South-east Vastu


Houses in India are mainly constructed keeping their Vastu in mind.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science prescribing healthy rules of architecture, generated from traditional values and perceptions. According to Vastu rules, each direction has its own significance which has a direct influence upon the building as well as its dwellers.

Although Vastu states that all directions are inherently good, the positioning of the house should be done in accordance to the guidelines set forward for the different directions. This will ensure proper flow of energy throughout the house and thereby benefiting its inhabitants.

Although Vastu covers every direction, here we will be focusing on the South East direction.

Importance Of South-East (Agni) Direction

Health risk for Women residents: 

The southeast direction has the characteristics of the South and the East as well as its very own individual character. This direction is also called as Agneya as it is ruled by Agni (FIRE) and is said to be radiant in nature. Venus is said to reign this direction, and since Venus embodies femininity, if there are any defects related to the SE direction, the lady of the house will suffer the most discomfort.

Vastu Remedy:

 In order to control the flow of negative energy through this door, 2 stickers of the Gayatri Mantra can be stuck to the door from both sides. Gem therapy is also a good way to control and prevent negative energy from entering the house.

Discomfort in marriage

The SE direction is also associated with sex and married life and hurdles in the SE portion of the house can bring about discomfort in marriage. A toilet or bathroom or an underground water body or opening in the southeast direction is not advisable. To remedy any obstacle, hang a picture of a burning candle on the south wall of the bathroom.

In case any inhabitant of the house is unable to get a marriage alliance or lives alone, it might be due to improper Vastu in the South East or North West directions. Entry from North West and underground water in South East or vice versa can result in loneliness and instability in life.

Vastu Remedy:

 Gemstones like coral, sapphire, diamond, and crystals that are infused with the proper mantras can help dispel obstacles in the southeast direction. Always seek the advice of a Vastu consultant when building your home or if you find something defective in any areas in your life.

Even though you might meet with hassles if improperly done, the South East direction also has some good properties. The direction is a great place to set up the kitchen, for making electrical slot, placing generators, boilers etc. Keep the South East corner free of defects for a steady, progressive and peaceful life.

The 7 best Vastu tips for the south-east are as follows:

  • The south-east is the best location for a kitchen. Since this corner belongs to Lord Agnidev, all food cooked here is blessed by him and is believed to be very healthy and prosperous.
  • Never place your bedroom in the south-east as this causes serious Vastu problems. The ultraviolet rays of the sun reach this direction by noon and accumulate in the south-eastern room throughout the day, making it uncomfortable for the occupants. This can result in behavioral problems for them. Couples may face strained relations, sometimes even leading to divorce.
  • Placing overhead water tanks in the south-east is like creating an enemy in the house. It can lead to lots of unwanted problems related to electrical and electronic equipments. Underground water tanks in this direction are also not good. It may result in unwanted tensions and clashes with family members, relatives and friends. It can cause legal and administrative problems as well.
  • Water slopes heading towards the south-east also bring in problems, as do swimming pools. This can lead to fire-related accidents and other tensions.
  • Placing a mandir, puja room or a study room in this area is also not advisable, as due to its heated environment, it is not considered to be a peaceful location. The same stands true for safes storing cash and important files.
  • Avoid positioning a building’s main entries in the south-east as this is very risky and brings in unforeseen problems for the occupants. It may create legal problems as well.
  • Do not place a mirror in the south-east. This may result in losses for business organizations.   

Do’s and Don’ts

Vastu dosh in southeast direction may affect the health of women in the house.
Vastu dosh in southeast direction also affects the married life or in conceiving a child.
the southeast direction is recommended for the Master bedroom.
Vastu restricts doors, toilets/bathroom or an underground water body in a southeast direction.

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