Feng Shui Gifts


Gifts are not just meant to convey feelings of love and affection, but they can also be presented to bring good luck and prosperity in the lives of the special ones. And, what’s better than Feng Shui gifts to enthrall our loved ones on special occasions. These gifts serve as the most perfect way to say that “You Care”.

Every Feng Shui gift has a lucky charm attached to it which makes these gifts even more special and unique. Though a Chinese form of art, these gifts have now been acclaimed worldwide for the positivity they carry with them. To ease your task of finding Feng Shui gifts, here is a compilation of some popular lucky gifting items that will definitely add a charm to your gifting technique-

1. Bamboo Plant

The bamboo plant is considered as a popular Feng Shui gifting item owing to the good luck factor associated with this plant in Chinese traditions. The plant is extremely versatile in nature and does not require any special growing conditions. It is touted to attract positive energy from the surroundings.

2. Abacus

Abacus, an ancient calculator, makes a great gifting item on any occasion to people seeking prosperity and luck in career or business. Placing this Feng Shui gift in the direction of life aspiration brings good luck and growth.

3. Crystal tortoise

Crystal tortoise is an amazing gift that symbolizes long life and good health. Just like other Feng Shui gifts, there are certain rules which people should follow while placing them in their homes or offices. Not just crystal, these Feng Shui tortoises can also be made of wood, glass, or mud.

4. Mountain paintings

If you are thinking of getting a painting for your relative, friend, or colleague on any special occasion, then consider a painting of mountains that signify strong relationships. If you are gifting these paintings to a person who is planning a new career or business, go for mountain paintings with a blue tinge.

5. Crystal Globe

Gifts made of crystals make excellent gifts. Crystal globe is an appropriate Feng Shui gift for students who are seeking success and knowledge in their careers.

6. Laughing Buddha

Everyone must be familiar with this Feng Shui gift. The cute Laughing Buddha often serves as a decorative piece in many homes and offices as it brings high-spirited and positive energy to its surroundings.

7. Evil Eye products

Evil Eye is an ancient symbol that signifies good luck and prosperity. This Feng Shui gifting item like key chains, necklaces, and bracelets eliminates negative energies and spreads positivity in homes and offices.

8. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a popular gifting item among people. These gifting items are known to bring positivity and wealth stability in one’s life. You can go for the wood and metal ones having metals coins.

9. Chrysanthemums flowers

Chrysanthemums flowers serve as a great gift for flower and plant lovers. They represent success, good luck, and happiness in its every petal. These mesmerizing flowers have an exhilarating aura around them that casts positivity to its surroundings.

10. Three-Legged Frog

Sounds a bit quirky, but the three-legged frog is an excellent Feng Shui gift that guards family wealth and the family fortune. If there is anyone in your acquaintance whom you want to wish good wealth, gift them this incredible treasure of success.

11. Fountains

A fountain is a wonderful decorative gifting item for homes and offices. This Feng Shui gift has a rejuvenating and soothing factor in them and is perfect for those who really need a chill pill in their lives.

12. Blue crystal lotus

Is it about gifting your special someone on Valentine’s Day or their birthdays? If yes, then Blue crystal lotus is a wonderful gifting item with a romantic air around it. It brings good luck and prosperity in a love relationship.

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Feng Shui in the Home

Feng shui is an age-old Chinese system designed to facilitate the flow of chi (energy or life force) through the environment. Arrangement of a home according to the principles of feng shui, explain proponents of the practice, will make both the residents and their guests feel more at ease. What’s more, the serene surroundings support harmonious relationships, physical health, financial success, and general well-being. Adding certain objects to the physical space will intensify the energy flow still further.

Wind Chimes

The term feng shui translates literally as “wind-water,” referring to the basic elements of life. Chimes will reflect the movement of the wind (Feng) and bring an uplifting spirit into the house. They should be hung up indoors near a window or on a sheltered porch or patio to avoid heavy drafts. The aim is to create a gentle tinkling sound, which counteracts ambient noise pollution and promotes healing, both bodily and spiritual. Pretty chimes made of bamboo, ceramic, or metal are a wonderful gift for any home.


Emblematic of water, the second element of feng shui, a beautiful mirror doubles the positive chi that it reflects. It also increases the impression of space and acts as a powerful cure for awkward areas in a home. If you have friends with an oddly shaped or particularly tiny house or apartment, present them with a mirror. A gold frame will add prosperous energy to your gift. A mirror is also a wonderful present for someone who lives in a home with an outstanding view. Mirroring a lovely landscape magnifies its positive effect on all who see it.


Bells play an important role in feng shui. The sound of a bell ringing is considered to bring yang (masculine) energy into space. Bells can be used to clear negative forces and revitalize the home with new energy, especially when they are placed near the front door. It’s recommended to hang them with a red string — this auspicious color wards off evil and magnifies positive intentions. Select bells as a present for friends who are feeling lethargic or “stuck” in their current situation.


A symbol of green energy, houseplants serve to purify the air in a home, allowing good feng shui energy to circulate. Two species are considered to be money plants, attracting wealth to their owners — the jade plant and the Malabar chestnut. Hanging Chinese coins from their branches is thought to increase their powers of prosperity. Houseplants are a welcome gift for just about everyone. Make sure that any plant you give is lush, green, and healthy; if possible, attach care instructions so that your friend can continue to keep it in top condition. (CAUTION: Suggest to the recipient that the plant not be put in the bedroom, where its growth-oriented vigor might interfere with peaceful sleep.)


For a powerful feng shui cure, choose candles, which represent fire energy. (On a practical note, ensure that they are made of beeswax or soy, which are free of toxic volatile organic compounds.) Like the ringing of a bell, lighting candles introduces yang energy into an environment that is dull, stagnant, and depressing. The results will be an upsurge in inspiration, freedom, and fun. Natural fragrances can enhance this cure via aromatherapy. Candles are the ideal choice for friends who’d like to rekindle passion and excitement in their life.

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