Shahrukh Khan Palmistry

Shah Rukh Khan reached the top in the Indian film industry, but he is not known as a phenomenal actor or great looker. Neither is he from a “filmi” background, and one wonders how exactly he made it in Bollywood. His hands give us a clue to the secret of his success. A mix of the most useful and essential qualities (for success) got SRK to where he is.

The most significant signs on this hand are the long, strong thumb, a prominent mount of Lower Mars and Venus, a large broad, slightly fleshy palm, medium length of fingers, and well-etched lines, although not long ones. The mounts of Mercury and Moon are also well developed. The lifeline is broken but the feline compensates for it, repairing this break. There is a good balance of
the three phalanges and rounded fingertips. Some of the fingers have the first phalange bent a little and all his fingers are strong, except perhaps the Jupiter (index) finger. His fingers are more or less balanced with each other in length, as is the ratio of his fingers to his palm.

No doubt, Shah Rukh has strong will-power and determination. Coupled with aggression and pushiness, such a will can rub people the wrong way but Shah Rukh Khan compensates for this in several ways. For one, he has warmth for other people; he genuinely likes people even if he may not be overly helpful or generous.  He is a very astute person, with plenty of adroitness and tact.

He is likely to be a keen observer of people, a good judge of human nature, and is articulate. This gives him an edge over others. It can be manipulative if circumstances require it.

Although he likes people, his pushiness can be upset people and it is shrewdness that can get him out of difficult situations. He is of a fairly calm temperament too. Not having a quick temper and yet be aggressive is a good combination. It can get things done.

Mental strength he has in plenty and this prevents him from being discouraged easily and there is focus too which enables him to sustain himself in bad times and continue with his goals relentlessly, never quite giving up.

Besides showing a balance of personality SRK’s hand reveals qualities that can bring success like for example determination and focus. And the energy which he brings to his roles is evident on his hand too. He has channelized this almost excessive energy into his work, making his life productive.

This intensity and energy are not just acting; it is who he is. For example, some of the roles he chose at the start of his career (example Darr) where he plays an obsessed and morbid lover are roles which he could play with aplomb because a part of him is like that. However, this is in the realm of fantasy. In real life, his personality is in the balance as his head and heart are well balanced.

Acting talent?

Is his acting just about intensity and energy? What about acting talent? Well, creativity and imagination are a part of him too, and certainly, there is a talent for mimicry. Add hard work and focus and he could pull off a role pretty well.

SRK’s drawbacks

Some insecurity of personality is shown and coupled with aggressiveness, it can lead to some difficult situations in his life. He is also very ambitious and perhaps this could tempt him to take short-cuts. But being a smart man, it is likely that he will not do anything rash. He has a strong grip on reality.

What is SRK’s driving force?

It is interesting to note that Shah Rukh Khan’s hands show that he is not driven by a need for power, fame, or money. Yes, recognition means a lot to him, but that’s recognition rather than fame if one can make that distinction. But even more than recognition, there is something else.

It’s difficult to explain. He is basically an inward kind of person and tends to be melancholic at times, and seems to want to prove something to himself all the time. He is not that confident of himself. It’s like he has a fear of being found out. This probably drives him. As he grows older he will probably come to an understanding with himself, a kind of self-actualization perhaps. Or rather, he needs to do this so he can be happy in old age.

What’s he like as a man?

Shah Rukh is a serious sort, moody at times, and he has the ability to enjoy himself as well. He has a broad perspective on life, although he tends to be controlling. However, SRK’s head tends to rule and when he realizes that he is going to an extreme he can pull himself back. He can be influenced and convinced.

He may not make the most romantic husband but is certainly the kind who will be a committed family man. Doing anything else would mean falling in his own estimation.

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