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Happens in Beautiful Vancouver Canada 20 – 25 September 2016. Our setting is found right on the sea shore and Qi mouth of the West End in downtown Vancouver.

A couple of words from the host, Marlyna Los:

“Since utilizing Xuan Kong Da Gua over the most recent three years of my Feng Shui practice and individual life, I have significantly increased my salary, moved decidedly significant individual connections, and lost 50 lbs. Utilizing the hexagrams and structures of XKDG alongside my past Feng Shui information has been the most impressive, quick, and groundbreaking strategy I have run over. Ask any progressed Feng Shui expert who utilizes XKDG and they will reveal to you the equivalent. ” Marlyna Los

About the Instructor:

Sherry Merchant – is one of the hottest and kind teachers I know. She has about 30 years of preparing and practice added to her repertoire with the world’s generally renowned and fruitful Master. I have by and by read with her for a long time. She welcomes lucidity and hands-on a down to earth approach that is reviving and one of a kind. She is known and adored for not just her insight, experience and down to business, straightforward methodology yet in addition her humor and feeling of fun. Her lessons depend on genuine experience. She is an overall looked for after expert.

About the Host:

Marlyna Los – 20 years of mastery and tallying. I didn’t set out in life to turn into a Feng Shui master. I considered Feng Shui at first as an approach to comprehend and improve my own life. The existence I live today surpasses my fantasies. It is my vision and mission to engage and assist individuals with carrying on with better and simpler lives utilizing the ideas, reasoning, and standards of Chinese Metaphysics.

4 central reasons why you ought to go to Xuan Kong Da Gua Mastery – Vancouver

  1. Make your predetermination – Choose what vitality you need to bring into your life and how to utilize the XKDG structures with date choice to initiate.
  2. Change the lives of others – Apply the information and uses of XKDG to improve the lives of customers and families.
  3. Figure out how to utilize “Kun, Ren, Yi”. Kun, Ren, Yi is the recipe of “cash”. At the point when utilized effectively with the privilege landforms, it generally brings you huge cash.
  4. This class is inside and out and incorporates live site visits, contemplating the structures, and making you through the genuine strides of a conference.

What is Xuan Kong Da Gua?

Xuan Kong (articulated “Shu-en Kong”) is the “mother” of the famous Flying Stars Feng Shui framework. It is an advanced part of Feng Shui, complete with a recipe that consolidates Hexagrams, Bazi, and San He strategies. The investigation of Xuan Kong incorporates numerology, symbology, and study of the Ba Gua alongside the arithmetic of time.

New propelled class substance and Syllabus – Never educated before Syllabus to incorporate –

Hypothesis, standards, and hands-on use of Xuan Kong Da Gua

A) 64 Hexagrams

Xuan Kong Da Gua Mastery Vancouver Workshop – 6 days that will change and change your life

1)An inside and out glance at how to peruse and utilize the hexagrams.

2) Family Structures.

B) Date Selection

1) Integral to the utilization of XKDG; How to pick a decent day and hour joining building structure, with BaZi and XKDG boundaries.

XKDG is an extremely exceptional subject however we will show it in a basic and clear style. You will get all the apparatuses that you may require and toward the finish of the workshop will have all the data on the best way to effectively fix any property from one single space to a lodging home utilizing the standards of XKDG. XKDG is the backbone of all Feng Shui arrangements that are focused on and exact.

You will figure out how to wed this framework with another technique to make your outcome very effective. We have done all the truly difficult work for you, so everything you do is to fit and overlook.

Diagrams and layouts – which we will give you – make the total procedure moron evidence, and you will have the option to comprehend the subject totally. By and by you will be educated to utilize the registration that is given, guaranteeing that you are secured and the result is great.

Xuan Kong Da Gua combined with Date Selection is the best arrangements in the Metaphysics field.


So as to go to our workshops, you needn’t bother with any extra materials. We will furnish you with the key data that will empower you to continue with and center around the contextual investigations examination legitimately. Indeed, whether or not you are a fledgling or a professional, when you register you will get a prep manual and perusing material to set up yours for the class. Tell us your level with the goal that we can send you prep material whenever required so you don’t feel lost in class.

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