Trataka Meditation

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Trataka has its own significance and benefits. Trataka is also called hypnotism in other words. There is no attraction in the eyes of the seeker practicing it every day, it cannot happen. There are so many types of Trataka sadhana like chakra Tratak to activate the 7 chakras, candle gazing Tratak, Nose tip Trataka and many more we will discuss all of them one by one.

Though the Trataka Meditation is considered to be a part of Hatha Yoga, some seekers do not know about Hatha Yoga but they still make life enjoyable by practicing it.

What Is Trataka?

In hatha yoga, 6 types of yogic kriya have been described to purify the body and mind of a human. One of them is Trataka. Trataka candle Gazing meditation is a purification and dhyana technique in which we have look gaze continuously on an object such as candle flame, point, nose tip, etc.

Tratak not only increases the attraction in the eyes but also there is so much self-realization that we are also able to understand the other’s mind.

This experiment paves the way for meditation and spiritual energy is also attained. If you want to make your life beautiful then learn Tratak with sequence, methodical, and patiently. You can hypnotize the person who is in front of you by practicing Trataka and can attract a large gathering too.

Benefits of Trataka Meditation

There are many physical, mental and spiritual benefits of doing Trataka meditation. The main benefit of candle gazing meditation is that it purifies our eyes. Let’s know the other amazing benefits of Trataka Sadhana.

  1. The eyes of the seeker who practice Trataka become beautiful, large, attracting, charming, brilliant and wonderful.
  2. With the help of Tratak, you can also make the enemy your friend. You can also control violent animals.
  3. Divine vision is achieved.
  4. Normal eye disorder ends. Therefore Tratak is a very beneficial Meditation for eyes.
  5. Both spiritual and worldly pleasures are attained.
  6. The mind remains calm.
  7. It provides physical and mental benefits.
  8. Fame is achieved.
  9. This is a powerful medium for awakening Kundalini.
  10. Concentration power is developed and memory power increases.

How To Do Tartaka Meditation – Step By Step Guide

Many methods of practicing tract are popular. We are describing the main methods here so that our audience gets the maximum benefits. Below we are letting you know the candle meditation practice of Trataka.

  1. Choose a place that is peaceful, beautiful, peaceful and the atmosphere is also good. As long as you practice there, keep in mind that no one has come there to distract you.
  2. Take a candle to practice Trataka and sit at 4 feet away from it in Sukhasana Posture.
  3. First, burn the candle and place it 4 feet away in front of the eyes. The candle flame will shake if there is air in the room which can cause eye disorders. It would be better to put some kind of cover on the three sides of the candle so that its flame did not shake.
  4. Now be comfortable and see the upper flame of the candle without blinking the eyes.
  5. Initially, the eyes will burn, so practice patiently.
  6. Try to look at it as senselessly and convincing.
  7. Do not watch for a long time, otherwise, it will be difficult to practice the next day.
  8. You can practice it with lamp and incense stick instead of the candle but in the dark room.
  9. Success is achieved in almost 5-6 months of practice.

Other Ways To Practice Trataka Meditation

There are many more ways to practice Trataka. Like Point, Chakra, Sun, Moon, Star, Mirror, Nose tip, Picture of your devoted god, etc. Nowadays, Tratak chart is also available in the market and online stores. You can also practice by using the chart.

Types Of Trataka Meditation

External Tratak and Internal Tratak. The beginning is happening from external Tratak.

External Trataka Meditation

In External Tratak, we focus on the flame of a candle or at a point with both the eyes. Above steps is a type of external Trataka. So in the same way, in the external Trataka, you have to see the candle flame until you get tears from your eyes. When your eyes begin to water, then you can close your eyes. From here the internal Tratak begins.

Internal Trataka Meditation

Now when you close your eyes then see on your Agya chakra with both the eyes. You can see the negative of that candle flame on the Agya Chakra or Third Eye. As long as you see the flame on the Agya cycle, keep on practicing internal Trataka. When you stop seeing the flame then you will re-exercise the external Tratak.

What Happen After Tratak Sadhana

After 5-6 months try looking at the flame continuously without any hurry. After that close the eyes and try to see the same flame. You will also see the flame after some time after closing the eyes. This will be your last Tratak and your concentration and vision will be stable.

Tartak Sadhana Precaution And Things To Keep In Mind

While practicing Tratak you have to keep below thing in mind.

  1. Trataka is secret science, it should be practiced only in the care of a yoga guru.
  2. Do this exercise without stress.
  3. Take care of vegetarianism.
  4. Do not rub the eyes when they burn. Use cold water or rosewater on the eyes.
  5. Those whose eyes are weak, practice Tratak discreetly.
  6. This sadhana is not as simple as it looks. It requires patience, self-confidence, and complete discretion

Final Words

There should be concentration while doing yoga. By keeping in mind the benefits that come from particular Yoga practice, the possibility of being healthy increases rapidly.

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