Om Shanti

Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Why do we say Om Shanti 3 times? The first time is with the awareness of, who am I? I am a peaceful soul. The second is with the awareness of, who is mine? This brings me power, for I belong to God. The third is to ask what is my task? So there is peace and power.

Generally, when people get together, they cannot stay without talking. However when we sit in such peace, we have the experience of happiness. As a result of peace the question emerges inside, “what can I do with this peace?” Very beautiful feelings are created inside as we understand that He is the Bestower. So what can we do when we receive from Him? Recognise the value of the time now. We are at this crucial period of time.  Accept the imperishable gifts of purity, peace, love, happiness and power from the Bestower, and apply them in your life.

OM SHANTI – The fundamentals

Now let us learn the meaning of ‘Om Shanti’. You would have heard that those who are connected with Brahma Kumaris Godly University greet each other by saying – ‘Om Shanti’. And it is a simple two-word phrase which means ‘I am Peace’ or ‘My religion is Peace’. Om means ‘I or me’ and Shanti means ‘silence of peace’. This is an ancient slogan in Bharat (India) said during holy gatherings. But the meaning indeed is in respect of the soul, not for the body.Om Shanti Meaning – Who am I?BK Jayanti00:00 / 05:30

Om Shanti – My original religion is Peace

More accurately, the phrase ‘Om Shanti’ is used to remind me the soul that ‘peace’ is my original religion. That is the nature of my supreme father (god) and I am an embodiment of peace. Knowing that human beings are restless in search of true peace, true love and true happiness, god the father comes and reminds us that these are in fact your innate qualities. The peace for which you are searching outside is indeed within you.

What is the history in relation to Murli?

In relation to Sakar Murlis (murlis spoken by Shiv baba through Sakar/corporeal Prajapita Brahma), the term ‘Om Shanti’ is fundamental which baba used to speak at the beginning and end of each Murli. You can also hear the original murlis.

Shiv Baba explains –

”I am an ocean of peace. You, my children, are an embodiment of that peace.” Thus baba reminds us of this before and after every gyan murli.

Avyakt Murli:

”Just as easily you come in sound and speak using words, as easy you can practice to be in silence and convey the message.”

Explanation: We can convey our thought using words. This is called coming in sound. But the soul can also convey the message at thought level by remaining silent. To remain in silence here does not mean to stop speaking, but that while speaking or while coming in conversation and while doing our tasks, our inner state is at peace. Intellect is inert and the mind is calm. In such a spiritual stage, if a soul sends a thought to another soul, this adds the power of silence. Love and peace is the language of soul. Thus baba inspires us this so that we become more aware of being a ‘Soul’ and not a body.

Music is considered divine because it is not only a science but also a means for attaining salvation. In fact, it is considered the easiest way to mukti. Enjoyment or singing of music involves forgetting other things and becoming one with music. This transcent is reminiscent of our union with God. Music without devotion is empty. It is always a means for higher attainment; not just pleasure.

Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Music online provides a bouquet of musical tools and techniques for personal upliftment. All content of this e-list have been created by both our professional and dedicated artists and lecturers who have taken and continue to take benefit from the deep and profound experiences gained through the meditation and self development courses. The insights and personal experiences contained herein are of the knowledge, commentaries, sounds and experiences gained through an ancient meditation practice known as Rajayoga Meditation.

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