Gassho Meditation


Well, first of all, let’s take just a moment to define what Gassho is. Gassho means “two hands coming together. ” It is a position formed by placing the hands, palms together, in the “prayer” or “praying hands” pose. You’ve probably seen someone strike this pose countless times, and even do it yourself, without even knowing it!

The founder of the modern system of Reiki taught a meditation called the Gassho Meditation. The pose held in this meditation is – you guessed it – the Gassho position!

This meditation was practiced at the beginning of every Reiki workshop and meeting. Plus, Usui instructed his students to practice the meditation each morning and evening for about 15 to 30 minutes.  

Gassho Meditation is so simple, that anyone can practice it either alone or in a group meditation.  

In addition to being performed as a routine meditation every day, it is also done as part of the other Japanese Reiki Techniques.

How to Do the Gassho Meditation

While this may look like many steps, this meditation is actually very simple, and once mastered, it will become second nature to you!

Step 1:

Sit down (or it can also be done standing), with your spine straight, but still comfortable, and your head in a neutral, upright position.

You don’t want to strain in any way to achieve this posture.

If you have any back problems or if find it difficult to sit still, you can try sitting on a straight back chair, backed by a few pillows for extra comfort.

You can also sit on a cushion on the floor with your back against a wall.  

Or you could even meditate while lying down on a sofa or bed.  

However, you may find that you fall asleep, which does not serve the same purpose as meditation!

Step 2:

Close your eyes and place hands together with palms touching in front of the middle of your chest, with your thumbs touching your heart chakra.

When you breathe out through your nose, your breath should be touching your fingertips.

Step 3:

Focus your attention at the point where your 2 middle fingers meet.

Let go of everything else.

If your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought, then let it go and just refocus by returning your attention to the point where your middle fingers meet.

Don’t try to not think anything. Watch your thoughts as if you’re watching a movie or watching someone else. Just gently brush them aside.

Always come back to watching the point between your middle fingers.

Make sure to keep your hands relaxed, meaning that you’re not holding any tension in them or straining to press them together.

Step 4:

You may find it uncomfortable to hold your hands up in front of your chest in Gassho position for 15-30 minutes.  

If this is the case, then simply let your hands, while still keeping them together, slowly drop and rest in your lap.  

Then just continue your meditation.

Step 5:

You may observe energy in the form of heat, cold or images.  

It’s okay to notice it, but then let it go and just return to your focal point of the tips of your two middle fingers.  

Don’t get caught up in any sensations.

If you need to adjust your posture, then move slowly, deliberately and consciously.

Step 6:

While still keeping your eyes closed, slowly rest your hands in your lap and enjoy this peaceful feeling for a couple more minutes.  

Know that you carry this peace and quiet inside your heart always.

It is always accessible to you whenever you decide to practice the Gassho Meditation.

Step 7:

Now take a couple of deep breaths and bring your attention to your eyes, opening them slowly.


If you wish, you may use this meditation as the basis for your meditation when working with one or all of the Reiki principles.  

To do this:

  1. Simply repeat one or all five of the Reiki principles, either aloud or internally, once you are fully in the Gassho Meditation.
  2. You can say the principles either in English or Japanese.
  3. Then focus on the principle or principles as being held in the space between your middle fingers.

Ready to Try Gassho for Yourself?

If you’re super serious, or even just super curious, I recommend you commit to trying it for 30 days. Then, only if you really enjoy it and find it beneficial, commit to continuing to practice it every day for at least three months.

During this time you could also keep a Meditation Journal to record your experiences with Gassho and the details of any benefits you have noticed over the months.  

Many Reiki practitioners find the Gassho Meditation brings more focus and clarity into their lives and enables them to become more relaxed and centered, as well as more productive and creative in their everyday life.

What If I Don’t Practice Reiki?

No problem! My short advice is: Just do the meditation anyway!

If you’re looking for a little more oomph, you may want to sign-up for my FREE Energy Healing 101 Course and learn what it feels like to flow energy through your hands. Practicing Gassho Meditation after learning the techniques from the Course can enhance your connection with life force energy. Try it today!

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