How to Sneezes During Coronavirus

How Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spread?

People can catch corona virus from others who have the virus. This happens when an infected person sneezes or coughs, sending tiny droplets into the air. These can land in the nose, mouth, or eyes of someone nearby, or be breathed in.

People also can get infected if they touch an infected droplet on a surface and then touch their own nose, mouth, or eyes.

Experts are looking at whether the virus can spread through stool (poop).

Can Someone Who’s Infected Spread Coronavirus (COVID-19) if They Don’t Have Symptoms?

The virus spreads most easily when an infected person has symptoms. But some spread might be possible before symptoms start. It can take 2–14 days after someone is exposed to the virus for symptoms to show up.

Can Someone Get Coronavirus (COVID-19) From Mail or a Package?

There’s no evidence that someone can be infected through mail or a package. The risk is very low because mail and packages usually are shipped over a period of days or weeks and it’s not likely that the virus would survive on them. But it’s a good idea to:

  • Wash your hands after handling mail.
  • Open and discard/recycle packages outside, then wash your hands right away when you go back into the house.

Can Pets Get Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Experts don’t know if cats, dogs, and other pets can catch the virus. To be safe, people who are sick shouldn’t have contact with their pets. If someone must care for a pet while sick, they should wash their hands before and after contact and wear a face mask.

Who Should Wear a Face Mask?

You should wear a face mask if:

  • You are taking care of someone who is (or might be) infected with corona virus.
  • You are coughing or sneezing.
  • You have corona virus or have been tested for corona virus.
  • You are a health care provider.

What Should I Do if a Family Member Has Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  • can be treated at home
  • should come in for a visit
  • can have a health visit
  • needs to be tested for corona virus

How Do Doctors Test People for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

To test someone for corona virus, doctors send a mucus sample from the nose and back of the throat to a lab. If the person coughs up mucus, doctors might send that for testing too.

With the novel corona virus spreading at an alarming rate, World Health Organization has announced it to be a pandemic, as several countries went into emergency mode to contain the disease. But the viral outbreak has resulted in fear-mongering and spread of false news.

While stocks of toilet paper and sanitizers at supermarkets were getting exhausted in many countries; fixation with wearing masks, despite advisories from WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that it does not prevent the spread of the disease, has no symptom of going away.

Another such irrational trend seen worldwide is the stigma around anyone sneezing in public. Whenever one sneezes, they are bound to face silent shaming or even verbal rebuke.

All of this, when sneezing is not even a symptom of corona virus. Naturally, this has led to an atmosphere of distrust and panic and discrimination against anyone who’s sneezing.

According to WHO and CDC, corona virus is associated with symptoms of fever, dry cough and difficulty in breathing. In a report published by the New York Post, Dr. Marta Feldmesser, chief of medicine of infectious diseases at Lenox Hill Hospital, said that only about 5 per cent of the first 1,100 cases in China exhibited any nasal symptoms.

Speaking to the portal, she added, “Runny nose is rarely a component of the illness”. Sneezing during this time of the year is more common due to pollen allergies or “above-normal rainfall and mild temperatures”.

Although one should maintain the regular etiquette of hygiene while sneezing, there is no reason to shame anyone because of that. Share this:


In an incident which shows how the fear of corona virus has become all-pervasive, a man riding a motorbike was thrashed in Kolhapur city of Maharashtra on Thursday just because he sneezed in public.

A CCTV video of the fracas, which took place in Gujari area of the city, went viral on social media, though the local police said no complaint had been registered.

The video showed that a bike-rider stopping and asking another rider on the road why he sneezed without covering his face with a handkerchief as it could cause the spread of the corona virus.

It led to a heated exchange, and the man who had allegedly sneezed was beaten up.

The incident led to a traffic jam as many other vehicles stopped, though it was not reported to the police.

Maharashtra has reported at least 49 confirmed corona virus patients so far, including one who died.

According to the World Health Organization, the virus can spread through spitting, sneezing or coughing or physical contact with an infected person.

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