Ru Yi Feng Shui

Ru Yi is a Chinese scepter used in classical or traditional feng shui. Not many people in modern feng shui schools are familiar with the Ru Yi look or use, but it has become a feng shui good luck and good fortune symbol.

To know whether you need a Ru Yi or not in the feng shui of your home, first decide if you like the look of the Ru Yi and then see if you feel connected to its meaning. The quality of the Ru Yi you want to buy is important, as some feng shui cures are made of cheap materials and are of questionable quality.

After you understand the meaning and use of Ru Yi in classical or traditional feng shui applications, it is up to you to decide if a Ru Yi is a good match for the energy of your home or office.

The Meaning

As with most ancient symbols, there are several different versions as to the origins of Ru Yi. Some believe Ru Yi originated from the Buddhist ceremonial scepter, some from a self-defense weapon and some believe it originated as a simple back scratcher. Whatever its origin, records show that in time Ru Yi became a symbol of power and authority.

Ru Yi literally means “as you wish”, which makes it a good fortune Feng Shui symbol that is believed to help remove obstacles and ease endeavors.

Those who are interested in gaining or maintaining power, leadership or authority luck in the career or in life could borrow the energy of the Ru Yi. Place it on your desk, behind where you sit in the office, or in the North sector as it’s reputed to remove hindrances and clear the pathway to career success. It is believed to primarily benefit directors, CEOs, politicians and Managers. Ru Yi makes a great gift for those who are in pursuit of high goals, visions and aspirations.

The placement of the Feng Shui Ru Yi in the Northwest sector is believed to bring the patriarch power and authority luck. Northwest sector also governs networking or mentor luck.

This would give him the authoritative energy to maintain an orderly home and control children who are severely undisciplined. For the same effect for the matriarch, place the Ru Yi in Southwest.

The additional meaning of Ru Yi is that of good luck and protection, with a reputation for helping its owner find a clear way to the fulfillment of his path or destiny. Due to Ru Yi’s association with power, authority, and fulfillment of a destiny (yang quality of energy, often translated as “career” in today’s world), a Ru Yi is best used for good feng shui in the office, not at home.

Where to Place

In classical feng shui schools, a Ru Yi is most often positioned in the North area of a place of business, which can be a home office or a large, corporate office. A Ru Yi in the office is assumed to protect the owner from negative energy and clear the way for career advancement.

At home, the Ru Yi is most often placed in the Northwest bagua area—the area connected to male energy. It is also the feng shui area connected to networking and helping people. Sometimes a Ru Yi is placed in the West feng shui bagua area (Children and Creativity) to create more authoritative energy in the interaction with children.


The typical feng shui Ru Yi is made of metal or a lighter material with a bronze finish. A more expensive and better-crafted Ru Yi is made of jade or precious wood. You often find the feng shui Ru Yi adorned with red tassels with the mystic knot, as well as various feng shui symbols.

If you like what Ru Yi is about and feel connected to its look and meaning, definitely go for this feng shui cure. In applying good feng shui in your home or office, do not make the mistake of feeling limited to using cures that do not resonate with you.

Feng shui is all about energy, and energy can be expressed in endless ways. You have to be clear with your intent and know what you want to achieve by using a specific feng shui cure. Ru Yi is just one option among many other options. Understand its energy and explore how the same energy can be expressed in various ways that are appropriate for your home and office decor.

Ru Yi Scepter Feng Shui Placement

1. Display the Ru Yi scepter prominently on your work desk to enhance your career luck. It is believed to create a positive chi for gaining fame and reputation that help in promotion or business advancement.

2. You can position it in the Northwest sector of your home to aid in increasing the luck of the male owner. Beside that, it also believed that this placement suit parents who want to gain better command with their children.

3. Based on Flying Star in year 2019, you can place this symbol of authority in the west sector of your house that represent success and victory.

4. If you have a dragon turtle that is depicted together with a Ru Yi, it is a powerful symbol of authority, protection, and support from your superior. You can place it behind you in your office to ensure a smooth sailing career with support from benefactors. 

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