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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of encouraging the positive flow of energy in a space. The way that objects are arranged has a bearing on the energy and can positively or negatively affect the lives and attitudes of the people who live there. Learning Feng Shui requires years of thoughtful research and practice. In order to have a successful career as a Feng Shui practitioner, you will need to seek training and certification. If pursued properly, Feng Shui can give you a chance to choose your own hours and clients. Learn how to become a Feng Shui Consultant.

How Do I Find a Good Feng Shui Consultant?

First, I suggest you do your own quick feng shui research – either on-line or at the library – to get familiar with the field of feng shui and clarify your expectations. As feng shui has several schools with talented practitioners in each feng shui school, it is helpful to be aware of the basic differences between feng shui schools and choose the school you like the most.

Second, ask your friends, relatives or colleagues if they have had a feng shui consultation and can recommend a good feng shui consultant. The word of mouth is often one of the best recommendations, especially in the field of feng shui consulting.

Another way of finding a feng shui consultant in your area is to use the feng shui consultant search on the International Feng Shui Consultant Guild website. Do keep in mind, though, that there are many excellent feng shui consultants that are not listed in the directory. 

Once you have one (or several) feng shui consultant names, get in touch with them and ask for more details about their work, fees, consultation style, etc. In most cases, the feng shui consultant will have various marketing materials, such as a website, a brochure or a couple videos that can answer many of your questions.

If the feng shui consultant is new in business and does not have much experience, ask to talk to at least one of his or her feng shui clients. Alternatively, you can meet for a quick cup of coffee or tea and sense the energy of the person – is it integrous? Do they mean – and have the ability – to do what they say? Do you see yourself working with them? 

It goes without saying that in both cases it is important to know which bagua style/which feng shui school they are working with, as well as inquire into their professional training.

Even though you can always have a feng shui analysis of your home or office done long distance, it is still good to have a feng shui consultant visit your space, so I recommend to focus your feng shui consultant search locally.

Doing a thorough research, checking the feng shui consultant references, as well as being sure your expectations are clear, are all guaranteed ways to receive beneficial results from your feng shui consultation. 

What Is a Feng Shui Consultation and How Does It Work?

There are countless ways that a feng shui consultant may work the specifics of a feng shui consultation. Each consultant has their own interpretation and experiences, their own approach to the teachings, as well as different instruction based on which school(s) they practice.

But in general there are some basics that you’ll likely find across the board if you hire a feng shui consult to work on your home.

How Can a Feng Shui Consultation Help?

When are ideal times to have a feng shui consultation?

New beginnings

When you’re starting something new and need a kickstart or support.


If you would like to invite more prosperity into your life. When you’re ready to really work on increasing your wealth and abundance (which isn’t just about money).

Health and Wellness

When you’re looking to create true wellness into your home and life. When you’re ready to connect body, mind, and spirit.

Helpful people

When you are overwhelmed and can use some benefactors. This is especially true when you have trouble asking for help and support.

Joy and Completion

When you are feeling down and would like to welcome more joy into your everyday life. Or if you need closure or could use help to complete projects.


If you’re on a spiritual path and want to go deeper to integrate it into the environment around you.

Inspiration and Recognition

When you’ve been feeling uninspired and need to ignite some passion in your life. Or if your time in the sun, to be seen and recognized.

Career and Path in Life

If you’re ready to embark on a new career and need direction.

Relationships and Self-Love

If you’re really ready to love yourself and invite a new partnership into your life.

Fun Fact

Some elements of feng shui practice date back at least 6,000 years. The practice contains elements of branches of scholarly study, including physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology

When Is the Best Time for a Feng Shui Consultation? 

A consultation is also especially helpful when moving into a new space or when you’re embarking on something new. But, the ideal time is when you feel drawn to have a professional consultation. 

You can have a consultation when you need support, or when things are good, when things are stable and when they are in transition. Consulting with a feng shui expert on your home when it’s totally chaotic is OK too, because perhaps this is when you need it the most. A feng shui consultation is helpful in all types of situations, as long as it feels right for you. 

Research the person and their school of practice if it matters to you. If you don’t know the difference between the schools, it may not be relevant. The most important thing here is to work with someone you feel you trust and respect. 

Listen to your heart for what’s right for you right now. Sometimes, what you are first attracted to and feels correct is the best. To find the best energy healers and consultants that are right for you, you will know. Sometimes they just fall into your lap. Tap into your intuition.

Let the prospective feng shui consultant know what you’re looking for. A feng shui consultant isn’t the same as a designer. It’s always helpful to discuss why you want a consultation. Most people have no idea what to expect or what they want, however they do know they want some kind of outcome. The outcome could be that you’re open to anything, or that you want to have help on a particular issue. Or it can be more general that you want to get settled in your new home. Take time to contemplate whatever comes up. It’s ok if you are confused and open, or want something precise and specific. Communication is key. 

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