Pink Wallet Feng Shui

I didn’t quite believe in Chinese geomancy before, I used a tattered wallet, the family Budget was also in tatters and it was just when I had a fateful encounter. I fell in love with a “Pink Wallet” at the first sight, and I just had to buy it. I took a plunge as the wallet was quite pricey for me.

But from that moment on, my husband got a payment rise and as the consequent, increased our family budget. We also started getting prizes one after another. I felt things have started looking up for us.

9 tips to use pink wallet effectively 

 No.1. Tell your wallet who you are

When you buy a new wallet, go to a place you feel most comfortable alone. The place could be your room or inside of a car, choose a place that allows you to be alone. And take a deep breath.

Once your mind has become calm, breathe on the wallet and pray in your mind” Please give me your support.” This will be an initiation that introduces you to the wallet as its owner.

No.2 The first 9 days are the most important.

Putting many bills into your wallet is very important for the first 9 days after your purchase as it sets a standard for the wallet, according to which, how much money the wallet nourishes will be decided.

Especially, Pink wallets are believed to invite extra earnings such as unexpected pocket money.

The 9 days will set the basis for amount of the extra earnings you will receive. Being aware of these things will help you experience the desired effect.

No3. Keep your wallet clean.

Making a space that money feels comfortable being in is very important. A wallet with piled up receipts and point cards will make no space for money, giving it a hard time.

No.4 Be careful where to put your wallet.

Do you sleep at night with your wallet in the bag? We take a bag with us every time we go out, so, keeping a wallet in the bag makes money more likely to go out. It’s recommended to put it in a dark and cool place at the end of the day. The key is to putting your wallet at the same place. If you have a coffer, put your wallet in there. Coffers are told to keep money. It will surely enhance your money fortune even more.

No.5 Make a habit with your wallet.

It’s the owner of the wallet who makes a habit with their wallets. The wallets that have formed good habits are likely to invite more money. The important thing is that bills are always kept in your wallet even at a time you have too much money going out so your wallet doesn’t let its guard down.

No.6 Make a good use of the charm pink possess.

Pink’s color effect of making girls pretty has been demonstrated. The reason why you feel bouncy when wearing something pink comes down to the pink magic. Pink is effective in enhancing romantic luck, creating harmonious relationships and off course, increasing “girl’s power”. Since you’re born female, it would be a waste not to make use of the power pink possesses.Pink is a good-luck color for all girls.

No.7 Make good use of the power the material used for your wallet possesses.

The leather used for a wallet possesses natural energy that work as an element in Chinese geomancy. This energy is what enhances your fortune.

To increase the size of your fortune => a snakeskin wallet

To keep your current money fortune=> a crocodile skin wallet

To save money=>a cowhide-covered wallet

No.8 Do not feel guilty about spending money

After we made a big purchase, let’s not think “ I really bought this….”  Instead, let’s think “ I’m glad that I bought it!” feeling guilty and negative thoughts when you deal with money makes them only go away. Money likes to gather around a place already having enough of them, that’s because they like to be with people who subconsciously have positive thoughts on money.  Be positive when you shop.

So, when you pay for something, you may want to say “Thank you”. Your feeling of gratitude will reach money.  The money you spent will be passed from one person to another and finally with you again.

No.9 Make a donation to voluntary organizations.

Money is something that’s passed from one person to another and eventually returned to its owner.

If you save up money, the money doesn’t circulate. If you hope to the enhance money fortune, its necessary that you use money for other people.

Making a donation, contributing to the society, and using your money for other people, you will be thanked by people you don’t know in person. This simple act generates the circulation of money.

One of the fun ways to use feng shui is to select a purse and wallet color to help you create more prosperity. There are a variety of colors that offer you a boost in income and opportunity, such as a new job or a promotion. If you simply want the color of success – and all the material rewards – that go with it, then there’s a color for that. The same is true for wallets, although one color in particular is an especially helpful energizer for money.

Don’t let your handbag and wallet suffer from a lack of energy. Give it a shot of success with the colors that will attract money and help you manifest more of everything in your life.

1: Red. Wealth’s magic color

When it comes to success, prestige and the color most associated with bright advancement, that color is beautiful, clear red. Red is a color that has the energy of fire and the sun.

In China and India red is the color of happiness. It’s also a color associated with love and romance, and the color that is most beneficial to women. In feng shui, red is the color of recognition, fame and a rise in prominence and the material possessions of success.

Red is the color of life (think of the blood in your veins) and is used to energize. When you want to lift the energy of a home, add red colors. To brighten up a figurine, add a red bow.

Red is a color of happy energy and having a red wallet is one of the best way to energize your life for wealth and income. Better still, having a red wallet in your handbag will energize your purse, too. If you carry a wallet that isn’t red, be sure to add something red inside your wallet to energize it.

2: Black. The color of prestige.

For sheer financial power and the serious business of making money, there’s only one color that meets all the qualities of a power broker and that color is black. Think about the color of power cars – it’s the long black Rolls Royce, Mercedes or BMW that exudes prestige. The color black brings about the image of power, authority and sophistication, and in feng shui, black represents opportunity, wealth and prosperity.

3: Blue. More money please.

If you’re looking for a job and steady source of income, true blue is the color for you. A navy or blue-colored purse will help you keep your sources of income intact – and growing. Look for a rich-looking navy bag with pretty hardware, especially gold-tone. This combination is both stunning and classic and perfect for stimulating a rising income, especially on job interviews.

4: Pink. Bright, happy prosperity.

Want money to be FUN? If you can remember how happy you were when you got your allowance as a kid and ran right out to buy something, that’s what a pink purse is all about – having fun with money and enjoying it. Pink is merely a lighter version of red, so it has all the qualities red does but with a lighter, fun side. Red is the color of success, but pink is the color of having a good time with your income.

5: White. It makes financial might.

The color white is often overlooked as a power color, but it shouldn’t be. White is the color of metal, and metal makes water, which is the element of money, career advancement and income. When you want to command attention, and attract windfalls and the support of influential people, a white handbag is the power bag to carry, especially if it’s outfitted with gold hardware. Accent on wealth.

6: Gold. Go for it.

Purses with metal fittings and accents are another enhancement on most handbags. But should you choose silver or gold – or a silver or gold purse? Let’s look at these two colors more in depth. Gold and silver represent two different types of metal.

Silver is the cutting, small and sharp color that’s associated with scissors or a steak knife. It’s light is like the light of the moon, not a generated light like the sun, but the sun’s reflected light.

Because of its association with small metal, silver won’t activate your purse for wealth the way you may want. Bear in mind that small metal means small money.

For the big money, always go for the gold, the color of big metal.

Even if we know that silver-colored platinum is more expensive than gold, it’s gold that’s associated more with prestige. No one wants to win the platinum metal in the Olympics. That’s because we know that gold represents the pinnacle of achievement, so choose your wallet and handbag with those qualities in mind.

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