Kids Bedroom Vastu


Everyone needs a sense of support and connection in their personal space, but this is particularly important for growing minds and young hearts. Children room needs a nurturing environment. It is essential to create a kid’s room that is filled with warmth, love, dreams, and positive vibes. Children are more sensitive to the energies present in the environment. Arranging their rooms with ancient philosophy is a good beginning for a peaceful and prosperous road. Following Vastu Ways to improve Child’s BedRoom principles, parents can create a study area that allows children to focus on homework and study habits, learning to better grades.

Vastu Ways to improve Child’s BedRoom can be used to design a room filled with good energy and natural materials.

1. The positive flow of energy:- Kids’ rooms need good air circulation and more open space so that children and the energy can move easily. Make sure that this room does not have too much furniture. Try to keep everything fairly simple, attractive, and well organized. Kids’ rooms should be clutter-free. So don’t over-purchase.
2. Colour affects subconsciously and sets the tone of the room. The color of a child’s bedroom should be warm and nurturing. Colors It has become popular to decorate children’s rooms in bright colors such as bold yellow, fire red, and sunny orange. These are too loud colors for a kid’s bedroom. Remember that this is the room you want children to sleep in and do their homework; if it is too stimulating, it will be hard for the child to perform better in their studies as well as sports. It will also affect young ones, to relax.
3. Children feel more protected when they have their headboard close to the solid wall. Sleeping with a window behind the head while sleeping gives an impression of no support from friends and family. The child should sleep with the head towards the East or South to have a sound sleep. Sleeping with the head towards the west make the child have a hard time waking up in the morning. Sleeping with head towards the north which affects seriously health is never permitted according to the Vastu Shastra. Kids’ rooms with a mirror opposite the bed may show signs of stress & bad dreams.
4. Children love nature and wild things. Decorate their space with paintings of birds, butterflies, horses, puppies, etc. It is believed that animals and birds protect children when they sleep. Children also need images on the walls of things that are important to them. Pictures showing speed and growth i.e. racing bikes & cars, flying birds, running horses, etc. are highly recommended for the room of growing children. Avoid painting depicting war scenes, struggles, puzzles, sad mood, violence, etc. in the kid’s rooms.
5. The child should never sit with his/her back towards the door. The child may be distracted by the activities going on behind them. Make the child facing the best study direction according to the Vastu. Place a crystal pyramid or tower to activate the positive flow of energy. It is believed to bring good luck to study and examination. The child should never seat below the exposed overhead beam. This is a major problem and will affect academic performance badly.
6. Your child will feel at peace and happy in their own room if you take the time to create a space that is healthy, nurturing, and filled with things that spark the imagination. The plant helps to create a less stressful environment. Studies at Washington University found that when plants are added to work or a study area, productivity went up by 28%. It is important that plants are well cared for and remain healthy all the time.
7. Use the north wall (career zone) of kids’ bedroom as an achievement or success wall by putting up a bulletin board and displaying education and sports achievements, report cards, and awards. Trophies can also be displayed on shelves at the north wall.
8. Modern advanced technology brings more and more electronic devices in their homes. Humans by nature love to be near the earth & it should be well guarded against the high radiation-emitting gadgets. Protect your child by keeping electronics items to a minimum. Mobiles, games, computers, and T.V should be avoided in the kid’s room or to be kept at a distance of about 5 feet from the bed area. These electronic inferences should be avoided whenever possible.

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