Feng Shui Dorm Room

Decorating your dorm room is always a fun adventure that represents the first time living on your own. There are a few feng shui tips that can make this transition easier. Existing dorm dwellers can also follow these suggestions to create a better dorm-living environment.

Ultimate Feng Shui Guide For Your Dorm Room

Are you feeling unproductive and unmotivated when in your dorm room? Even for people who have never heard of feng shui, the idea that a person’s state of mind is reflected in their living space (or vice versa) seems pretty intuitive. So, studying in a clean and organized room will surely make you feel more competent. Wherever you live, you can improve your life and increase your happiness by rearranging the objects in your home and creating a warm, welcoming living space.

In Chinese, “feng” means wind and “shui” means water. These two elements are symbols for creating chi flow. Chi is the vital energy that inhabits and flows through all living things. Even though everyone and everything possesses chi, it’s possible for chi to become blocked or misdirected. This can cause distress, bad luck, and inner turmoil. Following the principles of feng shui allows you to harness good chi and avoid bad energy (sha). If your college dorm room and your life could use a burst of positive energy, follow these tips in order to make your everyday life more productive and happy:

  • First and foremost, get rid of clutter in your living space. Keeping your room clean and organized promotes productivity, happiness, and improves chi flow. Get rid of anything you don’t need in your dorm, such as old books and clothes. When packing for college, only bring the essentials. Eliminating old, unused objects from your room will free your mind and open you up to new ideas and experiences.
  • In feng shui, there are nine areas of the room or house that are associated with growth in specific parts of your life. Focus on these areas with the right colors and decor to boost everything from creativity to romance.
  • Be careful with furniture placement. While a small dorm room can make it a little difficult to rearrange, try your best to make sure that your bed is facing the direction of the doorway, but is not directly in line with it. That way, energy from the outside world is let in, but will not come in so strong as to disrupt your chi flow.


Placing just the foot of the bed in the right direction isn’t enough, though. To have best rest energy and flow you will have to work a little harder. Keep your computer away from your bed, and if that’s not possible, at least turn it off and cover it when it’s time for sleeping. Place your bed so that it is not directly under or next to a window. If your bed must be in this position, keep a heavy curtain over the window at night or install blockout blinds. Books facing in the direction of your head while sleeping, mirrors near the bed and plants in the close vicinity to the bed are energy stealers, so try to keep them in other positions.


Your desk is your shrine. You need to focus your energy and intellect in order to prepare for exams, so it is an important aspect of your room and good placement according to feng shui can help you focus better. If possible, put it in a northeast corner, also known as the area of knowledge. Keep your desk organized to stay focused and relaxed as you study. When sitting at your desk, face the door, and if that’s not possible, put a mirror in front of you so you can see the door.


While arranging your furniture for the best flow of chi is important, decoration can also help make most of the positive energy. Mirrors, flowers, and plants are all good for your energy. You can paint your room various colors that promote different aspirations, however if you aren’t allowed to do that, you can instead decorate it with posters. Pictures of nature or nature elements are soothing.


A good chi flow can increase your energy level and improve your overall life. However, keep in mind that feng shui is a very deep and complex philosophy and by reading this you’ve barely scraped the surface. Nonetheless, a simplified version of it can surely help for a simple dorm room.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of balancing and optimizing the “chi” or flow of energy throughout your living and working space. By following the home décor and design guidelines for Feng Shui, you can set up your dorm room to improve your environment and reduce stress. Feng Shui also can be arranged to help you focus on certain areas of your life that you want to improve upon such as relationships, success, health, career, and more.

Dealing with a Small Dorm Room

Dorm rooms can definitely receive a great deal of benefits from Feng Shui in that in addition to helping improve the “chi” of your living space, it can also help you to use your limited space more efficiently. Dorm rooms are known for having limited space, but using Feng Shui design principles coupled with space saving techniques can greatly improve your living space. Having a cleaner and clutter free room helps improve thought processes because of fewer distractions and teaches better organization skills. Loving your living space also helps you relax more and sleep better; all of these things combined lead to better performance at school and improved grades.

Clear the Clutter, Improve Thinking

Clearing clutter clears your mind and one of the most important Feng Shui principles is to reduce clutter. This is especially important in small dorm rooms. Even if you do not believe in Feng Shui, you cannot argue that have a clean, clutter free living space that is nicely designed isn’t a wonderful thing. Keeping your dorm room neat and organized will help you avoid distractions when studying and helps aide memory since your mind is clear too. Here are some tips for reducing dorm room clutter:

  • Go Digital. Try not to print out school papers. Ask your professors if you can email assignments or hand them over in a digital format. If you do need to print things, try not to keep them around. Instead scan and digitize them when you are done with the paper version. This will improve your room’s cleanliness factor and help save the environment. Tie up all of your electronic cords and keep them as neat as possible.
  • Space Saving Tricks. Use dual purpose space savers whenever possible: storage under the bed, loft beds, ottomans with storage inside, vacuum bags, double space hangars, etc.
  • Clean Your Bathroom. These rules apply to your bathroom as well as your living space.
  • Clean Each Day. Part of keeping everything neat and in order means not letting things get out of control. Taking just a few minutes each day to straighten up a bit will eliminate a dorm room disaster from occurring. Feng Shui rules also say to empty the garbage every day, even if it is not full.
  • Less is More. The less you have to clean, the easier this is too, so do not keep things around that you do not need. Pack up things you do not need and send them back home or put them in storage; this includes clothes for other seasons and old school work that you want to hang onto, but do not necessarily need in your dorm room.

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