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Summary:  The Free Meditation Music Downloads is a collection of hand-picked meditation pieces from master musicians to relax, heal, inspire and help you grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  This page lists all the meditation music available on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, and is updated as new music MP3s or videos (MP4s) are added to the site, so it’s a good page to bookmark if you are a fan of meditation music or are interested in music therapy.

Meditation Music for Free

Meditation Music Download

Welcome to the Free Online Meditation Music Downloads collection.  These downloads are completely free multimedia rich collection of the very best meditation music tunes, chants, songs, hymns and melodies for you to enjoy and benefit from.  This music is not limited to any one spiritual tradition or culture.  Meditation music is a language that transcends these boundaries and the downloads available here reflect this universal nature of music.

Meditation music can serve many purposes.  It can help you relieve stress and relax, and can also be used as music therapy to help you heal physically, emotionally and mentally.  In addition, good meditation music can be highly inspirational and thus direct your consciousness towards infinity and divinity.  The specific benefits of each musical piece are given in the article for that download.

All religions understand the power of meditation music to help us in our spiritual growth and many spiritual disciplines have used music in specific ways to unleash the hidden potential in the body and mind.  The downloads available here include such music and chants as well.  For those of you specifically interested in this aspect of meditation music, I would suggest also checking out the Free Online Mantra MP3s Downloads Collection.  There you will find a huge collection of chants, prayers, and mantras to enhance your spiritual practice further.

This free collection of MP3 downloads is constantly updated with any new meditation music added to the website, so it is a good page to refer to if this is of interest to you.  The music here can also be used for your yoga practice, or if you are a teacher, feel free to download this music to use in your class or personal practice. Other energy practitioners are also, of course, free to download the music and use it as they see fit in their practice.

For those of you familiar with the chakra model of Kundalini Yoga, you will find music below specifically designed for chakra balancing and opening as well.  In addition, there is music below that can be used for mantra meditation, Japa, kirtan or laya yoga practice.  For any mantra music provided, you will find translations and demonstrations on how to use those mantras in the linked articles as well.  Of course, those articles, mp3 downloads, and videos are free also.

As you will notice this collection of music downloads is provided free of charge.  That is only possible because of the artists and musicians who are contributing to this project.  So a very special thanks to each of you who are helping make this possible.  Each artist is credited with the work in the specific article where the download is available.  If you would like to contribute some meditation music to our collection here that would be wonderful.  Please email me at to discuss the details.  In exchange, I will certainly credit your work, provide you links back and help promote you.

Below are a list of benefits for meditation music.  Following that are some details of how the downloads are organized and the links to the specific download pages as well.

Benefits of Meditation Music:

Meditation music and music therapy can be very useful in many ways.  Below are a short list of some applications…

  1. Help with relaxation and stress relief.
  2. Help inspire us towards Infinity and Divinity.
  3. Uplift us emotionally and make us joyous.
  4. Help in the healing process and spontaneous, miraculous healing.
  5. Help improve performance, energy, and vitality.
  6. Help develop concentration and mental focus.
  7. Help develop intuition and psychic powers.
  8. Bestow peace and tranquility.
  9. Increase awareness and consciousness.
  10. Help open our hearts and minds to new dimensions.
  11. Open, heal and balance our chakras.
  12. Provide rhythm music for mindfulness or other breath meditations.

Free Meditation Music Downloads Collection Layout:

Each download below is a LINK to the article which has all the information about that particular musical piece, including free MP3s and Videos for download.  This page will constantly be updated whenever new meditation music is uploaded to the website. 

For each piece of meditation music, the following information is generally provided:

  1. Free music MP3 download.
  2. Free Video featuring the music when applicable.
  3. Background of the particular melody.
  4. If mantra music is provided, then translations, meanings, cautions, etc, are included.
  5. How to use that music for maximum benefit.  If the piece is for music therapy, health and practice details are included.
  6. Links to the artist and other related music for download when applicable.
  7. Internet resources to help you gather more information about that form of meditation music.

As mentioned above, each chapter below is a LINK to the article which has the details above, including the free mp3 download.  All links are in green.

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