Fire Hands Palmistry


The fire hand shape in palmistry uses the element from astrology. The signs of fire are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Also called the intuitive hand. The fire shaped hand, with its extended palm, has fingers relatively shorter by comparison.

One of the standard methods in palmistry for assessing the form of the hand is by using the four astrological elements of water, fire, earth and air. This system uses the size and length of the fingers and palm. It does not, however, mean that the person has an equal astrological sign but indicates the personality type is like the related elements. It helps to understand these groups if you already have some knowledge of astrology.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse the fire hand with a narrow hand like the water hand. However, if the hand is very slim but still with short fingers, a person will have a combination of fire and water. The narrowness does give it more of the water qualities and more introverted nature.

The lines on a fire hand

The fire hand shape palm will usually have broad lines. (Please note that this description is for a normal thickness hand). A narrow fire hand is much more sensitive and quiet. If the hand is soft and flabby, the fire qualities are not so evident.

  1. The fire types are mostly the extroverted type.
  2. The nature that this shape describes is charismatic, energetic, impulsive, fun-loving, and intense; in body and mind.
  3. They will easily inspire others with their zeal for life.
  4. They are always looking for a challenge, hence, make natural leaders, organizers or sportspeople.
  5. With their quick mind, they are often drawn into activities where they can compete.
  6. On the negative side, they are restless folk and can quickly become bored or be impatient.
  7. They may indulge too much and not sleep enough, making them accident-prone.

More Fire Hand qualities

The element of fire is straight away a clue to the nature of this character. The energy they have is spontaneous and wilful. They are frank and open, but also often self-centred. The urge to be rich and famous is strong, but so too is their desire to explore the world. Generally speaking, the fire hand personality demands attention because they know the value of what they can offer.

What to watch out for? The negative side of the fire hand.

The fire personality in palmistry depicts some amount of danger. These individuals like to test their limits, especially physically. They prefer action before contemplation and tend to deal with most situations promptly. Sometimes this fast pace can see them making mistakes or having accidents. Self-doubt is rare but is also like a poison, so for a fire hand type, learning the art of introspection will help to prevent having a breakdown.

The meaning of a fire hand is simple, yet complex. These people have a strong desire to lead, but lacking leadership skills will leave them frustrated and maybe even inclined to self-pity. At their best, they can be idealistic innovators, but at their worst, gimmick seeking, cold-hearted egotists.

They are also restless folk and can instantly become bored or be impatient. You must get to the point quickly when putting your ideas across to them because they already have made their own opinion of the matter. They may overindulge in food and drink, and not sleep enough, making them accident-prone. Look to the fingertip shape for more clues.

The fire hand types should try to avoid too much alcohol and other stimulants. Regular exercise and keeping an even pace at home and work helps to evade accidents or careless behaviour.

What type of sign matches the fire hand shape in relationships?

In relationships, the fire and water combinations are probably the worst. The fire’s great enthusiasm and heat, together with the emotional introvert might work at first, but not a good idea for the long term. They are opposites which attract at first, but eventually, the water douses the fire, or the fire steams the water away.

The best match in a marriage for the fire hand is other fire signs, like Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Also, the earth sign of Capricorn or the air signs of Libra and Gemini. So, the shape of the hand might also be the earth shape. (Square palm with average-length fingers).

The earth shape hand

The earth shaped hand can be plump, or it can be slim. Each has a slightly different meaning. The heavy or thick hand shows less patience than a slim one, but it depicts pride. A large, thick and full earth hand (if with hard flesh or skin) belongs to the typical farmer, fisherman and truck driver type. If plump and soft, it will be on someone who likes the comforts of indoors. The compact hand is more energetic and practical, belonging to the creative and business-minded folk.

An earth hand, in general, depicts common-sense; they are very level-headed individuals. If you need a good organiser who gets things done, look no further than someone with the earth shaped hand. They are capable, reliable, helpful, honest and not afraid of hard work. Mostly realistic and practical, yet they can be very creative; often good with their hands.

The earth shaped hand whether full or regular shows someone who has a love of tradition, especially if with good Saturn aspects. They also have an affinity for animals and nature, hence frequently enjoy spending time outdoors. See fingertip shapes for more information about the earth’s hand. These people should try to avoid stress and nervous tension produced by inconsistent routines. Weight gain and self-indulgent behavior can be a problem, so exercise and fresh air are important.

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