through the entrance or main door. Hence, what better way to invite positivity into your home than getting the Vastu for your home entrance right.

Here are the eight commandments of Vastu Shastra that apply to the entrance of a house.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 1: The Namesake

It’s not enough to own a house; in order to make it your home, you must imprint upon it! A nameplate is one of those finer nuances that separate a household from a house. It personalizes your home and gives a name to it. So, when the positive vibes enter your home, they are focussed on the well-being of your family.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 2: Greetings from a wooden door

Wood is considered to be the most auspicious material for the entrance door. In fact, if your house entrance is not facing the directions prescribed by Vastu (south and southwest are considered taboo), then adding wood and metal can correct the dosha.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance #3: Don’t underestimate the threshold and doormat

It is prudent for every home to have a raised threshold and doormat just outside the main entrance. The slightly raised threshold acts as a barrier to negative energies and they bounce away from the entrance itself. A doormat might seem like a functional accessory for a home but it is much more than that. When you dust your feet on the doormat before entering, you are leaving all the bad vibes outside along with the dirt.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 4: Mirror to reflect the prosperity

Mirrors are double-edged swords in terms of Vastu; they reflect energy be it good or bad. A mirror must never be placed directly opposite the main entrance; we don’t want all the good energy to be reflected away from the home. However, it is advisable to place a mirror at the right angle to the door. This will allow the mirror to reflect positivity into the house.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 5: Avoid corners

Ideally, the main door of a house should never be placed exactly at the corner of a room. From the design perspective, it seems prodigal because placing things within a room becomes difficult if the entrance occupies a corner. As per the principles of Vastu, the corners must always have empty space to inculcate wellness in the environment of the house.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 6: Create a well-lit entrance

Positivity, especially with regard to space, is all about perception. Imagine how you perceive a home when its entrance is dark and dingy! It has an off-putting effect on people and energies. Thus, the entrance of your home should be brightly lit, preferably with warm lights, to exude warmth and happiness.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance 7: Go green for good luck!

Beauty attracts positivity and if that beauty happens to be natural, then there is nothing like it! Greenery is synonymous with wellness and harmony; it transcends different kinds of philosophies and approaches to harness positivity such as Zen, Feng Shui, and Vastu. So having plants, vines, and succulents inside and outside the main door is a great way to establish peace within your four walls. However, avoid thorny plants or cacti as they do not have a pleasing countenance.

Vastu Tips For Home Entrance #8: Passage to prosperity

As per Vastu principles, an ideal home should begin with a narrow passage and then open up into a wide space. Hence, homes that have foyers are considered more auspicious as per Indian philosophy. The foyer should be designed and decorated as per the above-stated mandates.

Of course, it is not practically possible to follow all these Vastu rules word-by-word. Not all builders offer Vastu-compliant homes and you might already be living in a home that was not strictly built as per these principles. However, certain corrective measures are always within your reach. You can definitely keep the hinges of the main door oiled so that it doesn’t creak and place a water body in front of your home to absorb all the negative energy.

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