Northeast Vastu

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The Indian Vastu Shastra practice has gained popularity accross the globe in the past three decades.  Vastu-compliant apartment, plots and commercial premises  helps the inhabitant to topup their lives with more joy, wealth, health and, also success. AlthoughVastu shastra originated in India about 5,000 years ago, it exerts a powerful influence on modern real estate market. We have seen a Vaastu expert have the final say on a deal. Hence, vastu believing people are well aware of the value of their space and its vibrations. North east is a highly precious and sensitive zone as per Vastu.

In the real estate world, North-east properties are sold very quickly and therefore  always in demand. Many time seller gets premium price on such property.  Most noteworthy, north-east apartments are found to be having an accurate internal planning as per Vastu.  There are  few important rules of Vaastu Shastra to be followed for the property facing north-east to harness more wealth in the life.

Vastu Tips for a north-east facing apartment, flat, plot, home or office

North  East Facing Apartment

  1. Main entrance should be bigger in size compared to other internal door of the house.
  2. Master Bedroom in the South-West,  prayer area in the North East, Kitchen in the south east and living area in the eastern zone will give north-east facing home with a  “A+” Vaastu rating.
  3. Avoid a lift as well as staircase opposite of the main entrance.
  4. Do not put  bigger windows towards the south or south west direction of the house.
  5. Water elements in the north-east zone will bless the house with tremendeous  peace, wealth  and Success.
  6. Staircase view from the door  act as an obstacle for free circulation of the energy.

External Vastu arrangements (For plot or independent home)

Why house with north east facing is most preferred ?

  1. Northeast facing Houses / Home / Plots are considered a first-grade site where inhabitant has tremendous success in their life. Success comes in very fast in the life of the occupant. As a result, it can make them more productive, healthier and happier. Also, such an environment present a chance for innovation and opportunities for the younger generation in the house.
  2. A property having a road towards the north and east are considered as a north-east site. The road towards the north and east is believed to bring more overseas opportunities. Such plots are high in demand and should be purchased even they are higher in price.
  3. The ideal Vaastu ratio of plot sie is 1:2. If it is more than this,  the strength of the plot is reduced.
  4. A north-east facing plot or independent house should have a lower compound wall boundary towards the north as well as south direction. The height & width of the boundary should be based on the size of the plot.
  5. The main compound gate should be placed in the positive zone on the east or north direction of the boundary wall.
  6. Provide slope of the plot towards the north-east. A Vaastu study shows that land with a slope towards the north-east proved beneficial to the inhabitant of the plot or home.

Boundary wall for independent property

  • Construct a lower compound wall towards the north-east. This helps in attracting a pure and positive flow of cosmic rays from the north-east corner.
  • A wall towards the south-west should be the highest compared to other directions.  The height as well as   size of the compound wall should be calculated  based on the size of the property.

Open Space & Slope in the plot or compound

  1. Plan more open space in the north-east zone of the plot while making a floor layout.  Open space in the northeast showers grand success over the occupant.
  2. Avoid slope either towards the south-east, south, south-west and west direction of the plot as per Vaastu. It invites bad luck.
  3. Dig a borewell in the northeast corner of the plot.  Under ground water in the north-east improves the quality of life.
  4. There should not be drain water flow towards the north-east. House close to polluted waterways (canel) is highly unfavourable Vastu site.

Surrounding  of the house and Vastu Corrections

  1. Abuilding or house on a T junction plot is a defect. According to Vastu, the T junction is highly inauspicious. Also reject plot with veedhi schools (road ending) at the east of south-east, north or north-west, south-of south-west and west of south-west.
  2. Projection of plot towards the south-west, south-east or north-west is Vaastu defects. Use Vastu strips for any extension of the plot.
  3. Never plan a bore well, septic tank or underground tanks towards the south-east or south-west of the plot. It may cause frequent obstacles during the construction period.
  4. Refrain from putting a septic tank in the south-east, south-west and, north-east zone of the plot. Their directions give a bad result.
  5. bore well or septic tank located opposite to the main door is a bad location and considered as a serious Vaastu defect.

Crucial corner, Importance of North-East corner

Importance of Northeast Corner, Remove Vastu shastra Defects From North East corner

Ancient texts attribute special importance to the Ishanya corner-a god corner(the northeast direction). While selecting a plot and   constructing a new house, the northeast is a  prime consideration.  This direction is regarded as highly charged with divine energies.  One naturally gets maximum (Vital) energy from north-east compared to other directions. In each room of the house or office, there should not be any blockage or heavy weight in the north-east zone.


  1.  The northeast direction is referred to as an auspicious direction in Vaastu Shastra. It is important to maintain a state of cleanliness and purity in this direction in the house and workplace. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”  slogan is very important in this sacred corner.
  2. Do not keep broomstick or any other sanitary items in the northeast corner.
  3. Keep this corner free from any load, if not used for any devotional purposes.  Keeping dirt and debris in this corner of the house is said to attract malevolent effects. It results in difficulties, bad luck, loss and, also tension in personal relationships.


  1. Constructor plan, prayer room and meditation center in the north-east corner. It should be on the east wall of the corner.
  2. There should not be a pillar in the northeast zone. Pillar located this corner will cause inhabitant’s progress on hold, according to Vaastu.
  3. The flooring level towards the northeast should be lower than in other parts of the house. You are on a slippery slope if there is elevation towards the northeast corner. As a result, it may drive you away from success in life.
  4. No tall trees in the north-east zone of the property. Tall trees located in this zone may cause unexpected expenditures and reduces wealth.
  5. Since this is a divine zone avoid bedroom for the couple. Consider south-west or north-west directions for the bedroom.

Vaastu Defects

  1. Never place a toilet or kitchen in this sector.  This is a severe Vastu defect, which makes the life of the inhabitant miserable.  You need to apply very stronger and highly effective remedies to nullify the defect.
  2. Avoid the kitchen in the northeast zone of the house. It may bring poverty and sickness to the family members. You may consider south-east or north-west directions for the kitchen.
  3. There should not be double floors towards the northeast zone. A double-storeyed premise in the northeast invites endless problems for the house owner.

Cosmic Vibes

  1. The cosmic rays from the sun, moon and other planets also have an effect on the human body. These rays to a great extent are absorbed by water, therefore, it is beneficial to have borewell underground water tanks in the northeast direction.
  2. There should be no constructions in this direction since the auspicious rays would be obstructed. This corner of the plot should be depressed either naturally or artificially.
  3. Do not make a storeroom in the northeast corner. This may block the flow of positive flow to the premises.


  1. Grow medicinal plants like Tulasi, Fudina or turmeric in this zone.
  2. Painting of endless road, a deep path is auspicious in the north-east zone of house or office. Furthermore, Artwork is divine connections.
  3. The library in this corner improves spiritual enlightenment according to Vaastu.
  4. Provide more and bigger windows in the north-east zone to attract pure cosmic energy into premises.
  5. Marble water pot, birdbath, water urli and, also the fountain improves the tranquil energy of the north-east corner.
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