Jatamansi Herb

The plant has a rich history of medicinal use and has been valued for centuries in Ayurvedic (Indian) and Unani (ancient Greece-Arab) systems of medicine. The scientific literature contains primarily petrochemical and animal studies of the plant’s activity on the nervous system. Limited clinical studies have been conducted.

Jatamansi is a herb from Ayurveda with many similar traditional claims to Bacopa Monnieri such as anti stress, anti convulsive, antiepileptic, and cognitive enhancing. Unlike bacopa, however, jatamansi does not have as much evidence to support it and is currently in a preliminary stage of research.

When looking at the neural research, at least one study has supported jatamansi in promoting cognition of otherwise healthy young rodents and restoring cognition in older rats; this study outperformed the reference drug Piracetam, but other studies assessing cognitive enhancement are not too common. There appears to be more evidence on the neuroprotective properties of jatamansi (which, although the studies are too heterogeneous to come to any solid conclusions, seem very promising) and one study suggested potent anti-depressive effects associated with jatamansi. Perhaps intriguinly, jatamansi is a rare herb that has been demonstrated to have a calming effect despite increasing brain mono-amines (which is normally correlated with psycho-stimulation).

Beyond the brain, jatamansi appears to have general anti-oxidative effects (seems a lot more potent in vivo rather than ex vivo; with studies outside the body being about a tenth as effective as Vitamin C and not at all impressive) and has a surprisingly amount of evidence in rodents to support jatamansi as protective against pancreatitis. Similar to the neural evidence, this has not been explored in humans but occurs at very feasible doses.

Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi) Benefits and Uses

Nardostachys Jatamansi (also called Jatamansi in Hindi and Spikenard in English) belongs to the family Valetudinarian. It has been traditionally used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine as a neuroprotective agent for the treatment of hysteria, epilepsy, insomnia, and convulsions. The rhizome extract of this plant has been studied for its beneficial effect on the nervous system. It is also known to possess an antidepressant activity that helps in the management of psychological disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, mental fatigue, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Medicinal Properties

Nardostachys Jatamansi has many similar medicinal properties like Bacopa Monnieri (Water hyssop) including anti-stress, anti-convulsive, and cognitive-enhancing abilities. However, unlike Bacopa, the research related to its medicinal value is still in its preliminary stage. It is an aromatic herb, which exerts cooling action in the body. Let’s have a quick look at its medicinal properties that responsible for its medicinal uses:

Jatamansi Benefits & Uses

The amazing benefits of Jatamansi are attributed to its medicinal properties stated above.

  1. It acts as a natural nervine tonic and a memory booster.
  2. It relieves stress by inducing calming and relaxation effects.
  3. It prevents neurological degeneration due to its neuroprotective action.
  4. It provides a soothing sensation to the skin and promotes hair growth.
  5. In Ayurveda, it is commonly prescribed to relieve stress, spasm, convulsions, epilepsy, and hysteria. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used and an effective herb to treat epilepsy.

Let’s start a discussion on its ayurvedic medicinal uses and health benefits in detail.

Epilepsy & Seizures

Nardostachys Jatamansi appears to offer strong protection against the oxidative stress. This action of the herb makes it an effective agent with strong neuroprotective properties. It can help in maintaining the balance of the hormones in the nervous system and thereby prevents seizures in the patients with epilepsy.

In ayurveda, its root powder is not used alone, but it is used in combination other herbs or ayurvedic medicines. The following herbal combination gives promising results in epileptic patients preventing seizures to a greater extent.

Spikenard, popularly known as jatamansi in India, has been used extensively in Ayurveda for ages. The herb has multiple benefits ranging from skin care, treating bacterial infection, odour removing to anti-inflammatory, laxative, sleep inducing, being good for the uterus among others. Jatamansi is considered to be memory enhancing. It also has relaxing and calming attributes which makes it an important ingredient for various ayurvedic and herbal medicinal products.

Jatamansi (Spikenard)

Jatamansi is a flowering herb that belongs to the family Valerianaeae. The scientific name of the plant is NARDOSTACHYS JATAMANSI. They grow up to a height of 1 meter. The flowers of this plant are bell shaped and pink in colour. Various herbal medications have got Jatamansi as one of the ingredients. In the ancient times it was used primarily as a skincare product and for maintaining the health and functionality of the female reproductive organ. It has become a hard to obtain ingredient as it has been pushed towards endangerment. The herb is available in the market in the form of roots, oil and powder.

