Theta Meditation

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Theta waves are high-amplitude but slow-cycling brain waves — frequenting only 4-7 times per second.

That’s really slow for brain activity.

A theta wave cycle lasts about as long as the human eye blinks, or about 4/10 of a second! They are also associated with deep meditation.

Only Delta waves, associated with extremely deep (non-dreaming) sleep, are slower.

Theta waves are associated with dreaming sleep, super learning, creativity, daydreaming, and deep meditation. And with emotional surges, self-reprogramming, and spiritual experiences.

If you’re interested in improving your problem-solving, spiritual connection, intuition, imagination, creativity, and physical relaxation, you’ll want to spend more time in theta.

But if you want to be focused on any specific task, though, you don’t want your brain in theta. Theta is NOT the ideal state for concentrated, focused mental activity.

If you’ve ever been bored out of your mind in school and you drifted off to imagination-land, you know how impossible it felt to concentrate on your work.

You had to shift back to the normal waking beta state in order to be able to focus.

Most people have no trouble shifting from theta (daydreaming) to alpha or beta (focused) when they need to concentrate; but people with impaired attention have trouble making the shift.

An inability to shift from the daydreaming to a focused state can cause problems in learning and in work situations.

Do you remember how, when you were a little kid, you used to go off into your imaginary world all the time?

Life was a carefree mix of pretend and real life, and there wasn’t a whole lot of difference between the two. One felt just as real as the other: just as exciting, or scary, or mysterious…

Little kids spend a LOT of time in theta. Not only are kids highly imaginative, but like little sponges, they are open to all new ideas. They don’t pre-judge an idea based on their past, like adults do. And they are not afraid to try something new, because to kids, everything is new!

Mental Openness: Your Gateway to Super-Learning

The mind automatically judges and categorizes every new bit of information. A lot of what is new gets rejected because it doesn’t fit into the current programming.

Using your imagination in theta removes the judgments and constraints of the logical mind, and allows for unbridled creativity.

The world’s most awe-inspiring inventions were created because the logical “that can’t work” didn’t get in the way!

Think about how much creativity went into the technological advances humans have made in the past 100 years. All innovations start as ideas, and the inventors have to get their ideas from imagination into practical application. Luckily for us, they didn’t listen too much to “that can’t work!”

Imagination is the creative force within you.

You know that if you want to see a dream come true, you have to have the dream first. You have to create the idea of that dream before you do anything to make it happen. Learning to use your imagination constructively means directing it, without the censorship of your logical mind, which will very effectively keep you stuck where you are because anything different and new is automatically considered wrong.

Most practically, theta is the brainwave state most associated with self-reprogramming.

It is amazing how you can imprint new ideas and beliefs into your subconscious when you’re in theta without the constraints of the logical mind that are focused on the current situation. Imprint a new idea as a mental image/emotion, and practice often so it becomes part of you. Then, there’s no stopping you when it comes time to put ideas into action!

Spending more time in theta also helps you become less stressed and less prone to anxiety and wild emotional swings.

Want to Learn a New Language or Complex Skill?

Try learning when you’re in theta.

Little kids pick up new languages effortlessly. Kids are open to learning everything about everything, in part to the high concentration of theta activity in their brains. They don’t have preconceived notions about what is possible and what isn’t. Only adults have those, and you can train yourself to NOT be constrained this way.

And best of all (the most fun) benefit of theta is “getting into the Zone“… oh yes, that wonderful Zone where you completely shut out the world, and become immersed in what you’re doing, just like a little kid pretending to be Luke Skywalker. The Zone is achievable by anyone, not just Jedi masters and munchkins!

“The Zone” goes beyond focus — it’s a complete melding of physical reality and imagination. Athletes get in the zone all the time; so do artists, musicians, inventors and anyone who has had to integrate an idea with the physical application.

How can you get into theta and still be awake and able to direct your imagination?

The answer: deep meditation!

If you’ve ever meditated, you know that deep meditation is not always easy to get into and very difficult to stay in. Even after years of practice, it’s a constant struggle to get the brain to avoid wandering back to beta (the normal alert brainwave state).

Today, you can take advantage of brainwave entrainment technology to help with meditation.

The technology synchronizes brain activity with an external audio stimulus that creates the exact brainwave state you want to be in. This makes it effortless to get into meditation and stay there for as long as you like.

Since we have had it drilled into our heads that imagination is for children (how unfortunate is that??), meditation is the best way for adults to experience the benefits of theta waves consistently…

And you don’t have to tell anyone you’re daydreaming while you meditate! With a brainwave entrainment meditation audio, it’s easy to meditate and enjoy the theta state every day.

Theta Healing has become globally popular, but what most people don’t realise is that you don’t need a healer to access the Theta state.

Benefits of Theta Healing & How to Achieve the Theta State

Theta healing has become a branded term (trademarked I believe); a global industry. A healer, or a ticket to visit a seminar, could run into $100+ dollars. And then there’s the books and extra sessions, too.

