Feng Shui Figurines

Spot a three-legged amphibian close to the front entryway and cash will come pouring in.” Have you at any point heard or perused something comparable?

Truly, on the off chance that I knew nothing about Feng Shui and if somebody somehow happened to reveal to me that, I would excuse Feng Shui as enchantment or odd notion (it’s most certainly not). Also, on the off chance that it truly worked that way, wouldn’t everybody be rich as guaranteed?

Unfortunately, that is the thing that you’ll in some cases hear when shippers are attempting to sell you Feng Shui things. They make it sound like this ONE thing can transform you in the event that you place it some place in your home. Obviously, on the off chance that it doesn’t work, they’ll reveal to you that you most likely lost it. No discounts!

By and by, there are Feng Shui things where their outcomes have been embraced by clients. Despite the fact that it could be the misleading impact, Feng Shui specialists have likewise suggested a portion of these things as fixes and enhancers.

In spite of the fact that I question the legitimacy of a portion of those cases, I’m not here to disprove them.

Rather, I’ve accumulated them together in this article. What things are incorporated here are totally emotional, and I have excluded different things, for example, dolphins, cranes, love winged creatures, and globe that you’ll discover on different sites. That is on the grounds that I don’t think those things have a place in Feng Shui.

Concerning how you should utilize them, you’ll have to talk with your trusted Feng Shui master.

Additionally, I’m here to be more explicit and to offer you a portion of my perceptions and feelings. Towards the end, I will mention to you what you ought to anticipate from these Feng Shui things should you choose to utilize them without master direction.

So here are the 30 Feng Shui things and items that I think about which you can purchase and use promptly on the off chance that you need. I will likewise mention to you what they’re utilized for and where you should put them.

Feng Shui Animals

These Feng Shui things come looking like creatures or brutes. I’m certain you’ve perused some place that putting them in certain regions can help you in specific manners. Nonetheless, I have my questions on how viable they are.

In spite of the fact that I’m profoundly far fetched on a portion of the data underneath, I’m not saying that they won’t function as guaranteed. I simply think their belongings are restricted. I think the outer Feng Shui, the interior format of the home, the Qi stream, and developments, for example, those brought by water highlights brings significantly more effect than these Feng Shui things.

In any case, I might be contrasting one type with a totally different type, as a portion of these things are utilized more as a fix as opposed to an enhancer.

Winged serpent

Notwithstanding all different sources you can discover on the web, here are some extra data that I’ve heard.

Winged serpent is one of primary creatures (or legendary mammoths) in Feng Shui. It is one of the four divine creatures and was customarily an image of the sovereign. It is likewise an allegory of a solid and incredible male (though the phoenix is the image of the ruler).

In Feng Shui, the mythical beast is spoken to in the East and the went out in case you’re peering from within.

The winged serpent can be utilized to support the Qi in a region of your home. For example, if the East region is missing or missing, setting a mythical beast there is said to help. Likewise, if the went out is lower than the correct side, putting a winged serpent on the left is said to help as well. Wood is the best material for this utilization.

The winged serpent ought to be set at the front room, lounge area, home office, and not in low-vitality territories, for example, carport, bathroom, or storerooms. The material of the monster ought to be utilized by the five components dictated by the room’s area in the Bagua.

Here’s another note. The mythical serpent is said to support water. So on the off chance that you live near water, for example, a stream or a sea, you can put the winged serpent so it faces towards the waterways through the window. The water ought to be spotless and not a canal or a water reusing plant.

The mythical beast can likewise be utilized to pull in riches. Be that as it may, not we all are appropriate for this. You ought to counsel a specialist to see if a riches arrangement with Dragon is reasonable for you.


The turtle, being one of the four divine creatures, speaks to North or the rear of your home. It represents life span, backing, and assurance, like the creature’s life expectancy and how the shell secures the turtle.

A few specialists utilize a stone turtle to fix the negative Feng Shui vitality originating from outside the house. It very well may be set on your overhang or around your front entryway with the shell confronting the approaching Xa Qi (negative vitality).

Another utilization is to put it at the rear of your home. This is pertinent just when the rear of your house is descending slanting or is inadequate with regards to the “support” (like room Feng Shui when bed is without a headboard). In this occurrence, the turtle can be made of stone or bronze in this example.

Mythical serpent Turtle

The mythical serpent turtle is a half and half of the two heavenly creatures: the monster and the turtle. The winged serpent is said to bring favorable luck, while the turtle is said to fix awful Feng Shui energies.

