Japa Meditation


When you are bogged down with workplace woes, family problems, or any upcoming hurdle in life, what is it that offers a soothing relief from the worries? The answer is meditation! Meditation is thought to be a powerful and effective method to help your mind focus, connect to the inner self and combat stress. From kids to the elderly lot, billions of people from all walks of life have resorted to meditation for relief from anxiety, negativity, and depression. However, meditation has many branches, and you need to pick the variant that suits your needs the best. You may try out Japa meditation.

What Is Japa Meditation?

Japa meditation, also called mantra meditation, is a technique that uses a mantra or the power of chanting to focus your thoughts while soothing the mind. This meditation is not limited to people adhering to any religion as such. However, people from various religious faiths choose their own mantras to practice this form of meditation.

The Nuances Of Japa Meditation:

While a lot of meditation methods require the practitioner and the surroundings to be quiet, in Japa meditation, the practitioner needs to chant a word or a small prayer to focus. Chanting a particular word in a rhythmic pattern helps your mind drive away distractions and lets you connect to the inner self gradually.

There is no hard and fast rule about the hymn and mantra that you need to chant during this meditation. However, a majority of followers choose the word ‘om’ for chanting. It can also be the name of a deity or a sacred word. The word should have a positive connotation.

Ways To Practice Japa Meditation:

You can practice Japa meditation during any time of the day though early morning is deemed as an ideal time for this. It can be practiced in two ways:

  1. The audible Japa meditation, also called Vaikhari Japa, is one form that involves the recitation of the mantra or hymn in an audible pitch at a rhythm. Some of the followers also whisper the chant.
  2. The silent Japa meditation, also called Manasika Japa, is a process where you need to chant the hymn in an inaudible manner. It may be difficult to follow, but once you focus on the mind, it can be quite powerful to repel any external distraction affecting you.
  3. For practicing either form of the Japa meditation, you will need to sit cross-legged on the floor with an erect back. You may keep a mat or piece of clothing on the floor. You may choose to meditate for half an hour or more based on your free time and lifestyle. However, you can try to increase the duration of the session gradually. As you chant the mantra, the sound and the rhythm make your mind focused and calm.

The Benefits Of Japa Meditation:

Practicing Japa or mantra meditation can bring you a number of benefits. These are:

1. Improved Focus And Concentration:

This meditation helps you focus and concentrate better. In silent meditation forms, your mind is more likely to get distracted by a lot of things. However, in mantra meditation, the chant helps drive away distractions better. It benefits you in real life too.

2. Calming The Mind:

It helps soothe your mind and pacify the negative thoughts to a large extent. The energy created by the repeated and patterned chanting has a profound effect on the mind. It helps bring down anxiety and agitations.

3. Enhanced Productivity:

When you gain the ability to remain calm and balanced amidst distractions, it lets you work despite the hurdles. It eventually enhances your productivity.

4. Flexibility:

It is a more flexible form of meditation since you can choose a mantra more akin to your religious faith. Therefore, you do not feel like anything is being enforced on you.

These health benefits are best understood when experienced. Try Japa meditation and you will have more clarity, be able to take major decisions with ease and, most of all, feel and look healthy and vibrant!

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