New Moon Meditation

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This meditation is intended to tap into the energy of the new moon symbolically or literally, which means it can be used at any time of the month. As we are just working with energy 🙂 The energy of the new moon reminds me of the brink of dawn, when the light is just coming in, and so that is where this meditation takes place in our visualization. You may wish to write any intentions you have down beforehand, or afterwards, or not at all. This is a very free meditation, which will hopefully soothe you, refresh you, and give you a new spark of energy and spiritual insight. My meditations are always a little triply and out there, and not everyone’s cup of tea but if it’s yours, then drink up! The accompanying music is so beautiful, and is by the amazing Blue Dot Sessions. lots of love Rachel x

New Moon Guided Meditation

The time on and around the new moon offers a powerful opportunity for you to align with a clear vision of your path, to set intentions, and to step into positive new beginnings.

In this new guided meditation channeled by Melanie, Archangel Muriel connects with a beautiful message and frequency which will assist you in leveraging the powerful new moon energy to bring benefits to your life, and to all consciousness.

Feel yourself letting go of conscious thought, of worry, tension, and doubt. Breathe and relax.

Know that you are surrounded with Divine white light, protected and uplifted by your team of guides and angels. You are supported in moving in the direction of your dreams, in manifesting the intentions of your heart, in living the Divinely inspired blueprint of your soul planned prior to your birth. And so for right now, relax, breathe, and let go.

Imagine that the doors of your heart are opening wide and that you are entering within, going inward into your inner space, peace, calm, silence, void. Breathe and relax.

Focus now on your eyes, letting your eyes relax, your mouth and your jaw relax, focus on your neck, releasing tension and relaxing your neck, relaxing your shoulders, your arms, your chest. Relax your abdomen, relax your upper back, relax your lower back, relax your hips, your thighs, relax your legs, knees, calves, relax your ankles, relax your feet. Relax your fingers and your toes. Relax, breathe, and enter in.

And now begin to imagine that you are sitting outside in a safe place in nature on top of a hill or in a clearing where you can get a full view of the night sky. Notice your surroundings. The darkness of night around you, but you are able to sense, feel, and know the presence, the protection from your guides and from your angels here with you now.

Imagine that you are looking up at the night sky now, noticing millions of stars twinkling from amidst the dark blue and black night sky. More stars than you count, more stars than you have ever seen before illuminating the space within, shining brightly.

Notice the constellations. Notice the brightest star, which you are most drawn to now. Does it have a color? Imagine that the light of this star, the brightest star in the sky at this time that is able to be seen so clearly and brightly, due to the new moon. The light of the bright star in the night sky under the new moon now shines down upon you.

Imagine the light from this star energy anchoring now into your light body and your spiritual form, your frequency being elevated, being uplifted from this Divine cosmic light from the brightest star in the night sky, shining down upon you now, cleansing and uplifting you, attuning you to your inspiration, to your qualities of the light, qualities of the Divine.

Receive this blessing from the night sky, from the brightest star in the sky right now. Receive, and notice all the stars once again twinkling before you as you look up.

As you are viewing the night sky, you notice a shooting star streaking across the horizon. And we say to you, now is the time to wish upon a star, to wish for your heart’s desire, to place your intentions for this new cycle, for this new beginning.

And so ask for what you desire. Intend what you wish to be so. And as you place this intention, another shooting star darts across the sky like an angel flying across the night sky at lightning speed.

This star illuminates your vision and then disappears back into the darkness of the night. Declare your wish, place an intention.

What do you desire to see in your life? In the world? Personally? Collectively? For your family? In your experience?…

As you continue to view the night sky above you, shooting stars begin to increase in their frequency. A meteor shower above you twinkling and dancing through the sky.

As you take a moment to set your intentions, to be aware of your true heart’s desire, to wish upon the stars, you begin to notice that the lights zipping through the sky, flying by, flying in and out of experience, entering into the sky, entering into this realm, in and out… are angels of the light flying above, beside, in, out, and all around, working with the light, with frequency, with energy to align reality with your intentions, to assist you in manifesting your wish, your dreams.

To align you with your true heart’s desire, with your Divine blueprint, with your path, with the ways in which you may serve and love, which brings joy and fulfillment for you and benefit for all.

