Higher Self Meditation

Guided Meditation For Connecting To Your Higher Self

Take a few deep breaths in and out, relaxing, releasing any worries, tension or stress, breathing deeply in and out.

We are going to gently turn our attention inward.

Breathe into the space between your eyebrows, in and out focusing on the space in-between your eyebrows.  Normally we are looking out through our eyes, facing outward, thinking about the outside, what is going on in our lives, we are going to take a few moments to change our perspective to go within.

Breathe into that eyebrow space, in and out.

Imagine you are turning your attention around, feel yourself turning around to look back at yourself between your eyebrow space.

Breathing as you turn around to see within.

Breathe in this space which sees within, take your time to really feel as though you have turned around, now Looking within.

Get a feeling of seeing your brain working, the electric impulses firing, the transportation of information and movement that is within your brain, your mind, your thinking.

Don’t worries if you cant see or feel anything, just relax and breathe and follow the intention there is that you feel the awareness.

Looking inward, move your vision or feeling down your body to your heart space.

Take some time to watch what is happening in your heart space.

Become the observer, without judgement, watching the internal dialogue that is the movement within  your body and within your mind.

Become the observer.

Breathe, just watch or feel with no attachment to what you see or feel just seance it, don’t hold onto any one thing, just notice.  You are the observer.

Breathe as you look within.

Who is the observer, the you that is watching yourself.

This is your inner being, the soul of you, this is the one that is infinite, unchangeable, the true inner essence that is who you are.

How does this inner being who is observing feel.  Feel this inner being that is you.

Does it feel loving, understanding, knowing, peaceful, beautiful, light, powerful?

This is what you really are.  You are energy and you are magnificent.

Feel that inner being, what some call your soul.  Feel how amazing you truly are, how much love there is.

Now take your attention back to looking within your body from the view of all that you truly are.  Feel that observer, your inner being, your soul move back within your body, feel it filling your body, your space.  Feel it connecting with your heart and your mind.  Feel the flow between your body, heart, mind and your soul.  Feel this whole of  you, the blending of your body, mind, heart and soul.  Think the thoughts from your inner beings perspective,  feel in your heart the feelings from the perspective of your inner being.  The unseen part of you.  Feel it all functioning and flowing together.

This is your vibration al reality; the state of allowing is the state of allowing the whole of you, letting that inner being that is you out, letting it be expressed within the world with the fluid coupling of your wonderful heart, your clever powerful mind and your strong, capable body.

Bring your attention back to your breathe.. in and out, breathing deeply, in and out…. feeling your hands and your feet, becoming aware of the room or space you are in,

Higher Self Meditation

Higher Self Meditation. This longer meditation is great for more advanced groups with a deeper understanding of the soul. It carries the listener on a journey into an alternate time and space, and as such, it is best suited for those who are experienced and grounded.

This Meditation will MERGE you with your Higher-Self

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The practice of meditating has been widely used all over the world as a lot of people gained an understanding of their own mind, have a clearer perspective, conquer negative thoughts and find some inner peace and balance.

I’m going to share with you a guided meditation for merging with your higher self. I believe this meditation can absolutely change your life and allow you to embody more of who you prefer to be. I’ll be discussing with you a guided meditation that will help you to merge with who you really are.

Understanding that the perspective that we have for most of our life experience is such a small fragmentation of who we really are. That when we begin to reconnect to this, we literally feel like a completely new person. Now, when it comes to the higher self, what I want to do is give you a couple of ways of understanding.

So, the first thing I want to do is I want to propose an idea to you on this idea has to do with understanding who we are at a greater level now, who we are at a greater level, and what quantum physics actually shows us is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, which means that if we exist now, would you do? The thing that may change is the form and the form of expression that you may have, but if you exist now, you can relax in knowing that you will always exist.

From a greater perspective, I believe from what I’ve learned from meditation, from many different types of books that I’ve read from many different types of inner inquiries that I’ve had where I’ve learned more about this and also through a spiritual awakening. I believe we are immortal, spiritual beans. I’ve been temporary human experiences. This goes along with what quantum physics shows us as well with understanding that energy is not created nor destroyed. It’s simply is we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

When it comes to life on earth, what we do is we forget who we are and this isn’t like this everywhere in the universe or everywhere in all realities, but here’s specifically if we come here, it means that we are very powerful because it is not easy to forget who we are at a greater sense and then to come here to forget that and then to live through life experiences, not remembering who we really are, that in the universe, it’s considered something that is more challenging.

