Prosperity Meditation


“This subject is very serious and extremely simple. It is what you should do to bring prosperity to your life. Prosperity doesn’t mean that you have wealth, health, and happiness. The best way to explain prosperity is that when a rosebud flowers and opens up, it has its fragrance. When a man or a woman is prosperous, there is that fragrance of security, grace, depth, character, and truthfulness, which that person can share. Like a candle emits light, a prosperous human emits prosperity.

The greatest tragedy of this time is that we are all trying to find God outside of ourselves. The reality is that God is inside. God is within us and therefore we have to act like God’s existence.

One of the greatest human weaknesses is that we want to impress others. Once we start impressing ourselves it’s nirvana. We are redeemed, we are free, and we get whatever we want. That day you will find you are you and the very joy of being you is a most precious joy. It will take away all your suffering and your pain.” 

Part One

Posture and Mudra:

Sit in Easy Pose (or in a chair) with a straight spine. Raise the right hand to the level of right ear, with the fingers pointing straight up and the elbow out about 10 inches from the ribs (like you are taking an oath). The left-hand cover the navel point, with the fingers straight and the palm laid flat over the navel.



Breath and Focus:

 Slowly allow your breath to become a little longer, deeper and cooler. By allowing this to happen, you will change your metabolism and your nervous system, and you will be totally different. Focus on the breath—take it as deep as you can. Don’t move except to breathe long and deep. Take the pranic energy down to the last cell of the lungs.

Time: 8 Minutes (no longer)


 “Just be you. Be you—calm, quiet, graceful, clean, gracious and self-serving. Be you and be selfish for your own purity and piety. All we want is the result. We’re not trying to find diamonds or gold. We are finding something more precious than that—Self. Find your Self. Find “me” within me.

The Navel Point is the one point in the body that is a point of purity. You survived your mother because of that point. Here, you touch that point with the left hand and extend the fingers of the right hand up like antenna—they are enough to get all the energy of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. This posture, in combination with your id, the thumb, will make the connection so that the heavens and the Earth—the heavenly father and Mother Nature—are in combination. Together they are willing to purify you if you ask for it. Technically speaking, the calmer you sti, the deeper you breathe, the more you will experience a change you have never felt before.

Think only of your Self and the breath. Let the breath of life enrich you. Let it give you a place within yourself where you can see your God, which is keeping you alive. Your soul needs food. It is hungry and it needs you to feed it. The soul’s diet is the Prana that comes through the air to enrich you from the inside out. Reach for a moment of happiness. Happiness is when you happily do something. Otherwise, life is a painful curse.”

Part Two


 Continue sitting in Easy Pose.


 Bring both hands to the level of the Heart Center. Press the thumb tips and fingertips together, keeping the palms apart. Spread the fingers wide apart and point the thumbs toward the sternum.


The eyes remain closed.


 Whistle with the Ardas Bhaee mantra (available from Ancient Healing Ways).

Time: 4.5 minutes.

To end:

 Inhale deeply and suspend the breath for 15 seconds. Meditate on the thought that you are pure; you are perfect; you are the will of God; you are divine. Exhale. Inhale again and suspend the breath for 15 seconds and create that image of yourself. Exhale. Inhale a third time and hold the breath tight for 15 seconds. Imagine you are a very, very pure person. Purity, piety, grace, bliss— include them all. Exhale. 

Part Three


 Immediately extend the arms straight out to each side at shoulder level, parallel to the ground, with the right palm facing up and the left palm facing down. Keep the arms and hands straight. You may feel a twist in the right elbow. This is a healing posture to be done very exactly.


Inhale deeply and suspend the breath for 25 seconds. Close your eyes and feel the heavens and earth joining within you, that right and left are in balance. Keep the hands straight like an arrow. Then exhale with cannon-fire breath through the mouth. Inhale deeply again. Hold tight for 25 seconds. Give yourself a chance to heal yourself totally, in balance with the Universe. In the divine kingdom, be divine. Cannon fire out. Inhale again. Hold tight for 25 seconds. With great kindness to your Self, consider: “It is me and my purity that will give me health, wealth and happiness.” Call on it. Exhale and relax.

Time: 2 minutes.


 “You have unlimited reserve energy. When you invoke your energy, there’s nothing that is small in you and all the environments start flying towards you. It’s beautiful. It is a way of life.

Become a human. Find your Self within yourself and then see what comes to you. That’s my challenge to you. Just be yourself with everybody. Say, ‘Hello. Thank you. Can I do something for you?’ That’s all it is. “

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