South wall Vastu


Vastu is an integral part in constructing a home. In order to ensure continue inflow of happiness, there are certain factor are should be kept in mind. Thus, here we present you some vastu tips for the walls, courtyards, open spaces and few other other construction.


First of all, take care of the walls.
• Walls should be straight and uniform.
• In accordance with Vaastu, a wall of uneven thickness is unfortunate.
• Keep Vaastu in mind while building the wall.
• It is good to get a boundary wall constructed before construction of the home.
• Construction of the wall of the foundation has to be done from the southwest angle.
• Apply here the same rule of foundation filling.
• Keep the height of the wall of the home lower in east, north-east.
• Only south and west wall should be built to protect construction material. Get wall built-in rest sides only after completion of building construction.


While doing construction of the ladder in the south-west, try to manage to construct a ladder from the south wall towards the upper side.

Other Construction:

• You should design the map and details yourself or get designed by architects of the size and direction of rooms in the planned house.
The central place of land i.e., Brahma Sthal (Place of God) should remain empty. No construction should be done at this place.
During construction of a porch or garage outside of the home, keep in mind that its roof should not be flat.
• If the land is “L” shaped, construction should be done on the southwest side of the land.
• According to Vaastu Shastra, before construction, water tank, well or boring should be made on land in northeast direction and this water should be used in construction work.
• Do not start construction just after buying the land. Before starting the construction work, it is important to identify the center of the north.
At the time of construction, do not place construction material at the north-east corner or around it. Otherwise, construction work will not be completed on time.
• Do not get boundary built before completion of building construction. It can slow construction work.
• If there are trees, thorns or milk-producing trees or poisonous bushy plant, then root them up before construction. Otherwise, construction work will not be completed on time.
• Get the slope of the roof and ground floor of a house built from west to north-east direction.
• Do not construct a courtyard which is lower in the center and higher towards the periphery. It can harm your son.
• In the current era, the hall should be built on a similar level to the courtyard.
• Courtyard of the house should be at the center of the home.
• At the time of construction, leave the more open place in east direction than west and in north direction than south.
• Having more space in the west than north and west than the east is not out of danger.
• Any place, either land or house, which has more open space in a southward direction, is sold within 12 years. So keep it in mind during construction.
• Leave more space in the east and north.
• Leave more space in east and north than south and west.
Have an empty space of at least 2-3 feet wide around the garage.
• If there is an open space between boundary and the main building, it gives very good results.
• South east angle should be open in the east. Energy, air, light enter in-home and control its temperature.

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