Lions Pose Yoga

The Lion pose or Simhasana is the asana of yoga wherein the body and face are manipulated at onceto invoke the force and intensity of a lion’s roar. In fact, this posture is thought to be one of the best face exercises you can get. People often overlook another benefit of Lion Pose: it stimulates the platysma, which is a thin, rectangular-shaped muscle in the front of throat. This exercise will keep the platysma as strong as you age.

To perform the Lion Pose, begin by kneeling on the floor with knees shoulder-width apart. Cross your right ankle over your left and carefully sit back on your heels. Make sure your feet are pointing outward and your calves are kept flat on the floor. Lift your chest up just enough that you are not slouching and your spine is fully straightened, but don’t over-arch your back.Now, place both your hands on top of your knees without slouching. Widen your palms and press them firmly against your knees. Splay your fingers like a lion’s claws. Inhale deeply through your nose.Lower your jaw and open your mouth as wide as possible. Stretch your tongue out and curl its tip down toward your chin. Open your eyes wide, looking upward and focus your eyes in between your eyebrows or on the tip of your nose. Contract the muscles at the front of your throat.
Now, hold this position and exhale slowly through your mouth and make a distinct “haaaaa” sound as you exhale.

Roar two of three times then retract your tongue. Relax your face, mouth, eyes, throat, and hands. Cross your ankles the opposite way and repeat Simhasana.

There are multiple benefits of doing this pose:

* Simhasana is an excellent way to relieve tension in the chest and the facial muscles. Steady breathing in this position helps the chest and the abdomen.

* People who practice Simhasana have experienced it to remove bad breath. People with defects of throat, nose, mouth and ears are suggested to practice this asana.

* Regular practice of Simhasana with the ‘haaa…’ sound in exhalation works as vocal therapy developing beautiful sonorous voice. Voice related problems also get healed.

* Simhasana also helps people with problem of stuttering and stammering.This yoga poseis also good for those children who suffer from a lisp.

* This yoga pose is great for respiratory health. As mentioned in point number one, this pose is great to relieve tension in the chest. Not only is this pose great for respiratory tract, diaphragm and vocal cord but also able to reduce the symptom of asthma.

* Simhasana aids in performing the three bandhas or locks namely, Moola bandha, Uddiyana bandha and Jalandara bandha. Because of this, Simhasana as the destroyer of all diseases.

* It stimulates the optical nerves, brings smoothness in the eyes and also reduces eye strain. It helps to keep your eyes healthy.

* This pose also aids in the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

* It helps in relaxing the neck muscles and keeping the skin tight, therefore, it helps maintain a well tones neck.
* You can do it in the morning to give you energy booster or before going to bed to help you getting all the health benefits of deep sleep.

Simhasana is a Sanskrit word in which ‘Simha’ means Lion, and ‘asana’ means pose. This pose literally imitates the lion’s roar and differs from any of the other poses. It is a very easy Hatha Yoga asana which can be simply done by any age group, from children to elders. Despite being a not-so-familiar pose, many established yogis practice Simhasana for spiritual upliftment, physical fitness, and emotional balance.

This asana is usually performed early in the morning, or at any other time of the day with an empty stomach. Health benefits of Lion Poseare fumingly interesting to begin with, which are extraordinarily beneficial for the throat, face, and respiratory organs.

Steps to do Simhasana (Lion Pose)

  • Kneel on the ground and keep some distance between the knees.
  • Lift your right ankle up to place it behind the left ankle. Your perineum should push down on top of the heels.
  • Keep your palms over your knees and slowly exert pressure against them.
  • Now, inhale, and stretch out your tongue to the chin.
  • Tighten up your throat muscles and keep your eyes open during this asana.
  • Exhale through your mouth with a powerful sound of ‘ha’, as the deep-breath should come from your stomach, washing up the throat.
  • Try to focus in between your eyebrows for ‘mid-brow-gazing’, or focus on the tip of your nose as both the theories are practiced.
  • Roar and switch your leg to repeat the asana.


  • Go through Vajrasana pose.
  • Avoid if you have any knee injuries.
  • To increase the stretch, sit in Mandukasana while practicing Simhasana.

While going through the incredible yogic journey, we decided to share the spiritual, mental, and physical health benefits of Simhasana (Lion Pose).

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Simhasana (Lion Pose)

  1. It deeply curbs out the stress and tension from your system. All the heart chambers get clotted due to the knots of stress, anxiety, fear, judgments and blocks your path towards rejuvenation and happy life. The Lion pose effectively nurtures the freedom of your soul.
  2. Sacred ancient scriptures like Gheranda Samhita disclosed that this particular asana is the “destroyer of diseases”. It encourages independence, self-reliance, and in being powerfully sufficient.
  3. Simhasana activates three major bandhas (locks) – Mula(moola), Jalandhara, and Uddiyana. This pose re-energizes the hidden mystic energies of a yogi, further elaborating your role in success, health, and wellness.
    Mula: translates to ‘the root’ or ‘the beginning’.
    Jalandhara: Tones up the neck muscles, and sends electric energy to the body.
    Uddiyana: This abdominal lock works wonders for your digestive system, respiratory functions, and overall prana. It is performed while standing.
  4. It lifts up your face, firms the throat by stimulating platysma muscle. This pose also benefits the tongue, fixes the bad breath issues. It improves vocal cords by polishing the texture of the voice. The respiratory organs of the body are rebooted by inflating the lungs with detoxifying, fresh oxygen. This process helps to keep away from respiratory infections and halitosis.
  5. It may eliminate the problems of stuttering, unhealthy abdomen, teeth-grinding, etc. By the increased sense of meditation and muscle memory, one can eradicate the disabilities and minor infirmities.
    Regular practice of this beneficial asana is yet another transformative segment in the history of Yoga.
  6. Beauty benefits: Here is the solution for all the ladies who have rarely met their expectations in the ‘Chronicles of beauty products’. Simhasana is known as one of the “best face exercises”, as it increases the blood flow to the face. It gives a fresh glow, tight skin on your face and neck, reduces thin lines on your face. This asana works better than any expensive facial massage.
    This pose serves as an anti-aging therapy, removes wrinkles and crow’s-feet.
  7. Lion pose relaxes the neck muscles, back pains, and releases stress from the chest, face, and mind. There is a much-needed audience of this pose, especially the working class of the nations.

As cliche as Yoga may sound; only those incur the benefits from it who are receptive to the undoing of nature. So, use your time and really practice Simhasana, to enjoy the health benefits of Simhasana. Feel like a lion as you roar the negativities out of your peaceful life.

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