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The wave of lacto-vegetarian diet is turning out to be a fad for quite some time. People are rapidly adopting this form of vegetarian diet across the world for its numerous health benefits. Although, people in India, especially, Hindus mostly follow a lacto-vegetarian diet for religious beliefs and practices. Now let’s find out why this diet is gaining so much popularity.

What is a lacto-vegetarian diet?

Vegetarians who don’t eat egg but does consume dairy products are also known as lacto-vegetarians. Most vegetarians don’t consume any animal-derived products, which include milk, dairy products, and eggs. But due to health and religious reasons some people have adopted this lacto-vegetarian diet which excludes egg, meat, fish, etc but allows dairy intake. This lacto-vegetarian diet is quite flexible and reduces your environmental impact. There are other forms of vegetarian diet such as lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, ovo-vegetarian diet, and a vegan diet.

Benefits of lacto-vegetarian diet: This interesting diet is loaded with plenty of nutrients that can never go wrong. A lacto-vegetarian diet consists of some healthy fats, antioxidants, an array of vitamins, and other essential minerals. A well-balanced diet can boost your immunity and metabolism. Thus, providing some major health benefits.

Good for your heart

People who follow a lacto-vegetarian diet have a lesser chance of getting cardiovascular diseases. A diet with healthy fats and quality nutrients promotes the growth of good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol level in the body. Also, it helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure level in the body. Therefore, doctors do recommend this diet for people who have a risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Maintains blood glucose level

Due to the addition of green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables, various grains, good quality plant-based proteins, and some healthy dairy products in a well-balanced form, a Lacto-vegetarian diet is great for people with an elevated blood glucose level. If you have diabetes or you are affected by hormonal imbalance then adopting this diet can provide your body tons of healthy nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, iron, etc which aids in lowering the glycemic index level in the body. Thus, effectively maintaining the blood sugar level.

Aids in weight loss

If you want to lose weight effectively, then you need to stay away from meat, especially red meat. You will end up consuming fewer calories and more nutrients when you follow a lacto-vegetarian diet. Meat eaters don’t get enough fibers whereas some of the vegetables, grains, fruits, and dairy items are loaded with dietary fibers that not only reduce your food cravings but also aid in weight loss.

What you can eat and what you need to avoid

You need to avoid all forms of meat, egg, seafood, and fish. Whereas you can eat all kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, products, seeds, and nuts, etc. Anything and everything under the vegetarian tag is included under the lacto-vegetarian diet.


A Lacto-vegetarian diet excludes eggs and other non-vegetarian products which makes it a little risky to adopt for people who don’t mindfully plan their meals. As eggs are the powerhouse of healthy proteins, it becomes important for a non-egg eater to make sure he/she is getting enough protein through other sources. Likewise, omega-3 fatty acids which are present in abundance in fatty fish can cause a deficiency in the body. For that, you can opt for external sources like supplements to get a daily dose of micronutrients. You need to follow a well-balanced diet that includes an adequate quantity of all the essential nutrients that are required for the holistic development of the body.

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