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Are the 2 feng shui updates important? Should you rush into applying them to your home as soon as we enter 2019? Will the annual 2019 feng shui updates make a big difference in your home or office? Let’s explore. The annual 2019 feng shui updates are used mostly with the classical feng shui Baguio, meaning you can look into applying them in your home or office this year if the way you defined the Bagua of your space is by using the classical Bagua style.

Note: If this is the first feng shui article you are reading and you are not sure what I mean by “2019 feng shui” or the “classical feng shui Bagua”, these two short videos will help you:

If you based your home feng shui on the BTB or Western feng shui Bagua, it is best not to apply the 2019 feng shui as mixing the two feng shui Bagua schools can create a lot of confusion. However, if you are really determined to apply the 2019 feng shui updates with the Western Bagua, I have all the info ready for you:

So, the annual 2019 feng shui updates come in place as an additional layer of energy, as a way to define the yearly movement of good and bad feng shui energies called stars in the flying stars school of feng shui. In the Bagua areas that have beneficial 2019 feng shui stars, you can apply specific feng shui cures to benefit from good energy; and in the Bagua areas with challenging feng shui stars in 2019, one will usually apply specific cures to negate the possible unwelcome effects.

Are the 2019 feng shui updates superstition? Do they really work? Well, it all depends on how you look at it and how healthy and intelligent is your approach. The best way to look at the annual feng shui updates –- including these 2019 feng shui updates –- is to read the info and see if it makes sense and if it can work in your home or office decor.

Always start with your space first, listen to it, and experiment with applying feng shui, do not take it as the ultimate and absolutely powerful knowledge. Feng shui is not a religion, nor is it a superstitious set of beliefs; in its best application feng shui is a powerful tool to improve the energy of any space. This, in turn, improves the energy of people who live or work in the space. It’s that simple! If you feel confused about combining the annual updates with the traditional feng shui Bagua requirements, these tips for applying the yearly feng shui updates will help.

Now let’s go straight to the 2019 feng shui updates and see how you (and your home or office) can benefit from them.

The Chinese New Year -– the year of the Earth Pig –- starts on February.

The 2019 feng shui cures are applied on February 4th. Why? Because feng shui cures are usually applied on the Solar New Year (February 4th, 2019), not the Lunar New Year (February 5, 2019). Of course, you can also apply them at any time in 2019! The principle of “better late than never” sure applies when it comes to creating good feng shui in your space. Start with a clean and orderly home first; do not apply the yearly feng shui cures –- in fact, do not apply any feng shui cures -– if your house has chaotic energy created by clutter and lack of order/cleanliness.

If you plan to reuse last year’s feng shui cures, be sure to cleanse them thoroughly. However, the best way to go is to purchase new feng shui cures to use as your annual 2019 feng shui cures. You can do that in any Chinatown, as well as many online stores (we certainly recommend our online feng shui store powered by amazon.com). Instead of dividing the info by good and bad 2019 feng shui areas, I will guide you step by step through all Bagua areas to give you a good idea as to what is happening there in 2019. Let’s start in the East feng shui Bagua area and move clockwise from there.

East Area in

In 2019, this Bagua area is hosting the auspicious feng shui star called the White Star #6. This specific star, or feng shui energy, is of the Metal element and its energy is connected to career success.

The feng shui element of the East Bagua area is Wood, and the element of the visiting star is Metal,  so there is a bit of a clash of elements here. Making the visiting star strong, meaning strengthening its Metal element means weakening the native Wood feng shui element of this Bagua area. This scenario often happens with the annual feng shui updates, when you have to focus on subtle feng shui adjustments in order to keep both the visiting star energy, as well as the native energy of this Bagua area healthy and balanced. So, what exactly can you do?

To benefit from the auspicious energy brought by this feng shui star here in 2019, focus on expressing an inspiring quality of energy connected to your dreams, mainly career dreams. This is the “specialty” of this star — to support you in achieving your career goals and to give you wings to soar higher than you ever thought possible. You do not have to fill this area with career-related images,  it is your clear intent that really counts. A small career success related to the photo or any appropriate item for this area will work equally as well as a big one,  what is important is for you to be really inspired by it. As the East Feng, Shui Bagua area is connected to the energy of health and family, it is important not to overwhelm this area with career and work-related images. Subtle work is the way to achieve balance and good feng shui in the East area in 2019.

How can you strengthen both the Metal element of the visiting star, as well as the native Wood element energy of this Bagua area? Is there a feng shui element that is good for both elements? Yes, luckily it is! In 2019, focus on the Earth element in the East area, as this will support both the Wood and the Metal elements and keep them both in balance.

Avoid Metal, Water, and Fire element decorating. While Metal and Fire elements are never really recommended for the East area anyway, the Water element is usually very auspicious here. However, if you have a strong Water element in your decor already, do your best to make it more subtle/to subdue the power of Water here. The reason for avoiding a strong Water element in the East area in 2019 is the fact that water is the element that weakens the Metal element, and you definitely do not want to weaken all the auspicious energy that the annual star brings!

