South West Cut Vastu Remedies

We are well aware of the truth that the Universe and the Living Vaastu is made of Five Elements [PanchMahabhutas]. And the human body is also made of PanchMahabhutas, thus any imbalance in living Vaastu elements can lead to disturbing life by way of diseases to the human body.

For example, An imbalance in Water and Air element can lead to cough and later on increase in body temperature. Acidity is the result of excess Air and likewise. According to Vaastu Shastra, many factors are responsible for such imbalance in elements; one of the major facts is having Cut in any of directions. If there is a cut in any direction of the House, then the balance of Vaastu is get disturbed, and there forms a Vaastu Dosh.

It is important that the House / Vaastu should be always in rectangle shape and there should not be cut any part of the house.

Nairutya or South-west cut is a Major defect [Dosh]. Though it gives favorable results in its initial days for the long term, it’s never acceptable.
Due to this Cut, the South-west corner gets divided into Two corners and makes the house in five corners thus the harmful energy of the South-west will increases.
According to Vaastu principles, the South-west is the Earth element [Prithvi Tatva] and ruled by planet Rahu, This corner represents the lower waist part of the body. Cut or extension can create the defect [Vaastu dosh] in the South-west. Southwest is also a more important corner as compared to the northeast.
South-West Defect [Dosh] will provide:

  • Attracts Unnatural energy.
  • Affects the mental balance of the people living in that house.
  • Unlawful thoughts may catch over
  • People may have negative and criminal tendencies
  • Diseases affecting the lower body part
  • Leads to Accidents; Economic losses

Each corner of the house [sub-co-ordinates direction] possesses some positive properties which otherwise makes the life of the inmates live with happiness. And defected corners may give adverse effects on the inmates. The defected South-west also adversely affects the North-east and the inmates have to face the results accordingly.
South-west in balanced position can provide:

  • Makes people cultured and free from bad effects.
  • Fear freeness from enemies.
  • South-west direction helps the inmates to achieve every success than expected.
  • Stability in Life

South-west is responsible for the stability in the house. So make it more stable by placing heavy items in this corner. Put an Almirh in South-west and put your Valuables and Cash in that. As the South-west is responsible for stability thus the “Laxmi [money]” will stable in your house, which reduces the expenses and you will get financial stability.
Cut in South-west will make the house defected and gives negative result on inmates.
So can we expect a Cut in such an important and favorable direction? Hence this defect must be avoided to ensure the overall progress of the inmates.

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