How to Use Meditation to Communicate with Your Twin Flame Telepathically!

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If you’re aware of the reality of Twin Flames, you’ll be even more excited to find how meditation can help you communicate with them telepathically. It’s only natural that you should want to be around your Twin Flame as much as possible and meditation can actually accomplish this.

The Essence of Meditation

Before we begin on leveraging the ancient art of meditation for the sake of communicating with your Twin Flame telepathically, let’s take a look at the process itself. For those who are not familiar with meditating, some background could go a long way. Meditation goes back thousands of years and the idea is quite simple: just be. Sit still and let your mind go clear. Don’t think about it going clear, just let it happen. When noise, thoughts, images, etc. pop up, just observe it. Do not engage it, tell it to go away or anything like that, you just watch it fade. When you become better at meditating, you’ll be sitting still and simply “being” without conscious thought getting in the way.

That’s really all there is to it. A lot of spiritual teachers try to make it sound like you must do something special or meditate a simple way, but that’s really all it boils down to.

Meditating to Communicate with Your Twin Flame

Now, let’s look at how you can use meditating o communicate with your Twin Flame. Given the above explanation, you may be wondering how being still and not thinking could ever make this possible.
When we talk about meditating for the sake of telepathy, we’re actually using the basic practice just described as a sort of foundation. Once you are able to clear your mind, you can truly do miraculous things. There is no friction or distractions to get in the way.
To begin, there are a number of reasons why you may want to use meditation to see your Twin Flame. You could be you can’t physically see each other because:

• You’re both in other relationships right now
• Borders, oceans, etc. stand in the way
• It’s late at night and not practical to meet up
• One of you is in the hospital, prison or somewhere else the other can’t access

The list goes on and on. But also know that none of these need apply either. Many Twin Flames use meditation to see each other for a number of other reasons we’ll cover momentarily. Some do it simply because it’s a new experience or because this particular one can be great for bringing people together.
So assume your meditating position, whether it be sitting on the ground, a chair, etc. Don’t get too comfortable as this will help your mind wander or put you to sleep. Now, close your eyes and begin thinking about your Twin Flame. Using the essence of meditation, though, don’t think about conversations with them or imagine conversing with them. Don’t focus on sex, meals you’ve had together or other inspiring memories. Instead, try focusing on their Essence. Without describing it, ascribing certain characteristics or opinions to it or otherwise adding in your thoughts.

Instead, do your best to simply focus on their Essence and stay in that state. Like with meditation, certain distractions may appear, do not give them your focus. That’s for your Twin Flame right now. So allow those distractions their space, but give them no more attention.
Now imagine your Twin Flame is right there with you on this plane and feel how your heart begins to swell with love. When your heart feels as though it is completely filled with love, that is when your connection to your Twin Flame is at its strongest.

When this happens, do not be surprised if, even with your eyes closed, you feel as though you can literally see your Twin Flame right there in front of you. It might sound funny, but it’s almost like Skype. You login (meditate), wait for a good connection (imagining your Twin Flame until your heart is full) and finally—BOOM!—they’re right there all of a sudden! With this type of meditation, you may begin seeing them before the connection is finally strong enough that clarity comes with it.

Open Up to Twin Flame Energy/Love

Learning about the reality of Twin Flames can be a lot for many people. Some will sadly never use a tool like meditation to help appreciate it. But this is a very necessary step to:
• Open yourself up to this reality
• Awaken your Twin Flame Energy/Love
• Foster it and help it develop
So just like before, go into your meditation practice. Keep in mind, this will not work for full-on skeptics. You need to at least accept the idea that Twin Flames exist. Once you start with that belief, go into your meditation practice. Once you have, you should feel at least the tiniest presence of energy within. That’s your flame. I want you to concentrate on it and, without any kind of extra thought or descriptions, feel it grow.
At first this may not seem to do much and it could take several practices before your energy/love opens up and blooms like a flower. However, just like a flower, tend to it often, go through the routine and you’ll benefit from the results.