Now, if you want more on this, there is somebody who passed away recently, but her name is Dolores Cannon and she has written, I think almost 20 books, 17 books. She’s a hypnotherapist that has been around since 19 sixties and seventies and she developed a technique that’s called the quantum hypnosis healing technique (HHT)and she’s taught thousands of people how to do this certain type of technique for getting people to the deepest levels of brainwave activity.

Where what will happen is then their subconscious mind or their higher self will come through to deliver answers. Now, many times these people will go to sleep. They’ll not remember what they say yet. They will say things and then it’ll be on a tape recorder afterwards, so Dolores or a practitioner, we’ll ask questions. The person will say out of their own mouth, like say the words, and then afterwards they’ll come out of it, not remember much listen to it.

I’m like, wow. I said all of that and it’ll be very interesting type answers and it’s. There is a consistency between the thousands of people. Thousands and thousands of people that have been in this kind of state, and here’s some of the things that people said that was consistent across the board, that we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences that we have multiple different existences that we can perceive of, but why we are alive here.

We only perceive of this one life that we are connected to a greater source of energy and that are our natural state of being is unconditional love and bliss. That’s who we really are, but when we come here, we forget that because then part of the game of life is to remember who we are. Something else that I found interesting that Dolores cannon got out of thousands and thousands of people was that many souls are here right now because there is a collective consciousness shift happening.

More and more people are remembering who they are, remembering this connection to source, remembering this connection to their higher self and therefore there is a transition of consciousness happening right now on the planet. This is the place to be right now and that’s what threw thousands of transcripts and thousands of different people I’ve been interviewed have said.

The soul decided to come here and there’d be people asking questions, so they would ask Dolores. When I’m in this subconscious mind type state, I want to ask why did I incarnate or I want to ask the question of, uh, why did I have a life experience with this person because I had a lot of pain with this person. Why did this happen in my life? All of these things and the answers will just come through. Well, this person chose to have this kind of lesson, this kind of experience because there’s such a strong soul that they could deal with it because then they come out even stronger.

On the other side, there’s so many people that have said that this is the time of the planet to be here right now. That’s why I believe there’s 7 billion people and so many people want to be here because there’s this wave of transition that’s happening and if our soul is here right now, then we’re about to go to the next octave. We’re about to feel a shift in vibration and then shifted consciousness. So this is about understanding who we are at a greater level and that we are so much more than we can possibly imagine.

Now, from a higher, the reason I’m sharing all of this stuff is because from a higher level of consciousness, I believe that we are asleep. Dreaming that we are here, we are dreaming, that this is who we are, that this ego structure that I interpret through these five senses that I could taste, hear, touch, smell, all of these things, they appear very real, but my interpretation, my senses are interpretations of vibration and what quantum physics shows us is that everything is vibration.

And the reason I say all of this is because this is not the true reality. Is this something Elon Musk said as well? Elon Musk said that he believes that what we experience as real, he thinks there’s a less than one percent chance of one percent chance. That that is actually the baseline reality, which implies that we live in a form of simulation.

Now this to me was like, I had to think about that for a minute, but I thought about it and this is what resonates with me and this is also something that as many other physicists that speculate on this idea, and this is one of the only ideas that is called a big theory of everything that explains everything. Scientists can figure out little things, biology, this, that, but they to piece it all together. There’s not a semi. There’s not a unified form theory except for this one is one of the ones that resonate the most and one of the ones that scientists are actually taking seriously the now.

It’s been around for a while, but it’s this theory of understanding that we live in a simulation that we are so much more than we can even imagine, but we are dreaming that this is who we are and that these senses that we interpret things with are just interpretations of vibration. But at a higher level of consciousness. We are so much more than we can imagine, but we have this temporary dream where we’re all collectively going through this transition and where we can remember who we are. There’s a couple purposes of the stream.

One of the purposes of this dream may be that we transcend lower vibration. We transcend lower emotional states of consciousness that we remember that that’s not who we are. We are not the shame, the fear, the guilt, the anger, any of these lower emotions are not who we are. We are so much more than we can possibly imagine and that as we become aware of this, we upgrade our level in the game.

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We become more aware of how we can deliberately choose what we want. When we become aware that our thoughts correlate with what we experienced, we can then direct our thoughts in a way that we prefer. This is where we become self-empowered and we realized that there is so much more than we can prior. We imagine. 