Health Benefits of Jatamansi (Spikenard)

Skin care

The growing dust, dirt and impurities are taking a toll on our skin. Regular care and adapting protective measures is becoming essential not only for its cosmetic value but also as a medical requirement. Jatamansi is a solution to a range of skin issues. It can treat fungal infections that can breakout on the skin. Dermatitis, a skin condition where the skin itches, crusts are formed and scaling near the ear occurs can be treated with this herb. People suffering from psoriasis too can benefit from jatamansi.

Preventing bacterial infection

Jatamansi has a very effective anti-bacterial property. Bacteria have been a root cause for many kinds of health issues such as cholera, food poisoning, septic, tetanus etc. the herb works not only on the skin but also eliminates it from the very origin. Applying jatamansi on cuts and bruises is a very good way to prevent infections that can be caused due to bacterial activity on those areas. It is also effective in curing infections in the urinary tract and kidneys.

Nerve relaxing smell

The essential oil extracted from the parts of the stem of jatamansi that grow below the ground (rhizome) has a very soothing and relaxing smell. This helps a person calm down and lets the nerves relax. The smell does not irritate your senses in anyway.


Constipation manifests into various other kinds of health problems. It is extremely important to have a good and healthy bowel movement to maintain a healthy life. Constipation can be caused due to various reasons such as improper eating habits, stressful lifestyle, sudden change in diet etc. Jatamansi is an effective option to treat constipation. It is a herbal alternative to various forms of synthetic and chemical based laxatives available in the market. Jatamansi should be preferred over these products as it works without affecting the digestive and excretory system. The synthetic products tend to dry the gut as they wash away the mucus lining on it while stimulating the bowel movement.

Sleep Inducing

The biggest advantage of jatamansi is that it is a good sedative. Sleep helps us to regain our lost energy and the lack of it has an adverse effect on our body as well as the mind. Nerve related problems such as convulsion, headache, vertigo and psychological issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress all affect your sleep. These can be reduced by the consumption of medicines containing jatamansi in proper dosage. It also helps sooth cardiac problems like palpitation and restlessness.

Good for your uterus

Jatamansi is of great help to maintain your uterine health. It has anti-spasmodic properties that helps reduce cramps, pain and discomfort during menstrual flow. Menopause can be a physically and emotionally tormenting experience for many women. While some women have it naturally after a certain age, other may stop menstruating following surgeries like hysterectomy. This change in the body is followed by various psychological as well as physiological problems. Jatamansi acts as a solution to the aftermath of menopause. Symptoms such as mood swings, sleep disturbance, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, difficulty in concentration can be treated with this herb.

Lower blood pressure

The modern urban society is plagued by hypertension. It is a lifestyle disorder that is affecting a major portion of the population. Stressful lifestyles, irregular food habits, sleep disorders, smoking and pollution are all adding to the negative impact on health and majorly on the heart. Jatamansi has been proved work miracles in reducing blood pressure. It works to optimise the functioning of the heart and regulates the heart rate. It helps to prevent any alterations in the lipid profile and further benefits the heart. Predominantly jatamansi regulates the circulation of blood in the body and deals with any problems that hinder the process. This lets regulate the blood pressure and treat both hypertension and hypo tension.

Uses of Jatamansi (Spikenard)

Jatamansi is used mainly as a medicinal alternative to treat a wide range of health problems. Issues related to the nerve, heart, skin, digestive system can all be treated with the help of this herb. It can be used to dye hair black naturally. It also makes hair smooth and shiny. Its relaxant quality soothes the body and the mind and is good for inducing sleep. It helps reduce hyperactivity among children. Jatamansi is also used to manufacture perfumes.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Jatamansi (Spikenard)

Consuming jatamansi in excess may cause adverse effects on the body. As it has laxative properties, consuming in large quantities may cause loose stool. The dosage should always be regulated and as per prescriptions. Nausea and vomiting is often accompanied with having more than prescribed dose of the herb and its products. Frequent urination and abdominal cramps can also occur. Some people may be allergic to the constituent chemicals of jatamansi. It is extremely important to go through the constituent list of the herb before consuming it. If an allergic person consumes even a minimal quantity of the product, he may have reaction. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid consumption of jatamansi and products containing it as it induces menstrual discharge.