Attract Your Twin Flame

Perhaps you want to use meditation to attract your Twin Flame. A lot of people forget that this is such an important step. The setup for this practice is going to be the same. Enter your meditation practice and focus on your Twin Flame’s Essence. However, this time it’s going to take another step. Before you were just connecting, now you need to attract.

To do this, imagine the person getting closer and closer to you through the act of meditation and that, with each step, they become brighter, warmer and their Essence is actually doing the same.

What you’re communicating here on this plane is not a desire for your Twin Flame, so much as respecting the fact that an attraction already exists. By lending it your energy through meditation, you can help amplify it and bring it into this plane. Although this may all seem simple, most of you will need lots of practice before it works. But when you consider what you are hoping to accomplish, hopefully you’ll see that the work is worth it. In any case, it is always worth considering asking your love psychic about this as he or she might know a trick or two.

Twin Flame Reunion With Meditation

You have probably known for awhile about the reality of twin flames, you will be excited to know that meditation can aid you to connect with your twin telepathically, with the twin flame reunion meditation. It’s normal that you would want more time with your twin flame and meditation can complete this.

Before we start meditating to connect with our twin flame, lets look at how this procedure may work. For people who are unfamiliar with meditation. Meditation goes back tens of 1000’s of years the process behind this is very easy. Sit still and allow your mind to go clear.Advertisement

With the above mentioned explanation, you might be curious how one being still could make this work. There are many points why you would want to use meditation to connect with your twin flame.

1. Both of you might be far away from each other.
2. It’s very late at night so you can’t meet them.
3. One of you is ill in hospital or some place and you can’t access.

Twin Flames have been using meditation to see each other for years now.

Try your best to visualize your twin is in front of you on the same plane, feel your heart expand with love. Do what you can to concentrate on them and remain focused. There could be things that may distract you while you meditate, don’t pay any attention to them. Whenever your heart is overflowing with love. That’s when the link with your Twin is at its most powerful.

Meditation for Self-Healing/ Twin Flame Healing

Meditation is an art in patience. I remember the initial days when I struggled to keep my mind blank and almost gave up on meditation when I realized that I was failing miserably in keeping it blank. That is when I came across an article that informed me that meditation isn’t always about keeping mind blank. In fact, the stage of “blank mind meditation” is achieved through years of resolving underlying and unconscious patterns and repressed emotions.

If you are a beginner in meditation or struggle with keeping your mind calm then I hope this trick will help you — start with taking 10 deep breaths (don’t take too deep or too long breaths) and focus on the movement of air through nostril to throat to lungs to the movement of diaphragm because of the breaths. This technique helps to distract your mind from its constant chatter and gives it something to focus upon. But the truth is, you will still sometimes find your mind wandering back to other thoughts instead of focusing on breath. When this happens, try to calmly bring your focus back to the breaths.

After the 10 deep breaths, let whatever thought/image/memory that wants to enter your space of focus, enter it. These are usually related to thoughts or patterns that are running subconsciously at the back of your mind even when you are busy with your day-to-day life. The trick here is to allow the thought/image/memory to enter your focus space but not get involved in it. Sometimes they will bring certain emotions attached to it along with them — simply observe it objectively and analyses your emotions attached to it. Don’t focus on what other people in the memory/thought are saying or doing. Focus on your own body language, your reactions and your emotions in the thought/image/memory. As you focus and observe yourself more, you will feel some sensations like heaviness/a feeling of tightness or knots in some particular area(s) of your body. When you recognize the area in your body where your subconscious mind has stored this thought/ image/ memory, repeat the words

“I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

slowly and gently. Repeat these words with utmost sincerity and release the emotions that come up with each of these words. It is normal to have tears well up in your eyes — let them flow and feel them cleanse the emotions out of your body. Some feel the need to let out a huge sigh — this is also our body’s unconscious way of releasing the thought/memory along with the emotions attached to it. Repeat the words till you feel the area of the body full relaxed/ feel the tightness/heaviness disappear. This will usually follow with a sense of calm and peace. Once you reach this state of calm and peace, rub both your palms rapidly and wipe your face with the warmth of the friction energy and then slowly open your eyes.

