Palm Reading Future

Fortune tellers have been practicing chiromancy – the study of palm lines that predict the future – since the first cavemen wanted to find out if they would be able to eat tomorrow. Soothsayers skilled in the art of reading palms would foretell prophecies, tragedies, and glimmers of hope. If you want to know what awaits you in life, all you have to do is look at your hands.

Have you ever wondered what a Palm Reader might discern in the map etched on the palms of your hands? The human hand contains a wealth of information.

A talented palm reader can have even the most skeptical critic turned around after one accurate reading. Using the shape of the lines in your palm, a reader can see the patterns that your life may follow and can predict aspects of your life including your love life, career, finances, children, and more.

No two palms are the same, as no two lives are the same either. If you look closely at your palm right now, you will be amazed by all the different lines and cracks and where they go. This intricate map is a wonderful guide for an experienced palm reader.

What are some of the things a palm reading can tell you?

Heart Line

The heart line is the one at the top, running across your palm from under your little finger to under your thumb somewhere. A palm reading looking at this line can tell things about your relationships, and the way in which you are attracted to people, or get them attracted to you. It can also tell stories about your emotional stability and whether you are sentimental and romantic, or more cool-headed in love.

Head Line

This runs underneath the Heartline and has a story to tell about your intelligence and intellect. It also talks about how you communicate, how you learn and other secrets to do with how you should be best harnessing the power of your brain.

Life Line

This one runs down your hand, starting above your thumb and ending at your wrist. A palm reading can tell you about your life span, health and energy, and vitality.

Fate Line

This one is hard to find as not everyone has it. Its usual path is from the base of the palm to the wrist or up to the center of the palm. Don’t panic, not having this line doesn’t mean you have no fate, but this line can give information to your palm reader about how your general life path and fortune may be affected by the fates.


Your palm may have up to six mounts as well, named after gods Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Luna, Apollo, and Mercury. Depending on where they are they may indicate characteristics about you such as creativeness, beauty, the strength of will, leadership, responsibility, and more.

Can a palm reading help your love life?

A palm reading can definitely help your love life. It can give you strength to end an unhappy relationship, courage to get over the pain of a lost one or hope for happiness around the next corner. It can also teach you to open your heart and mind to new possibilities for love and may give guidance if you have been falling in love with the wrong people.

Palm reading is something that takes learning and study, as well as a natural talent, so can’t be trusted to just anybody. Have you ever wondered what a Palm Reader might discern in the map etched on the palms of your hands? Now might just be a good time to find out.

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