Cultivation of Jatamansi (Spikenard)

NARDOSTACHYS JATAMANSI is a native of the magnificent Himalayas. This herb was traditionally used for skin care and maintaining uterine health. Later its manifold health benefit was discovered and it is now used widely in Ayurveda and Unani. Jatamansi grows predominantly in Kumaon, eastern and central Himalayas, The portion of the range shared between China and India, Sikkim as well as in Nepal and Bhutan.

10 Wonder Benefits and Uses of Nardostachys Jatamansi

Jatamansi description

Jatamansi is a natural brain nervine tonic and a memory enhancer, which has calming, peacefulness and relaxation features. It is an endangered ayurvedic medical herb had been used since the ancient times for many medicinal purposes. In the market, it is available in the form of root, oil and powder. Nardostachys Jatamansi is a known calming herb in Ayurveda and Unani because of its medicinal values. A number of studies have been done for its efficacy in respect of nervous system. In ayurveda, it is prescribed against stress, spasm, epilepsy, convulsion and hysteria. In fact, it is one of the excellent herbs to treat epilepsy. The relaxing herb is known by different names like Jatamansi, spikenard, nard, nardin, muskroot, bacchanal, succumb-Ut-beet, ambulant lateeb. Jatamansi is consisted of two words: Jata means dread locks and manasi indicates towards human. It comes under the family of Valetudinarian. It has been found in the Himalayan region. Check This Out

Amazing benefits of Jatamansi

  1. Hair growth: The extract of jatamansi oil is helpful in the growth of hair. It is beneficial for smooth, silky and healthy hair too. It is used to improve complexion and ensures glowing and shining looks to the body. The root of the powder in water when applied promotes skin texture.
  2. AYUSH-56: It is an amalgam of Nardostachys jatamansi and Mars ilea minuta with the ratio of 1:2. It is used as anti-epileptic.
  3. Cardiac health: It ensures good cardiac condition as observed in mice.
  4. Memory and learning: The medicinal plant is helpful in enhancing the faculties of the brain and combats the mental problems thus impart calm and peace to mind. It is one of the effective medicinal roots to subsidies the three humors-Vatta, Pitta and Kapha and provides delightful state to the doshas of the body.
  5. Strengthens the nervous system: It helps to provide vitality, vigor and strength to the body thus good for the nervous system.
  6. Stress buster: The plant has the power to reduce stress, anxiety and tension by balancing biochemical reactions in the body. It is good to have the mind cool and healthy and acts as one of the finest mind rejuvenation tonic. It facilitates sound sleeping thus good for those who have stressful life.
  7. Skin infection: The burning sensation of skin and inflammation get subsidized when the decoction of Jatamansi powder prepared in cold water is applied.
  8. Liver problems: it shows hepatoprotective effects along with momordica charantia and ferula asafetida.
  9. Antidepressant: The extract of  N. jatamansi show anti-depressant features
  10. Antifungual: The essential oil of it acts against fungus like Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus Niger.

Best uses of Jatamansi

  1. It is used to impart black colour to hair and prevents greying of hair. Its medicated oil with almond is highly useful for smooth and silky hair.
  2. It is beneficial for hyperactive children and helpful to reduce hyperactivity, restlessness and aggressiveness.
  3. It is therapeutically very important, alleviates pain and swelling and shows the properties like carminative and aromatic.
  4. It has hepatoprotective characteristics thus useful in hepatitis, prevent enlargement of liver and jaundice.
  5. The oil helps to relax and calm the body and mind thereby ensures to relieve from headache and migraine.
  6. Its underground stem is used in preparation of powerful aromatic essential oil.
  7. The root of the plant is used in making of oil to treat insomnia and birth related problems.
  8. It is used as analgesic and diuretic in Unani.
  9. Used as making of perfumes and dies.
  10. The root of the powder is used to treat intestinal worms.

Side effects of Jatamansi

  • People suffering from hypersensitivity should avoid the using of it.
  • Consuming excess of jatamansi leads to vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  • It may also cause urinary problems if it is taken in excess.
  • Nausea and colic is also common if heavy doses are given.
  • Pregnant as well as lactating mother should avoid it.

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