South West Toilet Vastu Remedies

Vastu Shastra has specific prescriptions for every area of a home, be it the children’s bedroom, the home office, the meditation room, or your kitchen. Not just in terms of the direction of rooms, Vastu also dictates the right spots for the placement of furniture at home. There are also Vastu tips and guidelines for the bathroom and toilet in terms of their direction and position. Toilets and bathrooms tend to become a source of negative energy in a home as they are often not given the same treatment as one’s bedroom or living room. However, putting in the effort to rebuild a bathroom according to the guidelines prescribed by Vastu will reap rewards for you, and may even make it your new sanctuary. According to Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, founder and owner of Enlightening Lifestyle, the ancient scriptures of Vastu Shastra specifically mention adhering to the rules of precise cleanliness to be maintained in each corner of the home, especially the place where you bathe and clean yourself daily. Here are the top 10 Vastu tips for one’s bathroom and toilet.

Key Vastu Tips for your Bath and Toilet Areas

Here are some of the tips prescribed by Ashna Ddhannak to make your bathroom vastu-compliant:

1. The best direction for constructing a bathroom as per vastu is in the north-west section of the home as it supports the elimination of waste.

2. A good quality, wooden door for the bathroom should be the first course of action. A metal door fosters negativity and could have an adverse effect on your health.

3. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times to avoid letting negative energy pervade your home and create obstacles in your career and personal relationships.

4. Do not adorn the bathroom door with decorative statues or religious idols.

5. As per vastu, the toilet should not share a wall with the bedroom, puja room or kitchen, among others, as it could create a negative vibe in the house. A bed that shares a wall with the toilet may cause you to have nightmares.

6. The washbasin and shower area must be in the east, north, and north-east part of the bathroom according to Vastu.

7. The correct Vastu direction for the outlet of water and drainage in the bathroom and toilet is north, east or north-east. The bathroom floor should slope in the same direction so that water drains from the same direction.

8. One must pay special attention during the placement of the toilet seat inside the bathroom. It should be placed in the west or north-west direction as it supports the elimination of waste and toxins from one’s body.

9. The exhaust fan or bathroom window must face the east or north-east direction to allow in fresh air and sunlight. Ventilation is important as it eliminates bacteria inside the bathroom.

10. According to Vastu, the best colors for the toilet interior are shades of brown, beige, cream, and other earthy shades. Avoid black and dark blue.

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