Guest Bedroom Vastu


According to an ancient  Scriptures “Taittiriya Upanishads”  the Sanskrit phrase Atithi Devo Bhava holds sacred meaning and translates to ‘The Guest is God’. Guests bring new energy into your home. Welcome them by providing the things that make them feel comfortable at your place. When you are fortunate to have the space for a dedicated guest room, don’t cut it off from the rest of the house.  Follow guidance for Vastu for guest bedroom carefully while planning a new home.

Every square inch of your home is considered equally important. Do not ignore the element of comforts in this room. Vastu Shastra can help you create a wonderful guest room in an easy way. It ensures a joyful and short stay for the guest at your house. When a guest room is placed other than the recommended zone, you will have a question “When this guest will leave ?”

Vastu Shastra for Guest BedRoom

1. Ideal room for the guest should be in the wind zone of the house. This zone belongs to the wind element and ensures a short stay for the guest
2. Never place a guest bedroom in the south-west zone of the house. This indicates longer or permanent stay of the guest
3. Use light blue or white colour in the guest room.
4. Avoid bed with head towards the south. Bed position is based on the age and relationship with the guest. Follow sleeping position as per guidance from the  Vastu experts.
5. Place paintings and pictures showing movement like racing bikes, running horses, flying birds etc. on the wall of the guest bedroom.
6. Placing of some wind bells in the window of the guest bedroom in the west or north-west window. Enhance the wind element of this room.

Vastu For Guest Room

  1. The best zone for the guest room is the North-West. This is the wind zone ruled by the moon. The presiding deity is Vayu and the Air element rules this direction. The North-West is the perfect place for transitory events. Guests will not overstay their welcome.
  2. In an earlier era, daughters were regarded as guests in their father’s homes and were placed in the North-West bedroom so that they could marry and move away. This does not have relevance in modern society.
  3. Never locate the guestroom in the South-West. This will lead to the guest overpowering the master of the house.
  4. Never offer the guest your own bedroom since the room and especially the bed and bedsheets etc are filled with your aura.
  5. Place a wooden bed in the South-West corner. The guest can sleep with his head facing East or South. Although the Sastras say that a guest is permitted to sleep with his head in the West in someone else’s house. Take care that the bed is not placed under a beam.
  6. Place heavy cupboards in the South and South-West. Avoid doors in the South-West and South-East directions.
  7. The attached bathroom can be to the North-West of the room.
  8. The TV and heater etc can be in the South-East of the room. The AC can be in the North-West of the room.
  9. Medicine and first aid are best stored in the North-East of the room.
  10. Place the dressing table with a mirror in the North or East. Make sure that the bed does not get reflected in the mirror.

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