I want you to know that you are so much more than you can imagine. Now, how do we tap into that of our higher self? Well, one way is we observe our thoughts because our thoughts come from our ego. When we think are most of our lives, this is who I am. This is my ego. When in actuality that is one perspective of a part of who we are. Some people will say that ego is the enemy. The EGO is bad. The Ego is still something that we have to have a physical experience on earth so it can be bad, but I don’t believe that we should believe that we are bad.

I believe we should observe the ego, be aware of the ego, not identify solely with the ego, and then we use it in a powerful way versus fragmenting ourselves and thinking that a part of us is bad, which is a dualistic type nature which implies polarization. I believe that we are at a higher-level immortal, spiritual beings that live in higher states of consciousness, of love, of bliss that are dreaming that this is who we are, but the way that we transcend back into that higher level of awareness is we simply become aware of what we are thinking of.

We observe the thoughts that we have without identifying with them and as we observe them, we start to shift our perspective automatically into the space in between what we are thinking or saying because there’s this spaciousness that is also us. You see our body, while it appears to be solid, has an energy field that goes all the way around.

Our body goes far out and when we identify just with the body, we limit ourselves, but when we understand that we are connected to everyone else. So what quantum physics shows us so as sacred geometry shows us. When we understand this, we begin to expand ourselves out. Now imagine that a higher self-version of you exists right now and the way that you connect to this higher version of you is by following your passion, the vibration of passion.

Once you can feel as passion is your body’s translation of a connection to your higher self. It is the carrot on a stick of your higher self-saying, Hey, go in this direction. When I make a video, I can do a flow state. This is my higher self-telling me, hey, go in this direction. Keep making videos. This is who you are, and I keep following that.

So, the main part of this blog is you knowing that you are so much more than you can possibly imagine, that you are always connected to your higher self. The key is merging and acting as if the higher self, by observing the thoughts, not identifying with them and knowing who you really are, you are an immortal, spiritual being, limited temporary human experience.

You exist in higher states of consciousness. You’re simply dreaming that this is who you are. Maybe you lived most of your life experience thinking that you are this limited expression of yourself, but now that you are waking up to it, you are merging back with your higher self. So this meditation we’re about to do, it’s going to solidify that, but now that you’re aware of it, you’re already starting the process. So, it’s something that continues to compound from here.

What I encourage you to do right now is to take a deep breath in, deep breath out, listening with his headphones. If you can feel yourself relax with every breath that we take and just allow yourself to merge with who you really are. Let’s take a deep breath in and deep breath out right now. Feel your body relax more and more with every breath that you take. Now put your hands over your heart because when you put your hands over your heart, you bring awareness into your heart space. And the heart math institute has shown that the more awareness we put in our heart, the more we grow the electromagnetic energy around our body and the more than we will expand to who we really are. Let’s take another deep breath in. Deep breath out.

Carry that out. Feel your body relax more and more. Close your eyes if you can ever begin to put the awareness now in your head, feel the awareness in your forehead. Begin to relax, feeling loose. Feel this warm sensation behind your eyelids. Feel your eye sockets relax. Feel this sensation inside of your tongue. Begin to loosen up your jaw, letting it hang loose and relax. Put the awareness now when your left and your left arm, few of the wave of relaxation flow through your body, your right arm, your right hand now in your chest. Feel this vibration of love inside of your heart.

Feel it has you put awareness there and you feel more of this tingling sensation feeling now this tingling sensation to begin to grow inside of your heart, knowing that you are love at your greater sense. Now, feel this sensation inside of your abdomen, your hips, your left leg and foot. Feel a wave of relaxation, flow through your right leg and foot. Now imagine that a wave of relaxation is flowing through your whole body and feel it. Release through your heels. Feel the energy release. Let go. You’re the sensation.

Go out your heels. You are letting go of energy that doesn’t serve you with every breath you take. No, you’re going deeper and deeper into relaxation and that you’re feeling more of this connection with your heart center. Now imagine you are in a relaxing room in this room. You look around. This is a comfortable room you can go to any time you decide. It’s a very Zen light room. You feel very comfortable here.

Notice what is in this room. As you look around, notice what objects may be around you. Notice what sounds you may here you can come here anytime you want, for relaxation and for connecting to a deeper part of yourself. Notice that about 15 feet away you see a door and this door on the top of it in gold embroidering is labeled the connection to your higher self. Now go over to this door and notice what the door looks like. Notice what this door looks like in general, and then put your hand out and open up that door and notice that as you look into this, you see stairway going down, a spiral stairway goes down, he looked down and you can see the stairs go down maybe about 30 or 40 stairs. You could see them spiral into a bright white room. Now what we are going do is we’re going to begin to take steps down these stairs and with every step that we take, we are descending into our heart space, which is where our higher self-connection lie. As we go down, we’re going to be feeling this connection becomes stronger and stronger.