Examples of strong Water element decor are big mirrors, a strong presence of blue and black colors (there are the Water feng shui element colors), images of water, and actual water features such as fountains. Stay on the safe side and bring more of the Earth element decor into your East Bagua area, this should help keep things in balance here.

To sum it up:

Focus on strengthening the Earth’s feng shui element in the East area with earthy colors, square shapes, as well as specific items that carry the Earth element energy. These are crystals, a variety of pottery items, images of landscapes, etc.

Moving objects are considered powerful cures in feng shui. If you want to bring strong activation to this area, you can find an appropriate decor item that creates a sense of movement here. This can be an item that moves by itself from time to time (such as a wind chime placed outside and moved by gentle wind) or a wind chime that is activated by your touch. In 2019, you can have a small metal bell or a small singing bowl here that you use from time to time to create sound movement. If you are lucky to have a crystal bowl, this is an excellent cure for the East area in 2019!

Mainly, be aware that this annual feng shui star brings you inspiring energy to fulfill your career dreams. As mentioned before, it is best to find a way — a subtle way — to bring an image or an item here that sparks the vision for your career success. Be mindful to have this image in the best colors for this area in 2019, which are earthy colors, or, if it is a small image, use the Metal element colors (white and silver).  Of course, a combination of these colors and elements will work best!

Southeast Area in 2019

The Southeast Bagua area of your home or office is hosting in 2019 the feng shui star #7, which is of potentially negative energy. This feng shui star is associated with unexpected events of a challenging nature that are usually related to weakening the energy of protection (personal or home protection). The element of this visiting star is Metal, and the element of the Southeast Bagua area is Wood.

If you are familiar with the interaction of the 5 feng shui elements, you can see right away that the negative star has more power in this Bagua area based on the fact that Metal cuts the Wood in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements. As the Southeast area is connected to the energy of wealth and prosperity, this is a good place to start introducing subtle feng shui cures in 2019 in order to neutralize the potentially negative effects of the annual star, as well as keep the native energy of this area strong.

Here’s how you can neutralize the potentially negative energies in the Southeast area in 2019:

Focus on Water element feng shui cures in order to exhaust the Metal element of the visiting negative star, and at the same time to strengthen the native Wood element of the Southeast area. There is a variety of Water cures you can bring into your Southeast area — fountains, mirrors, images of water, decor elements such as pillows, rugs, lampshades, etc in flowing shapes (the shapes of the Water element) and in predominant colors of blue and black (the colors of the Water element). Even a simple bowl with water that you keep fresh and change daily, with a clear intention, will work well as a feng shui cure for the Southeast area in 2019.

Limit the presence of crystals in the Southeast area in 2019. Even though crystals are an excellent feng shui cure for the Southeast area, in 2019 they are not ideal here because their element — the Earth feng shui element — is strengthening the Metal element of the visiting negative star. This means in order to limit the negative energy here, it is important to limit the elements that strengthen the negative star.

The popular classical feng shui cure for this area, the image of a blue color rhinoceros, can be used in the Southeast area in 2019. His energy is associated with strong protection, and the blue color brings the energy of the needed Water element. There are many ways you can bring this image with subtle decor details that are in harmony with your home decor. Alternatively, you can go for the actual traditional feng shui cure in a lucky charm form (find it in our online store). You can also substitute the image of rhinoceros for the image of the elephant, preferably in the Water feng shui element colors, too (blue or black colors).

As with any potentially negative area, it is best to avoid too much activity here, as well as any renovation work in the Southeast Bagua area in 2019. These steps are always recommended for any Bagua area that is hosting a negative feng shui star.

Southeast is also the area to place the traditional feng shui cure called Pi Yao that helps neutralize the energy of the Grand Duke (which is located in the Northwest in 2019). Place your Pi Yao here facing the Northwest.

South Area in 2019

The South Bagua area is hosting a challenging star in 2019, too. Star #3 brings the energy of quarrels, bad luck, and other potentially negative energy.  Being a Wood element star, its energy can be weakened by using the feng shui elements that can overpower it in the 5 elements cycle; these elements are Metal and Fire.

As you know, the native feng shui element of the South area is Fire, so this by itself is already weakening the negative Wood element energy of the visiting star. If you have done a good job with creating harmonious feng shui energy with Fire element decor that is needed in the South Bagua area, the potentially negative energy that is present here in 2019 is already diminished.

The main feng shui recommendation to deal with the negative energy of the annual feng shui star in the South area in 2019 is obvious: use a variety of Fire element decor such as candles, Himalayan salt lamps, fiery colors (red, purple, orange, magenta and yellow), images of fire, etc. A strong light source that is kept on most of the time is a very good feng shui cure for the South area in 2019.

Decorate with the Metal feng shui element colors and cures. This means a strong presence of colors white, gray, gold and silver, actual decor items made from metal, as well as the presence of circular shapes in your home decor (circular shape is the expression of the Metal feng shui element)

Do your best to avoid the Wood and the Water element decor items in this area in 2019. Even though the Wood element is usually good in the South area as Wood feeds the Fire of the South, it is best to limit Wood element decor here this year.

As with all challenging annual feng shui areas, keep the South area as quiet as possible in 2019 and avoid any renovation work.

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