To be more explicit, the mythical serpent turtle is utilized to improve social connections and forestall superfluous dramatizations. Winged serpent turtle can likewise help with professional successes and is particularly useful the individuals who work in the fields of advertising, deals, and different occupations that require parcels mingling. To utilize the monster turtle with these reasons, place it on your office work area with its head confronting outward.

Today, most mythical serpent turtle dolls sit on head of coins, representing its capacity to pull in riches. To utilize it for riches, individuals place the winged serpent turtle on their riches territories with its head confronting themselves.

Specialists have referenced that the winged serpent turtle can likewise kill the negative vitality from the yearly Flying Stars, especially the #2 and #5 stars. Further, others have referenced that it can fix the terrible Feng Shui brought about by two entryways confronting one another. To utilize it, essentially place it some place in the middle of those two entryways, regardless of whether that be two room entryways inside a house or two front entryways of two distinct houses.

Lions (Fu Dogs)

Fu Dogs, likewise spelled Foo Dogs, are lions. Here and there, they are alluded to as Imperial Guard Lions or Chinese Guardian Lions. That is on the grounds that in old occasions, just those with riches and influence have the land and cash to put Fu Dogs. That is the reason you just observe them before sanctuaries, government structures, or homes of affluent and incredible families.

Fu Dogs come two by two – a male and a female. The male Fu Dog holds a globe under his correct paw, representing area and security of his home. The female holds an offspring under her left paw, meaning maternal defensive impulses.

Fu canines are for the most part utilized outside as though they’re guarding the fundamental passageway of a position of significance. Their lofty nearness for the most part offer interruption to any individual who is going to enter.

Fu Dogs ought to be put directly outside your front entryway. The female Fu Dog ought to be set to one side and the male to one side when you’re looking from the outside towards your front entryway.

Chinese Unicorn (Qi Lin)

Chinese Unicorns (Qi Lin or Chi Lin) has a top of a mythical beast, sizes of a carp fish, and hooves taking after a deer. It’s said that Qi Lin can recognize great and fiendishness, and hence are for the most part utilized for assurance from detestable spirits.

Qi Lin can be utilized as a remedy for the Three Killings in the yearly flying star Feng Shui. Additionally, Qi Lin with treasures at its feet and coins in its mouth is said to be able to pull in riches. To utilize it for riches, essentially place it in your riches territory confronting the heading of where you visit.

Three-Legged Toad

The three-legged amphibian has become an imagery of riches in Feng Shui since the time the narrative of Liu Hai, where legends state that it can carry huge measures of riches to its holder.

A typical practice today is to put the amphibian in the riches zone or corner yet NOT on the floor. It is additionally recommended that you should put it some place near the front entryway so it can bring riches from the outside to you. Be that as it may, it is proposed NOT to put the amphibian straightforwardly inverse of the entryway in light of the fact that the approaching Qi from the front entryway would be excessively solid.

With respect to which bearing the amphibian should confront, a few specialists state that the frog should confront within the house, while others state that it should look towards the front entryway. From how I read this, it appears that the amphibian should look towards the front entryway if its appropriate. In different cases, for example, setting the frog in a riches territory that is away from the front entryway, it should look towards within the house.


Elephants don’t exist in China in present day times, which is the reason the utilization of elephants isn’t well known in present day Feng Shui in China.

In any case, its utilization can at present be seen, particularly in the Southeast Asia. A more normal application is setting a couple of elephants before the front entryway (rather than Fu Dogs). A few specialists state that doing so can bring good karma, assurance, and solidarity to the family unit.


Ponies were crucial to our predecessors. They were utilized for transport, war, and travel. Hence, a few implications related with ponies incorporate achievement, riches, quality, speed, and honorability.

The most proposed Feng Shui use for ponies is to put the them on your riches region, which can assist with improving vocation and the gathering of riches. The top of the ponies ought to be looked towards within the house, representing that the ponies are conveying riches into the family unit.

Nonetheless, not all pony puppets (or canvases) are the equivalent. The best ones ought to be five ponies that are running forward (instead of a stale one). Works of art or models of eight ponies are likewise very well known.

Additionally, not every person is appropriate to utilize ponies as a Feng Shui thing. For example, those conceived in the time of mythical beast, rodent, and pony ought not be utilizing horse puppets due to a contention in their creature birth sign.

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