Lotus Feng Shui


The Lotus, is an all inclusive image of virtue and illumination. Viewed as favorable luck bloom by numerous Feng Shui aces, the lotus is said to turn misfortune to good karma and uplift your feeling of delight and peace,the lotus likewise represents favorable luck made sure about through ages.

Instructions to utilize the Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower in Feng Shui to a superior life:

  1. Show the Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower in your lounge room, family zone, office table and business premises to upgrade riches and generally speaking good karma. The Lotus additionally fills in as an update that you will come out sound from any troublesome circumstances on the off chance that you set your attention to comprehending it.
  2. Spot a Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower in your front room or room to improve the agreeable chi in your home and to forestall fights in the family. The Lotus will produce Chi to advance more quiet personalities and musings for better connections among relatives.
  3. Spot the Crystal Lotus Blossom Flower close to windows in your family room to get the beams of the morning sun and reflect them into wonderful rainbow intense ‘yang’ vitality to filter your encompassing chi and brings heaps of karma into the home.

Pick the Color that best suits your requirements:

Blue : is for the most part said to build vocation openings, business, funds, and administration characteristics. It likewise stirs instinct and facilitates dejection.

Green : Color of parity, which is in the focal point of the rainbow range. A Green hued gem is for the most part said to adjust our energies, bring solidness, increment love and empathy. Being the shade of the nature, it brings harmony and congruity.

Yellow : is for the most part said to advance good faith, assist you with experiencing changes, help memory, lift resolve and improve focus. It additionally encourages you feel expressive and cheerful.

Red : Transmits vitality and activity. Shade of adoration, it speaks to the enthusiasm, allurement, feeling, quality, power, power, extravagance, vitality, tirelessness, battle and assurance.

Violet : has the ability to pull in and concentrate chi. It can improve the chi of the house/office. .

Pink :may assist individuals with pursueing and handle love. They can improve individual connections.

White/straightforward : Represents positive qualities, for example, immaculateness, parity or guiltlessness. It represents respectability and refinement, quiet, harmony and tranquility. It gives light and gives a sentiment of newness.

Bright : Multiple hues acquire the energies of every individual shading and synergize them together.

This resembles an illustration much the same as magnificence amidst all misfortune.

Yet, what’s more huge is that the lotus plant is one of only a handful scarcely any plants in which all aspects of it tends to be utilized to contribute towards regular daily existence.

The stems are cooked for utilization as vegetable dishes

The leaves are utilized for making clingy rice delights

The roots are fermented as an unequaled most loved soup

The seeds are utilized for making toppings like glue

Lotus stamen is frequently utilized in conventional chinese medication

The blossoms are frequently utilized as fixings in fragrances

What’s more, there are a lot more employments

Grandmasters at religious communities frequently portray the lotus as a significant delegate of honesty within and lovely outwardly.

It’s difficult to contend against it as the Buddha himself appear to adore the lotus seat.

There’s additional.

Guan Yin, the darling goddess of leniency is notable to be related with lotus plants.

This is the reason she is regularly shown in artistic creations holding lotus blossoms, sitting among the development the lotus plants around her, with lotus blossoms as a scenery, situated in a lotus position, or seating in a lotus seat simply like Buddha.

Indeed, even as show things, she frequently accompanies a precious stone lotus bloom for feng shui.

He Xian Gu, who is one of the individuals from the venerated 8 immortals additionally has the lotus as an insignia.

As should be obvious, the lotus plant is one of the most generally noticeable things in both feng shui and religions.

It is without question that it conveys positive vitality that can realize favorable karma in scholarly achievement, economic wellbeing, and favorable luck.

At the point when it has a nearness in other feng shui imagery things, it amplifies the power of the alleged sort of karma the expert is saddling.

This implies it has a spot for practically a wide range of setting.

For instance, when it is shown in an image of mandarin ducks that implies happy marriage, it underscores the bliss and virtue of the relationship.

Or on the other hand when portrayed with Chinese coins that are related with cash karma, the lotus features the cash source as originating from moral methods.

With the 3 legged frog, it speaks to the happening to merited cash karma.

It’s additionally noticeable in different standard promising artistic creations, for example,

At the point when portrayed in green to connote researchers achieving first-position

At the point when combined with the tree to speak to good karma with ripeness

At the point when joined by the egret and reed catkins to want for scholarly achievement

At the point when two lotus blossoms develop from a similar tail representing a joyful couple

and so forth

At that point there’s a scandalous sonnet composed by the incomparable Chinese logician Zhou DunYi in which he affirmed his adoration for the lotus.

Lotus plant situation

As from the conversation over, the immaculateness that the lotus plant speaks to makes it ready to settle down anyplace in the house without causing negative vitality.

Truth be told, you can put it in places that you know has awful vitality so the lotus can assume a job in killing the unsafe vitality that is discharging from the territory.

In the event that it is found on a painting that is intended to improve acknowledgment and status for family unit individuals, at that point put it in the acknowledgment segment which you have decided. (normally the south)

Or on the other hand in the event that it is found on water highlights for riches karma as a feature of the smaller than expected wellspring itself, at that point place it in the riches zone of the house which you have decided. (generally the north)

On the off chance that you are attempting to put an independent lotus sculpture or picture, at that point the north, west, or southwest are presumably the best territories as they are of water and wood components as per the 5 components idea.

On the off chance that you are knowledgeable in flying stars feng shui, at that point you can consider setting it in the areas of the house where the stars 1, 4, 6, 8, or 9 lives.

In any case, in the event that you discover this examination excessively dreary, you can have a sense of security that the lotus can be set anyplace because of it’s non-compromising and kind nature.

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