So in this post I want to explain to you where this popular therapy originates from, what the benefits are and how you can access this state of Theta healing – for less than 10 bucks!

The Roots of Theta Healing

The Theta state, induced by Theta healing  is the same state accessed when you meditate, something people in the East have been doing for centuries, and something that was adopted by the West around 70 or so years ago.

When you meditate, your brainwaves slow down. You become more calm, more relaxed.

When you are in a higher energy state, the dominant brainwave frequency running through your brain is Beta (waves);  probably somewhere between 15-30 Hertz.

When you mediate, your brainwaves drop down into a low frequency state known as Theta. This state is a low frequency brainwave state that runs between 4-8 Hertz (cycles per second).

Above Theta is Alpha, a relaxed but focussed and aware (the flow) state. And Below Theta is Delta. Delta waves are abundant in the deep sleep stages.

So essentially, accessing the Theta state is all about getting your brain to shift from an alert and highly aware state to a relaxed, calm state where you can begin to focus on your awareness.

I tried to keep that as non-technical as possible, so you get the concept of fast and slow brainwaves.

Many people start the process of meditation by focusing on the breath, as this is a tried and tested way to calm the mind. Focussing on the breath can bring your mind into the present moment and stop you dwelling on thoughts of the past and the potential of the future.

The idea is not to blank your mind so that you stop thinking –you would become very frustrated trying to do so – but rather to centre your awareness. You might choose to keep your eyes open and focus on an object, or close your eyes and simply relax.

Either way, you observe the thoughts that arise in your mind and just let them be. You don’t try to cling onto them, and if you do, you don’t force yourself to let go.

The idea is to be present in the moment, observing your awareness – almost as a member of your own audience.

This is not a meditation lesson, but understanding the basics of meditation is key here because this is where the “Theta Healing” originates from.

When in this relaxed state, you become receptive to healing, hypnosis, subliminal messaging and other holistic therapies.

You will be more open to explore deep rooted issues such as insecurities, worries and past traumas; issues that affect your life on a day-to-day basis and hold you back from fulfilling your full potential and reaching your goals in life.

But if meditation is difficult for you, and you don’t fancy the price tag of Theta healing seminars, read on for a potentially more effective solution.

How to Get into a Theta State, Fast

As we explored above, meditation can help you access the Theta state, as can a Theta healer or hypnosis practitioner. But it is actually quite difficult to take someone who is normally very high energy, or someone who suffers from anxiety, into a Theta state.

For this reason, many of our users are hypnosis practitioners, healers and therapists who use our recordings with their clients.

Similarly, we have a number of Reiki practitioners who use recordings like our Deep Meditation, Spiritual Awakening, and Earth Vibration to help them cultivate their healing energy before practice.

We also have many users who use our music for meditation and achieving the Theta state on a daily basis – because they want to reap the benefits of regular practice.

Using Theta wave music is a fast and effective way to access the Theta state because you are able to entrain the brain to move from its current frequency state to the Theta frequency state.

Studies have shown that binaural beats are effective in shifting the brain into a Theta state:

It is as simple as relaxing, putting on your headphones and pressing play.

What Are the Benefits of Theta Healing

Theta is a versatile state.

In this state we can induce healing, access to higher consciousness, stimulate muscle relaxation and pain relief, heighten creativity and problem solving skills, and make the mind more permeable and receptive to change through different types of therapies such as hypnosis and subliminal messaging.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of  associated benefits with Theta healing/meditation:

  1. Deep relaxation and stress relief
  2. Anxiety reduction
  3. Mind and body healing
  4. Lowers heart rate
  5. Increasing intuition
  6. Subconscious connection
  7. Ability to program the unconscious mind
  8. High levels of creativity and  problem solving
  9. Improved emotional connections with self and others
  10. A bridge to a higher spiritual connection

It should be noted that not all these benefits will emerge from listening to one Theta wave recording; though regular listening to one recording will bring about change in a fair few areas.

Without getting too technical, different recordings uses different frequencies within the Theta spectrum to target different benefits.

Theta Healing: A Natural Solution

Theta healing through our special music is beneficial for everyone.

Whether you want to reduce anxiety and stress, or encourage healing of the mind and body, you will benefit.

We also have some subliminal messaging products that use Theta frequencies underneath the music to help you overcome confidence issues, weight issues, addiction issues and more.

There is a calmative effect from regular use of Theta music. And that is why the term “Theta Healing” is apt; because it tends to be an all-encompassing healing process that emerges with regular practice.

By this I mean that over time you will notice that you feel more positive, more relaxed and calmer in challenging situations. You will feel less anxious and stressed. You will sleep better and generally feel more contented and present in life.

If you are on medication for anxiety or stress related symptoms, or perhaps you are dealing with some body pain issues or mental trauma issues from the past,  you might like to try Theta healing music as an accompaniment to your medication.

And if you are in a position where you have previously been on medication for an issue, or you are about to come off medication and don’t want to go back on, but you are anxious about managing your symptoms naturally, you may choose to experiment with this form of therapy.

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