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If you are interested in the lines on the palm, you might be curious to know whether it’s possible to see signs of travel? If you think about it, travel is the change or movement from one place to another. Therefore, the most obvious thing to look for is changes in the lines. Travel lines can be found in various areas of the hand. If someone travels abroad as a permanent relocation, the change will be evident in the fate line and lifeline. If the line ‘shifts’ or changes course, it suggests a change of course in life. 

Travel lines can be seen as branches, like offshoots from the lifeline and transverse lines on the ulnar edge. In other words, they are horizontal lines on the edge of the palm on the pinkie side. These do not always denote a permanent move aboard, especially if there are several lines present. Note that the uppermost lines are marriage lines and the start of the heart line.

Lines that can point to travel

A short lifeline is a mark of someone restless. These people are not happy to stay in one place forever. Lines branching or emanating from the line of life towards the Mount of Moon are signs of trips, but also not a guaranteed symbol of permanent relocation. They can also depict a person who would love to travel, even if they haven’t.

For a mark of a permanent move abroad, usually, there will be a broken lifeline and a connecting line to the fate line or a new section of lifeline (if the change is lasting). The long-distance travel line is a longer line than the short distance.

Look also at the shape of the hand, fingers, and mounts for a desire for travel. If a person is a committed traveler through work or pleasure, they will typically have an air or fire type hand due to the adventurous and social nature. The line of life on a venturesome character arch towards the Mount of Moon (mount opposite the thumb), instead of curving around the Venus mount (ball of thumb). (See an example here)

If there are many fine travel lines from the lifeline, they will suggest regular journeys. Even a person who regularly goes offshore fishing (for example) might have these lines. Be careful though, if the end of the lifeline has many fine lines branching out, (like tassels) it might mean something else, like too much acidity in the body, stomach issues, or arthritis, etc.

The fingers can also show if a person is likely to travel

The finger shapes also come into consideration especially if one has spatulate fingertips, signifying the love of the new and unusual. With square fingertips, the destinations may be somewhere that is more well-known to them. A long pinkie (Mercury’s finger) would give excellent communication skills so learning another language would not be a problem. The long pinkie is also a sign of someone who doesn’t mind being away from home.

I made a quick video about the travel lines, learn about the ‘areas or countries’ of travel from each line. Also about the timing of the travel, like what age the trip is likely to be. 

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