The words used in this meditation is called “Ho’oponopono prayer” which is a beautiful Hawaiian healing prayer that can help heal even the deepest of wounds or traumas. When used for self-healing, it is a powerful technique of apologizing to yourself and forgiving yourself for the hurt that was caused to you by you.

The prayer ends with repairing our broken spirit with words of self-love and expressing gratitude to our resilient spirit and the various life lessons that our soul learns during its journey.

Meditation: cutting negative cords, and merging with your Twin Flame

We have all lived many lives on this Earth. Each life has left its mark upon us in one way or another. Many of us are still connected to past life situations, people and / or certain karmic relationships by energetic cords erupting from our chakra’s. Of course, so is our Twin. Now, as we share such an intense bond with our Twin Flame (they are our other half: one soul, two bodies), we do have the power to help them detach from those cords. Do keep in mind that this will NEVER happen against their will, always in cooperation with them in a mutual agreement, and also: cutting cords could have immense consequences. Make sure you are acting from pure love.

Aside from cutting cords that cause them pain, grief or any other negative emotion to this day, this meditation is also meant to merge with your Twin on the 5D plane. After cutting the cords, we will strengthen our own cords with them and fuse our souls. This may not happen during your first attempt, maybe not even during your second or even fifth, but eventually you will feel your souls merging. This may last no more than a split second, but it will surely happen. The 5D merging will help them open up their chakra’s, and open up to this intense connection.

OK. Make sure you are alone, in a quiet and peaceful area with no chance of being disturbed. Sit down with your back upright, and place your bare feet firm on the ground.

Start breathing deeply. Allow air to flow in and fill your lungs, breathing from your stomach. Now, begin to focus your attention on your second (sacral) chakra, located within your genitalia. Feel its energy growing stronger, and imagine its light growing brighter. Keep focusing until you start feeling a slightly tingling sensation. Then, start pulling the energy upwards within your body. You may perform a little test by firmly pressing two fingers just below your belly button. You should still be able to experience the tingling feeling, and may even feel a slightly orgasmic sensation. Now, pull up the energy further and further. Up towards your solar plexus, to you heart, your throat, your forehead (Third Eye), and finally your crown. At this point, you will release all the energy, and visualize the bright light you’ve been pulling up to slowly retreat back down, back to your sacral chakra. You should do this about three times in a row before continuing to the next step of this meditation.

Now, visualize your Twin Flame. You should instantly see his face appear in front of you. Tell him: “I love you unconditionally.” and then place him in the center of a huge, empty arena. Visualize all cords erupting from his heart chakra and his sacral chakra that still connect him to past lives, people and / or karmic relationships that no longer serve him. Every person he still has an old karmic connection with may take place in the arena. These cords could be any color. Now, tell them: “Your agreement has been fulfilled, you may go now.” and start cutting the cords one by one. Be aware that there may be hundreds of cords. After all, they have been built up through many lives. It may take quite a while before you have been able to cut all of them. You may choose to divide them into sections like: past partners, relatives, etcetera.

Now, pull your Twin towards you. Make sure you face each other. Feel the intense love that connects you from every single chakra, and visualize its energetic lines: from your sacral chakra to his; your solar plexus; heart; throat; Third Eye; crown. See how each chakra is individually connected to his by red cords: see how bright and strong they are, feel the love radiating from them.

Then, place yourselves upon a spinning platform. Do not speak, just BE. Notice how you start spinning. Feel how you are rotating around each other. At this point, your souls should be able to merge. Remember: this may only last a split second. What you are feeling, he should be feeling and what he is feeling, you should be feeling. There may even be a point at which you can no longer distinguish yourself from him: you no longer know who is who, because you are one. After releasing from the 5D merge again, feel how the spinning platform slows down and finally comes to a stop. Hug your Twin, tell him you love him, and see how everything slowly fades. Then, open your eyes, and slowly get back to your physical being.

You may want to perform this meditation about two times a week. Again, it may take time before you will be able to successfully cut each cord. Do not force anything, perform each act with a pure and loving intention.

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