Staircase Vastu Remedies

A key feature of any structure, stairways are more than just a necessity. They also beautify the home. Contemporary staircases made of wood are nowadays popular that add a luxury quotient to the property.

Be it internal or external, staircases have great importance in Vastu. They are the focal point in the house that form strong energy zones. A bad staircase design has the power to eliminate all the positive results brought by Vastu principles applied on various floors and interiors. Thus, here are some tips which you should keep in mind when designing staircases in your house and also rectify the doshas of bad Vastu, if any.

Which are the best directions?

Ideally, staircases should be constructed in the southwest corner of the house. Staircases located in the northeast corner or the Ishan Kon is a major Vastu Dosha and may lead to serious ailments related to brain, kidney or heart.  

Vastu recommendations for building staircase

*A staircase should always be constructed in a clockwise direction, which means that the person climbing should move from north to south or east to west. Presence of anti-clockwise staircase can impact career growth and chances of restarting everything become higher. A simple remedy to an anti-clockwise construction is to place an arrangement of fresh flowers near the foot of the staircase.

*A staircase opposite or near the main door is another prominent Vastu defect. The design can affect reputation and success. To rectify this, place an Ashtakon or eight-sided mirror on the main entrance. Bagua mirrors are popular in Feng Shui and can be placed facing the staircase.

*Vastu Dosha is also caused when there are stairs separating the living room and the dining hall. The effect could be visible in the form of financial instability in the household. This defect can be resolved by keeping a tulsi (Basil) plant at each step.

*Vastu Dosha of having a staircase in the northeast direction can be removed by constructing a room where the staircase ends, that is, in southwest corner. You can also keep two copper tortoises, that face each other, below the lowest step.

Vastu tips for internal staircase

Most buildings these days have internal staircases. In case you are buying an apartment in a society or building your own home, make the internal staircase is built keeping in mind rules set by Vastu.

  1. Staircases must be always constructed clockwise. In case it is not, this fault could be rectified by placing flower plans near the starting point.
  2. Internal staircases should be towards the southern or the south-western portion of the building.
  3. They should not be built in the north-east corner or the center of the building or the house.
  4. The stairs should not touch the northern or the eastern walls.
  5. Ensure that the number of steps in an internal staircase is not even but odd.
  6. Kitchens, bathrooms, or puja rooms should not be built near the staircase.
  7. Vibrant colors around the staircase will bring positivity. But the staircases should be painted using light colors.
  8. At the end and the beginning of a staircase, the door must be fitted.
  9. An internal staircase must not visible to the visitors.
  10. Broken stairs should be immediately repaired.

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