Breathe and relax. Look up at the night sky once again experiencing the magnificence of the Divine present in this now. Feel your love for mother earth, for father sky.

Feel the immense love present in this now and now imagine that you are gathering all of this love into a ball that you can grasp in your hands, gathering all the love present in this moment into a concentrated ball of energy that you are now sending down, sending your love to the earth, sending all the love of this present moment to earth now.

And as you do this, the love from the earth is returned, the earth mother, for you are a child of the earth, now responds with love for you in this moment, blessing you in your new beginning, empowering you to boldly and bravely take the steps forward to create your dream.

Look up at the night sky once more noticing the constellations, the stars, the planets, noticing all that is, that is outside of the earth, that makes up the Divine, that makes up the cosmos, that makes up father sky.

Feel your love for the Divine, for the stars, planets, cosmos, for all the incredible love present in this now and imagine that all of this love is drawing into you, being compacted into an energetic ball, which you can hold onto. All the love of this present moment drawing in. And now take this ball of love and send your love to the Divine through the central sun, sending your love to the Divine and momentarily or automatically, love from the Divine returns to you tenfold.

And so now love from earth, sky, angels, guides. Love from you and from all around you, uplifts you, unites you with the healing power of love contained within you in this very now, creating a ripple of beneficial energy, for love knows no limit, flowing throughout all, impacting all, uplifting all through this magnificent power of love, inspiring you to live your dream, to walk your authentic truth, to live as the unique, Divine being that you are, one of a kind living your truth now and in this new cycle.

Take your next step with love and trust that the next will follow. Know that your team of guides and angels are with you assisting you, protecting you, uplifting you along your journey. Ask for assistance, call us in, and know that you are Divinely loved and supported always by earth, by sky, by stars, by angels, by guides, by all.

You are loved, blessed, and uplifted. I, Archangel Muriel, now leave you with the blessing of the Divine, of the earth, of the sky, of all, for you are so loved now and always. Goodbye for now. ~Angel Message channeled by Melanie Buckler

The moon is an integral part of our lives. Whether it is celebrating a festival or starting an auspicious task, or meditating, we consider the movements of the moon. For example, festivals such as Ramzan, Guru Purnima and Holi are celebrated according to the movements of the moon.

What happens on a full moon day?

A full moon is that phase of the moon when it is completely illuminated as seen from the earth. During this time, the earth is right between the sun and the moon, with all three in a line.

Full moon symbolism

The full moon has been said to symbolize different things in different cultures. It has religious and spiritual significance in some cultures, and in others, it is believed to symbolize the rhythm of time.

In India, it is traditionally believed that the full moon affects the movement and flow of water in creation. Buddhists believe it is a time for spiritual reflection. The full moon is also thought to bring on swings in the mind and the emotions, hence the term “lunatic.”

Significance of the full moon

In this universe, every object has an impact on the other. The full moon as well as the new moon are thought to have an effect on the body and mind to some extent. But practicing pranayama, yoga and meditation can help counter these effects.

New Moon in Aries

Today we entered the New Moon in Aries. It is the first sign of the zodiac and a very powerful Moon to set intentions with. We are in very intense times right now and it might be difficult to even think about setting intentions, but it is actually a beautiful time to do so.

As with everything there are good and bad things that come with the virus. We have incredible challenges along with powerful gifts. One of the gifts that many of us are receiving is the gift of time. The time to slow down and get really quiet. The speed at which most of us live is so fast, we are rarely in a place of conscious choice. Our life goes by, and many of us are just along for the ride rather than creating the life we want.

Many of my clients are having a hard time getting to a future self outside of this time, and that is OK. You can take your time to get there. You can focus on how you want to feel tomorrow and be lead to actions that can get you there.

The fiery nature of Aries is asking us to dig into our passion. It is asking us to use our inner warrior to create whatever it is that lights us up. Whatever you are feeling right now, weather it is fear, anger, gratitude, etc, use it fuel the fire of your dreams. We are being given this rare opportunity to get truly quiet and go inside. We can take this time to truly know what it is that we want to create, and how we want to be. Use this time to plant the seeds of your future. As you get clear you will be lead to small aligned actions that can take you to a place or feeling you want to experience.