We’re going to be feeling more and more like we are merging into our heart center. We’re going to be feeling this connection more powerfully than ever before, so begin to take a step down into the stairs. Notice how light you feel with every step that you take. Notice what the steps look like. What color are the stairs? Put your hand on the arm rail. Take another step. Take another step as you descend down into your heart space, feel the sensation as you do this as well.

You are moving from your head into your heart. You can feel the sensation going from your head into your neck and then into your chest and into your heart. Now with every step we take, we feel this connection become more and more powerful. Take another step. Fuel it, increase inside of your heart center. Now we have 10 more steps.

Until we are in this room connected with our higher self, I’m going to count down from 10 to one. With every number I count, you’re going to feel doubled the amount of love inside of your hearts. You’re going to feel this energy flow through your whole body. You’re going to feel double the amount of relaxation flow through your body, so take a step 10, feeling this energy flow through your body. Nine, feeling this energy inside of your hearts. Eight, double the relaxation. Seven, double the amount of love becoming more and more dominant inside your heart. Six, five, take another step for one more. Step three.

Now with the next three steps, we are walking into the room. Three, two, one. There you are now in this room, feeling this energy flow through your body. It is very powerful. This is the connection to your heart. This is a connection. You can always come back to anytime that you choose and know now that you are in a very sacred place. Now, this sacred place we’ll look unique to you.

Look around and notice what it looks like. It can be an indoor place or an outdoor place. This is a magical place that you can go anytime you want to connect to the sacred place in your heart. Now begin to walk around and notice how it for you. Begin to notice the emotions flowing through your heart space right now and take a moment to soak it in.

Notice how amazing you feel. Amazing emotions flowing through your body, feeling it increase in your heart more and more feeling love in your heart. More and more feel it, increase in your heart more love, more light sensation. Now imagine that you turn around and you notice that your higher self is there and this higher self is another aspect of you that you are always connected to this higher self.

This guidance is within your heart and notice what your higher self looks like. Notice the glimmer in their eye, smile on their face. Notice how connected you feel. Now ask your higher self if there is any guidance that they have for you. Ask if there’s anything in your life that you can do or be that is more aligned with your higher self. Thank your higher self or this information and now what’s higher self says

as you are going to merge with each other, this is going to be something that totally changes your life. You’re going to be living more as your higher self.

You’re going to be able to observe thoughts that no longer serve you. Observe anything in your daily life from a totally new level. You’re going to become more aware of this connection of who you really are. You’re going to feel more guided in your life than ever before and your higher self is going to be there with you more consciously because your higher self is always there. Now, imagine your higher self in front of you right now and put up your hand up to your higher self and what you are now going to do is merge with your higher self.

Now, look into the eyes of your higher self and your higher self. Let you know that there’s nothing to be afraid of, that this is a part of something you agree to before you came into your life to be having this kind of connection and to be feeling guided from this moment going forward in a completely new way. Put your hand up to that. If your higher self and I’m going to count down from five to one with every number I count, you’re going to feel your higher self-merge more and more with your body.

You’re going to feel an increasing your energy and increasing your heart center and you’re going to simply know that you are forever changed. Five. Feel yourself, begin to lock in energy. Feel yourself begin to increase for fuel that sensation double throughout your body. Feel this connection, grow more and more. Three, feeling it now really begin to merge. Imagine your higher self-walking into you now two and one.

Your higher self is completely merged with you and you feel like this is who you are. From this point going forward, you will begin to have new thoughts, new guidance. You will feel more integrated than you ever have before and you will be able to observe things in your life from a neutral place and from this point going forward, you are forever changed. Notice how you feel. Feel the gratitude inside of your hearts. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to become more alert and present to the moment. It’s this sacred place in your heart. You can come back to anytime that you prefer.

Thank you. Now walk over to the stairs. We’re going to take 10 steps up when I reach one. You’re going to be alert, present to the moment awake, ready to have an amazing day feeling and knowing that you have just shifted your whole life. 10, take a step, begin to feel more alert, more present to the moment. Nine, feeling this energy flow through your body with presence eights, feeling it more and more. Seven, six, taking another step. Five, four, three, feeling yourself now. Begin to move around to one. You can open up your eyes.

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