Natarajasana and Their Benefits


Natarajasana or Lord of the dance yoga takes its name from god Shiva-the lord of dancers. Natarajasana is a Sanskrit word that means Nata-dance, Raja-King, Asana- indicates yoga pose.  It is pronounced as nut-ah-raj-ahs-anna.

Top 10 facts of Nataraj asana

  • Its advanced yogasana
  • Style is vinyasa
  • Initially, it should maintain for 10 seconds, and gradually time may be increased as per own capacity.
  • It provides stretching from toes to fingers i.e. shoulder, thighs, abdomen, groin, etc.
  • It gives strength to legs, ankles, wrists, elbows.
  • It is lord Shiva yoga.
  •  It is also called king dancer yoga.
  • It gives a feeling of invigoration
  • It prevents obesity.
  • The pose is of grace nature.

How to do Nataraj asana

  • First of all, one should stand erect.
  • Raise either the leg; bend it at the knee, and take it behind the back as high as possible. However, do as per own capacity. Don’t take more strain while raising the leg.
  • Now, raise both the hands up, take them back and hold toes of the raised foot with both hands above the head as high as possible.
  • Keep your head erect and look at the front.
  • Maintain the pose as long as you can do.
  • Return to the original position.
  • The same thing does with another leg.
  • It completes one round.
  • Try to do 2-3 rounds initially.

Natarajasana benefits

  • Weight loss: This is one of the few poses, which helps in reducing fat from the entire body. If you are eager to make your body slim and fit, practice yoga on a regular basis. On the other hand, it also boosts your metabolic rate, which helps in fat shedding.
  • Concentration: It helps to improve concentration.
  • Strengthens legs: The practice of this asana helps to make your legs and arms stronger.
  • Prevent calcium deposition: It ensures the prevention of calcium deposition in the shoulders and brain.
  • Balance body: The practice of this asana is good for balancing the body.
  • Strengthens ankle: It makes your ankles, chest, and hips stronger.
  • Abdominal organs: It gives the proper stretch to the abdominal organs. Thus good for digestion.
  • Flexibility: If you want to increase your body flexibility, this is one of the best yoga poses.
  • Stress: It helps to reduce stress and develop your stamina.
  • Heart: The practice of lord of the dance pose is beneficial for heart health.

Yoga helps in practicing of Nataraj asana

Natarajasana is a balancing & advanced yoga needs more concentration and flexibility to become master of it. But practicing some yoga poses is helpful in the perfection of lord of the dance pose. The preparatory pose is: adho many asanas, dhanurasana, hunumanasana, virabhadrasana, vrksasana,  garudasana, etc.

Natarajasana precautions

Some of the few contraindications of the yoga pose are:

  1. Low blood pressure: Don’t do this yoga if you are having low blood pressure.
  2. Balancing: Performing this yoga, balancing is of utmost importance.
  3. It is better if one practices it before a yoga expert.
  4. Avoid excessive stretching.

Physical Benefits

Stretches the chest, shoulders, quadriceps, front body, including the abdomen. Strengthens upper back, quadriceps, ankles, and feet. The pose develops greater strength and flexibility in the body each and every time you practice it. Because there is no way to cheat yourself into Lord of the Dance, you must work continually within to achieve the highest expression of the pose.

Energetic Benefits

The pose represents Cosmic Energy, and when you practice you are dancing in the flow of the Universe.

This pose can stimulate blood flow in the body, as well as raise your energy level, as you are working quite hard in the pose. There are constant internal adjustments happening in the body that help the yogi stay balanced and stable in this pose. This helps to exercise the small, stabilizing muscles that are difficult to strengthen.

By opening up your body in this powerful way, you will also open up your mind to new possibilities. Yoga asanas are symbolic and meaningful and can add great value to the yogi by bringing in fresh new perspectives.

Lord of the Dance Pose is a very big heart opener that can heal heartbreak and can help one discover their compassion for self and others too. This pose can help the yogi to see and accept all the tiny perceived “faults” of others, as well as their own.

Natarajasana also improves your concentration and focus as you increase the length of time in the pose, you increase the intensity as well. Due to the intense focus required to practice this pose, it is excellent for those people who have a busy mind that will not shut off.


People with heart conditions or low blood pressure should consult a medical professional before practicing this pose. Anyone with recent or recurring injuries to any part of the back, knee, ankle, instability in the hip joint, should exercise caution when practicing this pose. Move slowly into this balance by practicing mindful awareness of breath and body.

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