Allow yourself to tune into your true self and what is coming up for you. What do you actually want to create? What is stirring inside of you that you are ready to give birth to and create? What seeds are you looking to plant so that they can start to grow? What are things you can do that can start to water those seeds?

New Moons are wonderful times to set intentions. For me, the New Moon is a time to get even quieter, to meditate more, to really go within and see what is there. During this time, the subconscious mind is more open to connect with and show us what we truly desire, and what aligned steps we can take to get there. It is then that our actions become aligned with our authentic selves, rather than our fear-based self. This is where the miracles happen!

During different phases of the Moon, different parts of our subconscious beliefs are more present. We have more access to these “unseen” parts. The New Moon is also about beginnings. This New Moon in Aries is about creating something that you truly passionate about. Tapping into your intuition to create from a place of trust. It is a great time to start planting seeds, and the more you listen the more you will hear how to feed them.

The Full Moon and New Moon Meditation

Meditations during the full moon hours do much good to the mind, senses and the body – in the sense that alignment can be easily worked out in between these three implements by the Soul through the co-operative and magnetic energies of the time. Those who are inclined to such meditation are strongly recommended to remain with light food and to abstain from too much objective activity from the day before the full moon. The ones whose body, mind and senses are aligned through purity in thought, speech and action will experience the energies of the full moon and gain a scope to experience the meetings of the initiates through the ether permeation (travel).

The full moon is therefore taken as an opportunity given by nature to regain the alignment, and thereby get replenished with the light of the soul which is otherwise hindered to permeate. The light of the soul is eternally present in creation, and it is our alignment of the body, i.e., the mental, emotional and the physical, that would enable the experiencing of that which we all cherish: the light of the soul, the sound of the soul, called the music of the soul and the magic of the creation.

The new moon helps us to dissolve the desire body. The energies are useful for reorganizing the desire body. The desire body is divine. But we only should use it as it is allowed by nature, by the law. Without desire nothing can be done, because desire is the reflected form of Will. The desire should always serve to execute goodwill in every walk of life. To cause adjustments to the desire body, meditation during the new moon hours is helpful. So, we take to consecration to the new moon also. The full moon currents are helpful to build the theoretic body. This is how we have to work with the new moon and the full moon.

The emotional currents are dissolved, if we orient to the new moon energies, thereby the desire body gets adjusted, and the full moon helps us to build the etheric body, the body of golden light. Building the golden body is not possible, unless the desire body is adjusted. This is how we have to tune up to the cycles of the new moon and full moon. It will help us on our way towards progress into light.

The new moon meditation is very profitable, if you start working right from the 13th descending moon phase terminating in the beginning of the new moon phase. Please remember that the beginning of the new moon phase is the new moon point or no moon point, and the ending of the full moon phase is the full moon point. So, the conclusion of the 14th descending moon phase and the beginning of the new moon phase is the new moon point. So, a day before you can start working with it.

You can hold on this awareness of new moon until six hours after the new moon point. Likewise for the full moon also. Hold the awareness of the full moon with you up to six hours after the full moon point. Just hold in your awareness that this is the new moon time or this is the full moon time. The awareness itself is a good key to be in the presence of those energies, and you can chose a regular time convenient to you to contemplate upon these energies.

Preparation for the Full Moon and New Moon

Every full moon and new moon is a great opportunity to gain the alignment. Each full moon and new moon has its own splendor. We have to understand that the full moon enables manifestation of light up to the physical. Everything gets lighted including the body. The alignment between the Sun, Moon and the Earth in the sky is a great moment. If we are poised enough, as the alignment takes place in the sky, it also takes place in us, so that the light is experienced all over.

More than the expectations about the full moon or new moon, it is important to live in silence during the full moon and new moon hours. Keep the mind as quiet as possible, as still as possible, by minimizing the speeches and actions, so that the sun ray or the soul ray or the light of the soul is well reflected upon the mind, and the quiet mind is a transparent medium which would enable the reflection of the solar light as lunar light upon the body of seven tissues. Consequently, you experience the magic of the full moon or new moon in you.

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